Roll Call: Jenaraa Cadenza, “Ice Queen”

 Name: Jenaraa Cadenza (Jen-ah-rah)

Species: Human

Alias/Titles: The Hero Of Tython*

Class: Jedi Knight/Sentinel

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Alignment: Dark

Age: 24

Eyes: White

Hair: White

Marital Status: Married

Relatives:  Dr Archiban Kimble (Husband) Adaraa (twin sister) Jyo’castor’laeda (adopted sister) Cad’kreon’iyrah (adopted brother)

Distinctive Features: Jenaraa’s white eyes and white hair are striking and unusual, and have been the root of some superstitious rumours about her origins.

Jenaraa was born on Dromund Kaas into a prestigious household and was raised along with her twin sister Adaraa. The twins never really got along, despite their parents’ best efforts. Jenaraa was mean and spiteful toward her sister, who was always the more sensitive twin. Their behaviour divided their parents’ opinions, and tension grew.

When Jenaraa’s mother attempted a power play by killing the daughter of a more prominent Sith Lord, she was punished by being forced to give up one of her own daughters to the family. Jenaraa was her mother’s favourite, and knowing this, she tormented Adaraa, teasing her incessantly about the fact she was leaving. Little did Jenaraa know that her father had other plans – he refused to let his wife give up Adaraa and instead took Jenaraa to Csilla, where he planned to leave her with a friend until it was safe to consider bringing her home. Things did not go as planned as he was followed, and he had to abandon Jenaraa to her fate on the freezing world.

Jenaraa would then be discovered by a Chiss family who took her in and raised her alongside their own children, Jocasta and Kreon. Jenaraa adapted quickly to the cold, unfamiliar world and adopted the Chiss language and culture. Despite getting on well with her adoptive family, Jenaraa possessed an icy demeanour and treated everyone coldly. She demonstrated cruel behaviour even at a very young age, and when her new family re-located to Coruscant, her parents sent her to the Jedi order in the hope that they could curb her behaviour.

Jenaraa trained with the Jedi but she continued to be cold and calculating, much to the disappointment of her Masters. Her fall to the Dark Side was inevitable.

With the exception of Jocasta and her family, Doc is the only person who seems to have gotten past Jenaraa’s icy exterior. Jenaraa longs to go home to the Empire someday but knows that her husband would be unlikely to follow, and so she keeps her true desires locked away until the time is right.

Tomorrow’s notes:

Designing Jenaraa was so much fun, and I think it’s the eyes that really make it work. I decided I wanted to do another Jedi Knight playthrough (a few years after my very first one!) and I wanted it to be very different, so I knew she was realistically going to be a Grey Jedi at the very least. She ended up being far more Dark Side than expected and that suited me just fine. What really surprised me about her playthrough was how much fun I had with her romancing Doc. They were so perfect for eachother, and it was a romance I had not completed before (Auryyn and Doc was a definite no-no!) and I was pleasantly surprised. The romance was funny and sweet, and sometimes utterly ridiculous, but it was enjoyable to experience with the right character. Playing a Dark Side Knight was incredibly jarring and every decision felt incredibly “wrong”, but it’s effectiveness in making me feel that way made me want to carry on. If only Jenaraa’s sister had ended up in the Republic instead…she would have fit in perfectly. Jenaraa had the toughest act to follow, as Auryyn is my main and only Knight, (and my fave ofc!) but I’m glad that she was the toon that broke my “no other Knights” rule.

*I asterisked this as my alternative universe canon is still a work in progress, and I’m still deciding what’s-what (hence the vague references to plot points etc, love interests notwithstanding!)

As always, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!

Dossier: Auurora Hale – Shadow of Perfection

“Auurora Hale. Top of the class. Excels in everything, physical, mental and using the force. Any challenges we throw at her, she gets through them like they’re nothing. The perfect Agent. The girl is a damn genius, and frankly, terrifying. It makes me wonder what she’s been through to get like this – she must have seen some stuff. She’s pragmatic to a fault too; except when it comes to Ehrenn Storm. Incredibly dangerous individual – if she were ever compromised, we’d have to rely on Ehrenn to bring her back from the edge and frankly I can’t take that risk…” – Overseer Jaeger’s notes

