Simnanigans 4 – Some Sims Want To Watch The World Burn

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09-11-17_6-31-17 PM

Auryyn has breakfast with her bestie. She basically makes this The Sims 4: Yoga Pants edition because I don’t know why I bothered giving her other clothes. She never wears them.

Auryyn: So you were all over that flirting last night

Theron: Can you please stop bringing that up?

Auryyn: Never, bro. Never

Theron: …you are the worst best friend

Auryyn: I know!

09-11-17_7-43-56 PM

Doc decided to come and visit! Auryyn doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. Which is actually quite far, so this doesn’t make sense. But she’s happy to see her old friend regardless.

09-11-17_8-58-16 PM


Auryyn left Doc unsupervised. She should know better.

09-11-17_7-33-54 PM-2

Meanwhile, Khessya and Theron decided to have a long overdue chat about a very important issue…

Theron: But why?

Khessya: Why not?

Theron: I mean…I guess if it’s what you want to do

Khessya: It is

Theron: Well…I can’t stop you

Khessya: Good. Because my pyjamas are extremely comfortable

09-11-17_7-33-57 PM


09-11-17_7-33-12 PM-2


09-11-17_7-33-59 PM

Theron: SELFIE!
Khessya: Uhhh sure! Yeah!

Now they’re Simbook Official!

09-11-17_9-12-42 PM

It was a good day. Theron decided to make some late night hotdogs.

09-11-17_9-13-09 PM

Um Theron

09-11-17_9-13-11 PM


09-11-17_9-13-14 PM


09-11-17_9-13-28 PM


Meanwhile, Khessya is freaking out.

Sidenote: There was another fire before this, but my screencaptures didn’t work. Khessya set fire to everything last time :P.

09-11-17_9-13-47 PM-2

With the fire out, Khessya runs inside, still a bit freaked out.

Cole and Auryyn got woken up by all the commotion and they were NOT happy bunnies.

Khessya: It wasn’t me this time, it was Theron! I swear!

Cole: Who needs kids when you have those two?

09-11-17_9-14-13 PM





*I may or may not have been projecting here. 




Simnanigans 3 – Smooth Recovery(?)

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09-11-17_6-03-37 PM

Cole and Auryyn are just like #GymCoupleGoals and Theron gets in touch with his creative side.

09-11-17_6-07-00 PM

Khessya decided to join in the fun, even though this was her first attempt at piano playing so she got self-conscious, whilst the other three politely resisted the urge to cover their ears. Cole was too distracted by Auryyn to care.

09-11-17_6-23-52 PM

Being the flatterer he is, Theron tells Khessya her piano playing is delightful. He’s not deterred by his previous flirting fiasco…

09-11-17_6-01-01 PM

Theron pulls the oldest trick in the book, and Khessya doesn’t need the force to see *THAT* coming, but she’s happy to play along.

09-11-17_6-01-03 PM

Theron: Oh…sorry, I was yawning and my arm…fell

Khessya: I’m sure it did

10/10 for that smooth recovery, Theron.

09-11-17_6-32-26 PM


Theron just can’t help himself, and even Auryyn is feeling awkward this time.

I’m starting to think Cole is the smart one, he stays out of it.

09-11-17_6-32-27 PM-2

Khessya has had enough. She’s outta here.

09-11-17_7-30-00 PM

Maybe Theron didn’t mess up as badly as he thought afterall…

Simnanigans 2 – Or, how not to flirt, by Theron Shan…

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

09-10-17_6-43-24 PM

Theron & Khessya started the day with a lovely chat. This is also the beginning of the Khessya Pyjamapocalypse it seems, as that’s apparently all she wants to wear. 90% of the time, she will be in her pyjamas.

The two of them just seemed happy to finally get some time alone…

…until this started to happen

09-10-17_6-43-33 PM

This is fine…thought Khessya, smiling and going along with it. After all, Theron seemed to be having fun.

(I have no idea what he was up to. I think he was attempting seduction. IDK)

It was not fine.

