Acknowledgements ETC.

Please note I do *not* make or own the custom content/mods that I use for my Sims 4 game and I use content i.e, lots created by other members of the Sims community in my game. Please see this post for more info on the stuff I use and links to content! creators: Names/Likenesses to SWTOR […]

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Simnanigans 20 – Surprise Pt3: This Time, It’s Suprising-er!

The next morning, Khessya has some very important news for Theron that just can’t wait until after breakfast! Khessya: Theron, don’t freak out… Theron: I love statements that start with “don’t freak out” Khessya: *She uses THE FROWN* Theron: (It was super effective!) Okay, okay, this is me, officially not freaking out Khessya: Here goes… […]

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Simnanigans 18 – Surprise! Pt II

It’s been some time since Auryyn found out there was going to be a new addition to the household… Khessya: Auryyn that’s your fourth breakfast burger Auryyn: So…hungry… Khessya: Meh, I’m not judghing, I’m eating spaghetti for breakfast Auryyn: Is there uh…more of that in the fridge? Cause… it looks really good right now… Khessya: […]

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