Name: Auurora Hale

Species: Human

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black

Callsign: Lightning

Little is known of Auurora Hale’s life before she joined the SIS. Even though she grew up with Ehrenn Storm and his family, he seems to know as little as the next person about her origins. According to Ehrenn, Auurora appeared on his family’s doorstep soaking wet from the rain and covered in blood that wasn’t her own. Ehrenn’s parents took her in upon the boy’s insistence and she remained with them. It was evident from an early age that Auurora was an incredibly gifted force sensitive and a genius. She found it difficult to make friends beyond Ehrenn and it appeared she had little desire to do so. The two of them originally sought to join the Republic army, but shortly after starting their initial training, they were approached with the prospect of joining the SIS instead. There are rumours that initially only Auurora was approached with the opportunity but she outright refused to go without Ehrenn – not wanting to lose such a valuable candidate, the SIS agreed to take them both. Auurora stuck by Ehrenn’s side and always vouched for him but wasn’t afraid to confront him when she disagreed or when he was in the wrong. They joined a team of six other young candidates, three of which were also force sensitives. Auurora and Ehrenn befriended fellow Agent Meridiia and the trio became inseparable. Auurora and Meridiia defended Ehrenn when it was discovered that his family were of Imperial origin but had defected.

Auurora’s feelings for Ehrenn were evident from very early on, but for a long time, Auurora assumed her feelings were unrequited and although this upset her, she was willing to accept it. However, after joining the SIS, it rapidly became evident that Ehrenn reciprocated her affections, although the two of them didn’t act upon these feelings and even denied being a couple for the longest time to avoid their relationship interfering with their work.

During her time with the SIS, Auurora also discovered that she had an older half-sister, Aureylya, who was part of a senior SIS team. Aureylya and Auurora actually worked together before they realised that they were siblings. Aureylya was initially dismissive and distanced herself from her sister, but Auurora was determined to get to know her and persisted. With a little intervention from Ehrenn and Meridiia, Aureylya agreed to give Auurora a chance, and the two sisters became close as time passed, to the point where Aureylya was directly involved in her niece and nephew’s lives when they were born. 

Despite her audacity and great mind, Auurora was one of the first of the team to fall under the influence of the cursed holocron that they discovered, and as easily the best in the team, she was not easy to take down. Ehrenn brought her around, and when she returned to normal she was incredibly ashamed of her weakness and wouldn’t really talk about it. Auurora encouraged the team to demand answers from the SIS after the mission and created a rift between the other team members and Helyo and Sapphyre, who had other plans for the dark artifact that they had discovered. The team would disband as a result, but the rivalry remained. Unbeknownst to either Auurora or Ehrenn at the time of the mission, Auurora was pregnant, and when the two of them found out, this cemented their decision to leave the SIS entirely. 

Auurora is a highly capable individual but known to be ruthless at times, often encouraging the team to go to any lengths to complete a mission. Perceived as the unofficial leader, her team mates would often rely on her for guidance and answers – whether she would give this or not was another matter entirely. Despite seeming rather cold and calculated, Auurora’s heart is in the right place. Her stand-offish behaviour obfuscates the caring and well-meaning individual underneath.

Tomorrow’s Notes: Auurora is like no other character I’ve ever designed before. At first glance, it’s like, she’s pretty, intelligent and incredibly capable…and then you dig deeper and she’s actually kind of scary. I wanted to put across that she’s a generally good person but she will go to great lengths to achieve her goals, and that she herself doesn’t really see her as a good or bad person, just as existing. She’s a very cynical character and doesn’t really trust anyone or anything in the world – not even herself. She’s somehow perfect, yet flawed – and I’ve never had a character like this. I like when a character evolves organically from a concept, and that certainly happened with Auurora. I wanted her to be a character in her own right, not just “Auuryyn’s mother”, and I think she’s earned that – although understanding Auurora helps to see where August and Auuryyn get some of their aspects from…

PS: Finally settled on a look for her – I like the pigtails, practical but disarming!