09-10-17_6-43-39 PM


*Khessya disapproves*

Well, this just got awkward…

09-10-17_6-43-42 PM

Theron gets super embarrassed, Khessya’s just like “really?” and despairs. This is a wishing the Earth would open up and swallow you moment, for sure!

Their first attempt at flirting with eachother and it’s ad-awkable, though.

09-10-17_6-43-56 PM

They’re so embarrassed they won’t even make eye contact!

09-10-17_6-44-15 PM

Khessya hides from the world (she nailed it, except for the part where Theron was still in the room!) and Theron sulks by the window. Think about what you did, Shan.

09-10-17_7-00-48 PM

Theron took himself out into the neighbourhood to explore as a distraction, and he met Lana! He decided to overdress for the occasion, as you can see.

09-10-17_7-12-59 PM

Meanwhile, Khessya, Auryyn and Cole had their first day at work. Khessya came home wearing The Frown™ so it looks as though her day didn’t improve much!

The three of them are currently in the Astronaut career ;). Theron is, a Secret Agent because WHAT ELSE.

Also those yellow helmets are sexy AF.

(Sidenote: I really want more careers for TS4. I only have the base game RN so the options are limited T_T)

09-10-17_7-13-39 PM

Cole also had a bad day, and Auryyn tried to calm him down but he wasn’t having any of it. Corellians are hot headed, who knew!

09-11-17_11-31-19 AM

Theron made a new friend in Mrs Azkedellia Revel!

09-10-17_7-36-25 PM

Theron ended the day by hitting the gym and he somehow managed to punch himself in the face.

Simnanigans Part 1 – Housewarming!

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.


Theron, Khessya and Auryyn try their hand at the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme – it’s…kinda effective!

bandicam 2017-09-09 10-34-33-892

First things first, swimming pool installed!


Here I present to you the first and last time they will ever sit at the table together. Seriously, they play musical dining tables and it drives me NUTS.

Still, must have made for an interesting dinner conversation. And they couldn’t even all agree on what to eat. Theron & Auryyn were team spaghetti, Cole and Khessya are team burgers. OH, IT IS ON PEOPLE.


Auryyn demonstrates how not to wingman, Theron regrets asking for her help in the matter and Khessya is just enjoying the company!

Also, expect never to see Auryyn in anything but her workout gear rocking the messy bun look. Gotta work for those abs, right ;). #AbsForDays


The girls work out & have a good goss while the boys…snooze.


Auryyn and Cole get chatty by the pool and it looks like a perfect set up for a Summer Camp Horror Movie. Place your bets on who is going to get pulled under by the pool Monster/Ghost…

09-09-17_10-41-37 AM

Aaaand then they stayed out here pretty much all night. And no one drowned. And no one came to murder them. Aww.

09-09-17_10-40-34 AM


Simnanigans! – Part 0 – Introductions

Hey Youse All!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen an explosion of Sims 4 posts lately from myself!

What started out as a small idea has now become this SWTORxSim mini project thingy and it’s a lot of fun, so I wanted to start gathering the Simnanigans in blog post form.

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

I also wanted to thank the awesome Sheikussims for his assistance with CC and Mods and for letting me borrow his custom Theron Shan & Malavai Quinn Sims! Check out the rest of his Sims goodies here:

The beautiful Khessya Ravensheart belongs to Celyn, who kindly let me borrow her for my original planned household ^_^! You can find her awesomeness & stuff here:

I want to thank youse all who have been following the Simnanigans on Twitter already, and those who have given me kind, funny and interesting comments on it all! ❤


Here I’m just going to list the current households in the neighbourhood :).

The Main Household (These guys will be predominantly my active house)

Auryyn Storm

09-14-17_2-35-16 PM

Cole Cantarus

09-14-17_2-36-47 PM

RE: Cole x Auryyn:
down ship2

Anyway, our other lovebirds:

Khessya Ravensheart

09-14-17_1-59-05 PM

Theron “Troublemaker” Shan (Yeah I went there)

09-14-17_1-59-10 PM

Other households A-Z (I will probably update with pics later!):


Lana Beniko, the one and only.


