Links to Sims 4 Stuffs!

I use a LOT of mods/CC for my game, as you’ve probably noticed (9GB and counting. Whoops!) Here I’ve put together some links to some of the sites & creators I use the most. The main sites I use for content are: Special thanks to Sheikus Sims for all his assistance with […]

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Simnanigans 22 – Can’t Get No Sleep!

Everyone seems to be getting into the new routine in the household. Cole: Theron, you should get some practice in before the big day! Theron: I’m staying a safe distance away. You got puked on this morning. Twice. Cole: Eh, fair… Auryyn wasted no time in getting back to her normal workout routine and hits […]

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Simnanigans 21 – Waiting Game

NB: Waiting around for Sims to go into labour can sometimes take FOREVER haha. Sorry these last two updates have been on the short side, I’m trying to organise it so I can catch up to the new stuff a bit better. The screenies get a bit messy sometimes! And thank you for bearing with […]

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Simnanigans 20 – Surprise Pt3: This Time, It’s Suprising-er!

The next morning, Khessya has some very important news for Theron that just can’t wait until after breakfast! Khessya: Theron, don’t freak out… Theron: I love statements that start with “don’t freak out” Khessya: *She uses THE FROWN* Theron: (It was super effective!) Okay, okay, this is me, officially not freaking out Khessya: Here goes… […]

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Simnanigans 19 – Business, Not Quite As Usual

It’s the night after the party, and Auryyn is feeling peckish in the early hours of the morning. Auryyn: Stars, the state of this kitchen… Looks like a stiff breakfast drink is needed, both for helping with the hangover and to face the clean up operation ahead! Though I’m not sure it’s the best idea, […]

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Simnanigans 18 – Surprise! Pt II

It’s been some time since Auryyn found out there was going to be a new addition to the household… Khessya: Auryyn that’s your fourth breakfast burger Auryyn: So…hungry… Khessya: Meh, I’m not judghing, I’m eating spaghetti for breakfast Auryyn: Is there uh…more of that in the fridge? Cause… it looks really good right now… Khessya: […]

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Simnanigans 17 – Surprise! Pt I

The next morning, Auryyn still isn’t feeling great and decides to take another day off work. And it looks like Cole woke up in a bad mood and is taking it out on the trash (literally) before he heads out to work. Meanwhile, Theron and Khessya seem to have spent the night in the observatory… […]

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Simnanigans 2 – Or, how not to flirt, by Theron Shan…

Acknowledgements: Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3. If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc. Theron & Khessya started […]

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