Roll Call: Jocasta Laeda, “Swan Queen”

Name: Jyo’castor’laeda (“Jocasta Laeda”)

Species: Chiss

Alias/Titles: Major, Dr

Class: Trooper-Commando

Home Planet: Csilla

Alignment: Neutral/Light

Age: 28

Eyes: Red

Hair: Grey

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Aric Jorgan (Husband) Cad’kreon’iyrah (Twin Brother) Jenaraa (Adopted sister)

Distinctive Features:

Jyo’castor’laeda (Jocasta) grew up on the Chiss homeworld with her family, including her twin brother Cad’kreon’iyrah. Her parents later adopted Jenaraa, a human child left abandoned on the snowy plains of Csilla. Her parents both had strong medical backgrounds, and were being approached by both the Empire and Republic for assistance with projects that would be crucial in their upcoming campaigns. Under threats from the Empire if they did not collaborate, the family made arrangements to get away into Republic space safely. Jocasta’s mother was captured by the Empire during their escape, and Jocasta became determined to find a way to rescue her from their clutches.

Jocasta, Kreon, Jenaraa and her father started their new life in the Republic on Coruscant, and their father always emphasised that they should be grateful for their new life. Jocasta enlisted in the Republic army as soon as she was old enough, though her background made her somewhat an outsider, and she was often underestimated due to her petite frame. Nonetheless, she trained twice as hard as anyone else in her class, and graduated along with the rest of them. Years of suspicious behaviour made Jocasta somewhat sarcastic and snarky, a trait shared with her adoptive sister Jenaraa. Jocasta aimed to follow in her parents’ footsteps and specialise in medicine out in the field, and made her father very proud.

Jocasta quickly rose through the ranks of the Republic military, where she met her partner Aric Jorgan, whom she later married (despite her constant flirtation with Jonas Balkar) She took Aric to meet her father, who greatly approved. She and Aric are planning a rescue mission for Jocasta’s mother, who she is convinced is still alive.

When doing everything by the books didn’t get people to take her seriously, Jocasta look a more glib approach to life and became the first to retort with something witty and sometimes cutting. She grew sick of the suspicion people treated her with, which allowed her to empathise strongly with her squadmate Elara Dorne. Jocasta is sarcastic and it’s hard to tell whether she’s taking you seriously, but if there’s a cause she agrees with, or you’re someone she cares about, she’ll always have your back.

Tomorrow’s notes:

When I made Jocasta, I didn’t think I would enjoy playing her as much as I did. She was different to Aquerple, and quite different to my other toons, too. The Aric romance was really interesting as well, since I’d never done it. I was worried that they wouldn’t ‘click’ but they bounced off eachother quite well. I nicknamed Jocasta the “Swan Queen” (from the mythology of Leda and the swan) and also because of her character development and the way she transformed the more I played her.

I liked the idea of her being a combat medic, and it was enjoyable to play (if not challenging at times!).

That being said, if it wasn’t for Aric’s return in KOTFE, I probably wouldn’t consider doing more story with her, and lean towards levelling her for use in Ops etc. But we shall see!



Thanks for reading yet another Tomorrow Ramble xoxox

Chapter XV Thoughts

Chapter XV thoughts

Spoilers for the following:

KOTFE chapters 1-15

Jedi Knight Class Story

Imperial Agent Class Story

Outlander: Auryyn, Jedi Guardian


The big betrayal chapter is here! We all knew it was coming, it was inevitable, and now it’s arrived, and Bioware be damned if they’ll let you forget about it. So, diving straight into the action, the chapter opened with us en route to capture an Eternal Empire vessel with GEMINI Prime on-board and the tension was palpable. Even the usual Senya and Koth we-despise-eachother-intently-but-one-of-these-chapters-we’ll-end-up-saving-one-another-or-something-and-make-up banter was at a minimum. Meanwhile, Lana Beniko made a nervous attempt at humour and Theron was super serious about everything. Yikes. Bottom line, SWTOR wanted you to know they were serious this chapter, and damn did they achieve it.

Keeping the looming betrayal firmly in the forefront of our minds, Outlander and co arrive – and immediately something isn’t right. Lightsabers and blasters out, the team presses on. At this point, I really had no idea what to expect – which was great, as the betrayal was so heavily publicised.