Aquerple Borealis

Threlf’all Borealis


Ster’re Chandeullier

Vector Hyllus

Aristocra Saganu


Jocasta Laeda

Kreon Laeda


Malavai Quinn

Adaraa Quinn

Doc Kimble

Jenaraa Kimble

Elsa Kimble (Daughter)

Kristoff Kimble (Son)

Archiban Jr Kimble (Son)




Heaven (Daughter)


Senya Tirall




Koth Vortena


Len Parvek


That’s everyone (so far!) but I’m constantly adding + updating the neighbourhood. I’ll probably write the intros for those as they happen but I’ll update this list accordingly!






[CoU] Dear My Closest Friend


Dear My Closest Friend

Auryyn collapsed in the forest clearing as dark clouds gathered in Odessen’s sky, the sound of thunder ricocheting through the trees. She rolled onto her back, panting, her arms and legs stretched out. It had been daylight when she had told Lana she was “going for a walk” after they had returned from Umbara. In actuality, she had no idea how long she had been running for, and she didn’t recognise this part of the forest. Maybe that was for the best. The feeling of sweat running down her back mingled with the coldness of the grass against her exposed skin made her shiver, but she didn’t move. As she stared at the sky, she did not feel anger, nor disappointment, nor sadness, but rather a profound emptiness that threatened to consume her. It had started by devouring her core, and had now reached her extremities, causing her to go numb.

Theron had been the brother to her that August should have been, but never had been. Finding out her brother was alive, only to discover he was the Emperor’s Wrath and had succumbed to the Dark Side, had almost torn her apart. It had been like losing him for a second time. Theron had been there to help her pick up the pieces. He was family. There were no secrets between them; or at least, so she had thought. He was one of the few people who knew she’d gone against the Jedi code on attachment, one of the only people she’d spoken with about those lost days she had spent under the Emperor’s control. She should have seen this coming. Not Lana. Not anybody else. Her.

Auryyn could feel the cold seeping into her skin and her body felt like lead, her eyes falling shut – but the events of Umbara were waiting for her there. She felt her heart crumble anew upon turning to see Theron behind that barrier, blaster in hand, Lana diving in front of her. She recalled his expression, twisted by anger, and disillusionment and the pain in his eyes. He looked at her as though she were a monster, unrecognisable. His words lingered, and reverberated in her mind, growing louder and louder until they drowned out everything else.

You’ve become a symbol of oppression.

So much for your dreams of peace.

Her eyes flew open as thunder rumbled overhead. She wriggled her fingertips upon feeling the first few drops of rain. She was still fighting for peace – she had fought for peace her entire life, first with the Jedi, now with the Alliance. She and Theron had fought side by side and never let one another lose sight of their cause. But as Theron’s words repeated over and over, all she could think about was all of the blood on her hands. All the sacrifices, all the losses and the struggles – had they really been for nothing? Had she simply fuelled the cycle of power, war and death? Maybe this had been Valkorion’s intention all along, to twist her into whatever it was that Theron now saw in her. An oppressor. A tyrant.

Every day, I face pain. I inflict suffering—out of necessity, on those we call “the enemy”…it eats at you…

The words she had spoken to Master Orgus on Rishi rang through her mind, clear as a bell, and never had they held so true. Every positive the Alliance produced inevitably inflicted a negative and everyone told themselves it was all for The Greater Good, or some other justification to help them sleep at night. She was not exempt from that. That day, her Master had reminded her of the importance of simple acts of kindness and helpfulness, and she longed for those days again. With Master Orgus’ help, she had restored the part of her she had lost to the Emperor’s darkness and her hope  with it. Now, as she lay in the darkness of Odessen, she feared that Theron’s betrayal and her failure now threatened to re-open that old wound, allowing the guilt to fester there and contaminate anything she touched.

It was so cold that Auryyn could see her breath as puffs of smoke. She shivered again and wrapped her arms around herself in a bid for some warmth. The lights of the Alliance base twinkled in the distance, and she wondered if Lana had sent out a search party yet. It was as though time had stopped, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

Why didn’t he say something?

I knew you’d try to talk me down.

She knew if he’d told her what he was planning, she wouldn’t have let him face it alone. He knew that, too. It had all happened so fast. She had seen and heard this all with her own eyes and ears, yet doubt was creeping in. Why would he destroy everything they had worked so hard to build? And for what? Peace? But at what cost?

Millions will die!

If that’s what it takes…

Auryyn forced herself to sit up and she scoffed. If Theron truly believed that, he was no better than Valkorion, she thought bitterly, despising the comparison. She stared at the stars, but they were silent, shining away in the darkness. She’d asked Theron to come home. He’d asked her to trust him, and in what he was doing. With every fibre of her being, she wanted to.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” she muttered to herself, shaking her head.

She got to her feet and stretched, the numbness ebbing away from her. She wouldn’t let this break her, whatever the end result. All she could do was hold onto the hope that Theron would come to his senses, and come home to her, to the Alliance; though she feared that as with a broken mirror, she would still be able to see the cracks.


The Bet (Ficlet)

The Bet

Takes place between end of Forged Alliances and Rishi

Featuring: Auryyn (DS, Warrior), Vette, Theron sort of.


It had started as a game. A stupid bet that Vette hard started – and that Auryyn had ended up stupidly taking.

“Come on, don’t hold out on me. I want details,” Vette wheedled, leaning forward eagerly.

She and Auryyn were in her quarters, and Vette had claimed the bed as her seat almost immediately. Auryyn didn’t much care – she was happy leaning against the wall. She scowled at her Twi’lek friend and folded her arms defensively, which only served to elicit a giggle from Vette.

“Please?” Vette pressed, blinking excessively at her.

Auryyn sighed and brought her fingers against her forehead, knowing that she was going to regret this.

“All right,” she conceded, shaking her head.

Vette was not deterred in the slightest and she smirked smugly, leaning back and folding her arms as she relished her victory.

The Wrath rolled her eyes and re-folded her arms before starting pace across the small room.

“He’s…nice to look at,” she said, after a few more moments.

“And?” Vette encouraged, her eyes bright and wide.

Auryyn paused her pacing and raised an eyebrow.

“What do you want me to say? He makes a Republic accent sound attractive?”

Vette snorted and then started giggling uncontrollably. When she recovered, she gave a heavy sigh and then tucked her arms behind the back of her head.

“You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you like him,” she teased.

Auryyn turned sharply to face her companion.

“What? Don’t be ridiculous. He makes an adequate distraction, and I enjoy watching him squirm,” she protested, tossing her hair. She wouldn’t meet Vette’s gaze, and she tried to ignore the warmth rising in her cheeks.

Vette raised an eyebrow.

“Uh-huh. Sure you do,”

Auryyn frowned at her friend, who had a finger pressed against her lips as though in deep thought. She sighed and looked up, and then shrugged.

“Anyway, even if you were interested, which you’re clearly not, I bet he wouldn’t be interested in you,” she said with a mock sad smile.

Slightly taken aback by her statement, the Wrath blinked, processing Vette’s words. Vette was watching her intently for the reaction, ready to bolt if necessary. She couldn’t disguise the look of relief on her face when Auryyn merely folded her arms.

“What makes you say that?” she asked, attempting to sound as nonchalant as possible.

Vette shrugged again and shuffled around so that she could put her feet up on the wall.

“I don’t know…Republic SIS Agent goody two shoes and a Dark Lord of the Sith…I mean there’s incompatible, and then there’s doomed and then-,”

Auryyn cut her off by raising a hand.

“I get the picture,” the Sith said coolly.

She turned away, not seeing the smile that spread across Vette’s face as she did so. The smile was quickly wiped from the Twi’lek’s face when Auryyn turned to face her again.

“Aside from the fact that I’m…not interested, I think you’re wrong,” she retorted, her red eyes bright.

“I don’t know – I think I’d still put my money on “not going to happen ever”,” Vette teased.

“Is that a challenge, Vette?”

Vette groaned and then covered her face with her hands.

“I forgot – you Sith always turn everything into a competition. It’s impressive…and exhausting!” she said, allowing her fingers to slide down her face. She rolled her eyes and then sat up properly again. She looked up at Auryyn, attempting to keep a straight face. She was about to speak again, but Auryyn got there first.