After GEMINI Prime insults SCORPIO and the Outlander and the splits the gang up, the middle section of this chapter consisted of running around a maze of a ship whilst being commented on constantly by GEMINI Prime (who may as well have been referred to as SCORPIO 2.0). The entire section was reminiscent of the Belsavis section of the Imperial Agent story, and I’m sure my Agent will find that bit hits a bit too close to home. Having pathways constantly blocked off was frustrating, but very effective in making you feel trapped and like you’re going further down the rabbit hole. But it wasn’t all great – in a lot of ways, it feels more and more like your Outlander isn’t the main character. I understand that everything isn’t always about them (and the companions and other characters are often awesome), but it was back in Chapter XII the last time I felt that it was my protagonist that was the real deciding factor in any of this. I’m feeling as though this Alliance of clearly capable individuals are merely babysitting my Outlander – but everyone insists on acting like she’s the almighty saviour, but I’m feeling less and less like she is. I’ll be interesting to see if this continues as the Outlander story progresses.

SCORPIO being taken out by GEMINI Prime was a surprise and showed that SWTOR still has tricks up their sleeve.


After re-grouping, Auryyn and company discover Arcann’s prisoners – a group from each faction seeking to join the Alliance. It was great to see Tai Corden again – I hope to see more characters coming into KOTFE from the class and planetary stories (one CorSec Captain in particular), so it was a really pleasant encounter. Auryyn and Senya ran off to kick some GEMINI Prime ass, sending the prisoners with Lana and Theron to get them to safety. The fight with GEMINI Prime wasn’t overly grindy which I loved, and it felt like a fitting encounter – but it was lacklustre compared to what followed.

After the fight, Bioware offered hands down the most difficult decision so far in KOTFE. With the three groups of prisoners now in escape pods, Theron explains that there might not be enough time to send all three to safety, and asks the Outlander to give their preferred order. It was so tense, I hovered my mouse for AGES, staring blankly and re-reading everything. Who was I kidding – this was SWTOR, with a track record thus far of decisions not amounting to anything. I was proved wrong on this occasion when one pod was destroyed, and all those within it killed. I genuinely couldn’t believe it and it was devastating for the Outlander and co. I fully expect that decision to create ripples going forward.

AuryynChXVDecisionAuryyn takes her failure to heart

The reveal that SCORPIO was the big bad all along was predictable, with almost everyone calling it from the beginning. But, to their credit, Bioware did a great job of littering the red herrings everywhere and seeding doubt; Koth on the Gravestone unattended, Lana being ridiculously callous about SCORPIO’s “death” and Senya finding the Outlander first and stating that “no-one should be alone in this place” rather suspiciously; and Theron’s a frankly ridiculously good spy. For a moment or two, it felt like it could be anyone in your inner circle.

AuryynTheronSenyaLana1The Troublesome Trio

We also got to see Arcann and Vaylin briefly, with Vaylin questioning her brother, which was interesting to see and develops the idea that she is perhaps the one to be concerned with – maybe she’ll team up with SCORPIO now and Arcann will run to his mortal enemy for help? Who knows, but the speculation has increased tenfold.


Solid chapter with a maintained, strong sense of tension throughout. It alleviated my concerns over the direction that KOTFE was heading, and I feel there’s a solid platform to go forward from. Bring on Chapter XVI!

Tomorrow’s Notes
You. Yes, YOU! You’re awesome. Thank you for reading this far! If you loathed it, loved it or liked it, let me know!
Again, thanks for reading and bearing with my very slow and erratic updates. I’m trying to get better.

Roll Call 6/8: Secrets, Knowledge, Power: A Sith Sorcerer’s Rise to Power

“You have my complete, undivided attention…”