“I’ll take that bet,” the Wrath said after a few moments.

Vette’s mouth actually fell open, her eyes wide once again. Auryyn laughed and smirked triumphantly.

“Don’t act so surprised, Vette. I love a challenge, and the tougher, the better,” she stated.

Lost for words, Vette simply stared at her and then shook her head. She recognised that familiar excited glint in her friend’s eyes and she knew there was no way of talking her out of it now. She bit her lip, trying not to think too much about what she had gotten herself into with this. Sighing, she got to her feet.

“Wow…you’re really going to do this. Okay. You’re on,” she said.

Auryyn nodded, though she couldn’t ignore the fact that he heart had started to race.


Thanks for reading! ❤
There may be more. I’m not sure yet. Forgive me! 


Roll Call: Jenaraa Cadenza, “Ice Queen”

 Name: Jenaraa Cadenza (Jen-ah-rah)

Species: Human

Alias/Titles: The Hero Of Tython*

Class: Jedi Knight/Sentinel

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Alignment: Dark

Age: 24

Eyes: White

Hair: White

Marital Status: Married

Relatives:  Dr Archiban Kimble (Husband) Adaraa (twin sister) Jyo’castor’laeda (adopted sister) Cad’kreon’iyrah (adopted brother)

Distinctive Features: Jenaraa’s white eyes and white hair are striking and unusual, and have been the root of some superstitious rumours about her origins.

Jenaraa was born on Dromund Kaas into a prestigious household and was raised along with her twin sister Adaraa. The twins never really got along, despite their parents’ best efforts. Jenaraa was mean and spiteful toward her sister, who was always the more sensitive twin. Their behaviour divided their parents’ opinions, and tension grew.

When Jenaraa’s mother attempted a power play by killing the daughter of a more prominent Sith Lord, she was punished by being forced to give up one of her own daughters to the family. Jenaraa was her mother’s favourite, and knowing this, she tormented Adaraa, teasing her incessantly about the fact she was leaving. Little did Jenaraa know that her father had other plans – he refused to let his wife give up Adaraa and instead took Jenaraa to Csilla, where he planned to leave her with a friend until it was safe to consider bringing her home. Things did not go as planned as he was followed, and he had to abandon Jenaraa to her fate on the freezing world.

Jenaraa would then be discovered by a Chiss family who took her in and raised her alongside their own children, Jocasta and Kreon. Jenaraa adapted quickly to the cold, unfamiliar world and adopted the Chiss language and culture. Despite getting on well with her adoptive family, Jenaraa possessed an icy demeanour and treated everyone coldly. She demonstrated cruel behaviour even at a very young age, and when her new family re-located to Coruscant, her parents sent her to the Jedi order in the hope that they could curb her behaviour.

Jenaraa trained with the Jedi but she continued to be cold and calculating, much to the disappointment of her Masters. Her fall to the Dark Side was inevitable.

With the exception of Jocasta and her family, Doc is the only person who seems to have gotten past Jenaraa’s icy exterior. Jenaraa longs to go home to the Empire someday but knows that her husband would be unlikely to follow, and so she keeps her true desires locked away until the time is right.

Tomorrow’s notes:

Designing Jenaraa was so much fun, and I think it’s the eyes that really make it work. I decided I wanted to do another Jedi Knight playthrough (a few years after my very first one!) and I wanted it to be very different, so I knew she was realistically going to be a Grey Jedi at the very least. She ended up being far more Dark Side than expected and that suited me just fine. What really surprised me about her playthrough was how much fun I had with her romancing Doc. They were so perfect for eachother, and it was a romance I had not completed before (Auryyn and Doc was a definite no-no!) and I was pleasantly surprised. The romance was funny and sweet, and sometimes utterly ridiculous, but it was enjoyable to experience with the right character. Playing a Dark Side Knight was incredibly jarring and every decision felt incredibly “wrong”, but it’s effectiveness in making me feel that way made me want to carry on. If only Jenaraa’s sister had ended up in the Republic instead…she would have fit in perfectly. Jenaraa had the toughest act to follow, as Auryyn is my main and only Knight, (and my fave ofc!) but I’m glad that she was the toon that broke my “no other Knights” rule.

*I asterisked this as my alternative universe canon is still a work in progress, and I’m still deciding what’s-what (hence the vague references to plot points etc, love interests notwithstanding!)

As always, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!

Dossier: Auurora Hale – Shadow of Perfection

“Auurora Hale. Top of the class. Excels in everything, physical, mental and using the force. Any challenges we throw at her, she gets through them like they’re nothing. The perfect Agent. The girl is a damn genius, and frankly, terrifying. It makes me wonder what she’s been through to get like this – she must have seen some stuff. She’s pragmatic to a fault too; except when it comes to Ehrenn Storm. Incredibly dangerous individual – if she were ever compromised, we’d have to rely on Ehrenn to bring her back from the edge and frankly I can’t take that risk…” – Overseer Jaeger’s notes

Name: Auurora Hale

Species: Human

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black

Callsign: Lightning

Little is known of Auurora Hale’s life before she joined the SIS. Even though she grew up with Ehrenn Storm and his family, he seems to know as little as the next person about her origins. According to Ehrenn, Auurora appeared on his family’s doorstep soaking wet from the rain and covered in blood that wasn’t her own. Ehrenn’s parents took her in upon the boy’s insistence and she remained with them. It was evident from an early age that Auurora was an incredibly gifted force sensitive and a genius. She found it difficult to make friends beyond Ehrenn and it appeared she had little desire to do so. The two of them originally sought to join the Republic army, but shortly after starting their initial training, they were approached with the prospect of joining the SIS instead. There are rumours that initially only Auurora was approached with the opportunity but she outright refused to go without Ehrenn – not wanting to lose such a valuable candidate, the SIS agreed to take them both. Auurora stuck by Ehrenn’s side and always vouched for him but wasn’t afraid to confront him when she disagreed or when he was in the wrong. They joined a team of six other young candidates, three of which were also force sensitives. Auurora and Ehrenn befriended fellow Agent Meridiia and the trio became inseparable. Auurora and Meridiia defended Ehrenn when it was discovered that his family were of Imperial origin but had defected.

Auurora’s feelings for Ehrenn were evident from very early on, but for a long time, Auurora assumed her feelings were unrequited and although this upset her, she was willing to accept it. However, after joining the SIS, it rapidly became evident that Ehrenn reciprocated her affections, although the two of them didn’t act upon these feelings and even denied being a couple for the longest time to avoid their relationship interfering with their work.

During her time with the SIS, Auurora also discovered that she had an older half-sister, Aureylya, who was part of a senior SIS team. Aureylya and Auurora actually worked together before they realised that they were siblings. Aureylya was initially dismissive and distanced herself from her sister, but Auurora was determined to get to know her and persisted. With a little intervention from Ehrenn and Meridiia, Aureylya agreed to give Auurora a chance, and the two sisters became close as time passed, to the point where Aureylya was directly involved in her niece and nephew’s lives when they were born. 

Despite her audacity and great mind, Auurora was one of the first of the team to fall under the influence of the cursed holocron that they discovered, and as easily the best in the team, she was not easy to take down. Ehrenn brought her around, and when she returned to normal she was incredibly ashamed of her weakness and wouldn’t really talk about it. Auurora encouraged the team to demand answers from the SIS after the mission and created a rift between the other team members and Helyo and Sapphyre, who had other plans for the dark artifact that they had discovered. The team would disband as a result, but the rivalry remained. Unbeknownst to either Auurora or Ehrenn at the time of the mission, Auurora was pregnant, and when the two of them found out, this cemented their decision to leave the SIS entirely. 

Auurora is a highly capable individual but known to be ruthless at times, often encouraging the team to go to any lengths to complete a mission. Perceived as the unofficial leader, her team mates would often rely on her for guidance and answers – whether she would give this or not was another matter entirely. Despite seeming rather cold and calculated, Auurora’s heart is in the right place. Her stand-offish behaviour obfuscates the caring and well-meaning individual underneath.