Name: Azkedellia (Az-keh-dee-lee-a) Gale-Revel (nee Gale, Kallig)
Species: Human
Alias/Titles: Darth Nox
Class: Sith Inquisitor-Sorcerer
Alignment: Dark
Home Planet: UNKNOWN
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Marital Status: Married
Relatives: Andronikos Revel (Husband)
Azkedellia Gale is an enigma – little is known about her before she surfaced on Korriban as a slave. It is speculated that she was a servant to the Rand family on Dantooine when she was young, and was a personal servant to the Rand’s youngest daughter, Threlf’all. It is also rumoured that she was in fact Threlf’all’s half-sister, the result of an affair, though this has never been proved either way. Despite their different statuses, the two became inseparable, particularly because they were both force sensitive. One afternoon, the two were playing a long way from the Rand family farm, and Threlf’all fell down a hole, which led to some old temple ruins. Without hesitation, Azkedellia followed her. It is unknown what the two discovered in the ruins, but Threlf’all emerged without Azkedellia at her side, and Azkedellia was never the same, sweet girl again. Azkedellia became spiteful, selfish and avoided spending more time with Threlf’all than she needed to. Threlf’all was heartbroken at the loss of her friend, but she never told anyone what had happened that day. The pair were out in the gardens one day when pirate slavers arrived on Dantooine, and attempted to take the two girls. Seemingly without hesitation, Azkedellia pushed Threlf’all from the speeder, leaving her once-friend severely injured and bedridden, despite saving Threlf’all from a life of slavery. The next anyone saw or heard of Azkedellia was when she arrived on Korriban. It is unknown whether she remembers much of her past, but it has clearly left its mark in Madness.
On Korriban, Azkedellia met a young August Storm when he intervened to save her from some acolytes who were harassing her. He mistook her for a noble, and was surprised to learn she was a slave. Nevertheless, the two became close. Azkedellia began to develop feelings for August and they appeared to be reciprocated, although August never revealed his feelings. Azkedellia harboured dreams of marrying August and ruling the Empire with him, and was distraught when they were separated for their respective Sith training. However, as she progressed through her training and harnessed her own great power and potential, Azkedellia realised she needed no one but herself. Whilst she still appears fond (enough) of August and considers him a valuable ally, she found love with her companion Andronikos Revel, whom she later married.
Azkedellia craves power, and for her, knowledge is power, and she will do anything to obtain it. She is powerful, ambitious, and can be ruthless and cruel but this demeanour may hide a trace of the kind and selfless child she once was. Whilst she is more than happy for people to serve and worship her, she despises slavery – she appears to take pleasure in the subservience of the elite, perhaps owing to her slave background. Azkedellia found a good friend in Lana Beniko, and she is one of the few people she trusts completely. On occasion, Azkedellia lets he guard down around Lana, and the “good” side of her becomes more noticeable.
Tomorrow’s notes: Azkedellia is an entirely different kind of insane to Lemon. Azkedellia’s name is taken from a character in a fairly obscure TV show, Tinman, based on the Wizard of Oz (I suggest watching it if you like that sort of thing), hence her emerald eyes and general green obsession. It’s such a great name and it sounds very sith-y. She’s the quiet one, the one who no-one suspects until it’s too late. Azkedellia is an evil mastermind, and I love her for it. She schemes, schemes some more and schemes again. Her mind is labrynthian and nothing gets past her. She is by far my most intelligent toon, and it made playing her a real treat. She’s not naïve, though she’s great at feigning it and she’s an enigma (but not for enigma’s sake) making her ideal for her role as a Sith Sorcerer, a guardian of powerful secrets. She plays the ultimate primadonna, but she’s actually very grounded. Her alignment is Dark, but she’s got a fair few light side points thrown in there too, and she was Neutral for quite a while.
She’s a tragic character, when you dig deeper, but she doesn’t wallow in her personal tragedy – it motivates her, makes her want to be more. I was extremely pleased with how perfect Azkedellia was as my Sith Sorcerer. She has layers, and a lot of these I didn’t uncover until I played more of her class story. One of my favourite things about the Sith Sorcerer story was that it allowed her to catch up to and overtake August in almost every way. Yes, he’s my Sith Warrior. But he is bound to the Emperor in a way Azkedellia is not – she has the freedom and the mind to push for more power, to go higher. August has reached his peak. Azekedllia’s reliance on August has all but vanished, but she still uses it as a tool to ensure August’s cooperation. He thinks he pulls the strings, but it’s all her. It’s always been her. And that’s why Azkedellia is amazing.
Azkedellia also gave me my favourite romance in SWTOR, which was super surprising. I hadn’t planned on her romancing anybody (mainly because August) but Andronikos showed up and they just clicked. Originally, she was going to use and abuse him (as he intended to do with her) and it was nothing serious, just fun, but in a very organic way they started to care about one another. For me, it also helped finalise Azkedellia’s breakaway from being in awe of August.
The more I play of Azkedellia, the more I grow to love her as a character. I originally intended August to be my main Imp toon, but Azkedellia stole the show.
If I do ever play through Knights of The Fallen Empire with any other characters, she’s first in line, for sure.