Tomorrow’s Notes: Auurora is like no other character I’ve ever designed before. At first glance, it’s like, she’s pretty, intelligent and incredibly capable…and then you dig deeper and she’s actually kind of scary. I wanted to put across that she’s a generally good person but she will go to great lengths to achieve her goals, and that she herself doesn’t really see her as a good or bad person, just as existing. She’s a very cynical character and doesn’t really trust anyone or anything in the world – not even herself. She’s somehow perfect, yet flawed – and I’ve never had a character like this. I like when a character evolves organically from a concept, and that certainly happened with Auurora. I wanted her to be a character in her own right, not just “Auuryyn’s mother”, and I think she’s earned that – although understanding Auurora helps to see where August and Auuryyn get some of their aspects from…

PS: Finally settled on a look for her – I like the pigtails, practical but disarming!

Dossier: Meridiia Timaeus – Mind Over Matter

The Yesterday Knight Legacy


Hi there! As I’m going to be posting the backstories/profiles for my alts, I figure I should give some background on them.

This saga centres mainly around Auryyn and August’s parents, Ehrenn and Auurora, and the SIS team that they were part of. The team was a mixture of non-force sensitives and force sensitives. The team was disbanded when the team discovered a “cursed” holocron that divided them and was ultimately their downfall.

I consider their playthroughs of the SWTOR storyline non-canon and an alternate reality where they never joined the SIS. 

“Meridiia Timaeus. I’ve never seen someone with so much potential. A tactical and strategic genius but nonetheless a potent force user and physical combatant. She’s fiercely loyal and dedicated but acutely aware of her deficits to the point where it can become a hindrance. The girl’s incredible – she just needs to believe in herself” – Overseer Jaeger’s notes

Name: Meridiia Timaeus

Species: Mirialan

Eyes: Red

Hair: White

Nickname: Sunshine

Meridiia Timaeus lost her parents at a young age and was raised by her Grandmother, who wished for her to follow in her parents’ footsteps and join the military. Meridiia had no desire to join up, but did so anyway to comply with her Grandmother’s wishes. She was incredibly miserable at the academy at first, and would frequently skip classes. Everything changed for Meridiia when Auurora and Ehrenn rescued her from some of their classmates who were giving her trouble. The three struck up a friendship and became inseparable. Meridiia continued to be nervous and shy, and Ehrenn and Auurora fought most of her battles for her, which often made her feel guilty and that she was relying on them too much. Despite her lack of confidence in her own abilities, Meridiia graduated at the top of her class along with Auurora and Ehrenn and they were approached by the SIS. Meridiia’s brilliant tactical mind made her a valuable member of the team, and she could handle herself well enough in combat despite her own feelings on the matter. When it was discovered that Ehrenn’s family was of Imperial origin and the SIS threatened to turn on him, Meridiia convinced the SIS to back down, even though she was terrified. Meridiia gained a new confidence in herself and her abilities and remained alongside her friends in the SIS.

Meridiia was blinded when the team discovered the cursed holocron, the assignment that would ultimately tear the team apart. The team was disbanded shortly afterward. She joined the Green Jedi on Corellia and continued to lend her strategic and tactical advice to their cause. She remained friends with Auurora and Ehrenn and remained in distant contact with some other members of their team.

Meridiia believes the Storm family to have been killed and is not aware that Auryyn or August are alive.

Timid and shy, Meridiia never really speaks unless spoken to with the exception of the people she is really close to. She has no belief in her own abilities, but she will step up for what she believes is right. She despises public speaking and avoids large groups of people, preferring a solitary existence. Meridiia is braver than she thinks and much more than she appears – she tends to be underestimated, by herself perhaps most of all.

Tomorrow’s Notes: I love Meridiia, she’s very different to my other characters who are for the most part very confident and have a shedload of self-esteem. Meridiia, not so much. She’s the toon that I wanted to root for the whole time and just tell her that she had this and she was doing great. I like that even though Auuryyn’s parents are the “main characters” of their saga, Meridiia is definitely the best of them. She brings out the best in other people, but she doesn’t see it in herself, and that’s what makes her so likeable.