Roll call 3/8: Introducing my Trooper

“Havoc is the best squad in the Republic because it has the best soldiers in the Republic. That is why we’ll succeed,” 

Name: Aquerple (Acker-pell or Ack-wur-pull) Borealis                            AqFF

Species: Mirialan

Alias/Titles: Major

Class: Trooper-Vanguard

Home Planet: Mirial

Alignment: Neutral/Light

Age: 36

Eyes: Lilac

Hair: Brown

Marital Status: Married (Secret)

Relatives: Threlf’all Borealis (nee Rand, Wife)

Distinctive Features: In line with Mirialan culture, Aquerple has tattoos upon her face to mark important moments/accomplishments. Aquerple got her first tattoo when she enlisted with the Republic – she also got one when she married Threlf’all, and adds to them whenever she gains a new title.

After enjoying a relatively comfortable upbringing on Mirial, Aquerple Borealis signed up to join the Republic Military as soon as she was old enough. She has spent most of her life either training or on the battlefield. Her training on Dantooine afforded her a small interlude, as it was here that she met Threlf’all Rand. Immediately sensing that she was different, Aquerple was determined to pursue a better relationship with the mysterious, beautiful and delicate woman. Threlf’all’s force sensitivity and penchant for all things natural and spiritual and Aquerple’s deep spirituality led to a bond quickly being forged between the two women. They became extremely close friends and eventually lovers; Aquerple knew that she could be called away at any time, so she endeavoured to make the most of her time with Threlf’all. When Threlf’all was well enough to go to Tython and undertake her Jedi training, Aquerple proposed, and the two married in secret. Being apart from each other has been difficult, but they maintain contact whenever they can and make the most of any time they have together. They plan to reunite on a more permanent basis as soon as they are able. Due to Threlf’all being a Jedi and Aquerple being a Mirialan, the two share a bond through the force and can therefore be aware of the other’s pain and other strong feelings.

Aquerple is the ideal soldier – she follows her orders and gets the job done, sometimes at high costs. On occasion, she has been known to not follow through with an order out of compassion, largely because she tries to internalise what Threlf’all would do if in her position. However, Aquerple still follows the majority of her orders through and to the letter. She is incredibly patriotic and respectful to her superiors, never overstepping the lines. She demonstrates fantastic leadership as well as tactical prowess and combat proficiency. Whilst not a “textbook” officer in the way that Elara Dorne may be, Aquerple serves the Republic by being the best that she can be. Aquerple can become fiercely protective of vulnerable individuals and those she cares about, to the point where it can be overbearing, but she intends well. Despite being good at following her orders and holding her tongue for the greater good, Aquerple has quite a fiery temper, which contrasts greatly with Threlf’all’s calmness. Since parting with her wife, Aquerple has endeavoured to cool her temper.

Tomorrow’s notes: Aquerple’s name is actually from a set of dice that I bought and they’re sort of purple-ish and inspired her makeup/eye colour. I also thought “Aquerple” sounded like a fairly good Mirialan name. I tend to play it safe and play humans in RPGs, being often the most “neutral” of the races. For Aquerple, I spent a lot of time researching Mirialan culture and beliefs etc to ensure that I got her character as accurate as possible. Pairing her with a very spiritual Jedi aided this process greatly. As for her sexuality, I didn’t set out determined to “tick boxes” with her or any of my toons – I never do – in my head, when I thought of her character and imagined her, she was always into women.

Aquerple is overall quite a straightforward character concept – she has caveats and dimensions, sure, but she doesn’t have layers of mystery or complexity. She doesn’t have a vague or tragic back story – it’s bittersweet at best – and it’s refreshing. I often find with characters that there is a precedent toward tragedy (don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of the stuff) but then it becomes a backstory-off – who can have the most dead bodies or skeletons in the closet contest. To me, trying to make your character as tragic as possible can actually be a detriment to their character development – it’s more tragic if they experience tragedy as part of the course, which is enhanced by their previous tragedies, rather than just being told by the creator that they’re tragic as hell and cry black tears of misery and woe. That’s just my opinion. But Aquerple is by no means tragic. Yes, she’s had betrayal, yes, she’s been separated from her wife but she sees the upside in it all. She sees the bigger picture.


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