Simnanigans 2 – Or, how not to flirt, by Theron Shan…

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09-10-17_6-43-24 PM

Theron & Khessya started the day with a lovely chat. This is also the beginning of the Khessya Pyjamapocalypse it seems, as that’s apparently all she wants to wear. 90% of the time, she will be in her pyjamas.

The two of them just seemed happy to finally get some time alone…

…until this started to happen

09-10-17_6-43-33 PM

This is fine…thought Khessya, smiling and going along with it. After all, Theron seemed to be having fun.

(I have no idea what he was up to. I think he was attempting seduction. IDK)

It was not fine.

09-10-17_6-43-39 PM


*Khessya disapproves*

Well, this just got awkward…

09-10-17_6-43-42 PM

Theron gets super embarrassed, Khessya’s just like “really?” and despairs. This is a wishing the Earth would open up and swallow you moment, for sure!

Their first attempt at flirting with eachother and it’s ad-awkable, though.

09-10-17_6-43-56 PM

They’re so embarrassed they won’t even make eye contact!

09-10-17_6-44-15 PM

Khessya hides from the world (she nailed it, except for the part where Theron was still in the room!) and Theron sulks by the window. Think about what you did, Shan.

09-10-17_7-00-48 PM

Theron took himself out into the neighbourhood to explore as a distraction, and he met Lana! He decided to overdress for the occasion, as you can see.

09-10-17_7-12-59 PM

Meanwhile, Khessya, Auryyn and Cole had their first day at work. Khessya came home wearing The Frown™ so it looks as though her day didn’t improve much!

The three of them are currently in the Astronaut career ;). Theron is, a Secret Agent because WHAT ELSE.

Also those yellow helmets are sexy AF.

(Sidenote: I really want more careers for TS4. I only have the base game RN so the options are limited T_T)

09-10-17_7-13-39 PM

Cole also had a bad day, and Auryyn tried to calm him down but he wasn’t having any of it. Corellians are hot headed, who knew!

09-11-17_11-31-19 AM

Theron made a new friend in Mrs Azkedellia Revel!

09-10-17_7-36-25 PM

Theron ended the day by hitting the gym and he somehow managed to punch himself in the face.


A Note

Hi Ducklings,

So you know how I’m terrible at posting regularly and when I do it’s ramblo-matic AF and it’s kinda just my stream of consciousness or me babbling about my head canon?


Well I just wanted to thank yous for reading and sticking with my rambles.

It means a lot to see you guys’ views and reading your comments makes me smile.

So yeah…I guess what I’m saying is THANK YOU and I’M SORRY I’M NOT BETTER AT THIS! 

Stay awesome.
Much love Duckies


Chapter X Thoughts, and Downtime Funtime

You don’t steal thunder from a Storm.
Here, I shall share my thoughts on KOTFE Chapter X – Anarchy in Paradise, based on my playthrough with my Jedi Knight, Auryn.
There will be spoilers for the following, however mild:
KOTFE Chapters I-X
Jedi Knight class story
Imperial Agent class story
Downtime Funtime
So I wanted to start by talking a bit about the extended server downtime before 4.1 went live.
It goes without saying that yes, all of us wanted to dive in and get stuck in, but some of the reactions on the forums etc. were incredibly negative. I spent my downtime reading peoples’ speculations on content, or amusing speculations as to why the servers were down. I saw the fun and positive side of it, besides the fact that I’d much rather that everything was good to go, rather it going up only to be taken down while we were all halfway through something important. As an MMO, where everything is saved online and decisions final, players get one shot at the things they do with each character. It’s not like games where you can reload a save that was previously impacted by a bug or glitch and fix it that way. Imagine doing half of a KOTFE Chapter, only to be informed afterwards that there was a bug that meant your character had been unable to say/do a particular thing – however small, it matters.
Anyway, that’s all I have to say on that. Moving on!
Chapter X
Chapter X felt short and sweet, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It felt like a “bridging the gap” kind of chapter, whilst drip-feeding players information that builds on what’s been experienced thus far and building foundations for future chapters.
So, Kaliyo. She’s interesting, and entertaining, and I like that (for the most part) she’s upfront about her being “what you see is what you get” – I have time for characters like that but she’s personally not my cup of tea. She didn’t get on fantastically with my majority light-side Agent, so I had few expectations for her meeting with my Light V Jedi Knight; they juxtaposed each other well enough, but when you know from the get-go your companion is going to disapprove of everything you do, it’s kinda like bashing your head repeatedly on a blast door. From a role-play perspective, it was great, as my Jedi believes everyone deserves a chance, and she is determined to help people. It’s as hard to tell what Kaliyo really wants (if anything) in Chapter X as it was throughout the Agent story, and for the most part, my Knight just sort of went along with it, nodding and smiling, occasionally firmly telling her “no” if needs be.
That being said, I disliked Kaliyo’s whole “nothing will ever return what I lost” moment. For me, it immediately reduced her to a trope character, whereas for the most part, she comes down on the right side of the “dark, tragic mysterious back story that you will never know about” thing. Considering your Outlander’s personal in-game story up until now (discounting all of the personal backstory you may have assigned to them) it carries even less impact unless you’re emotionally invested in her character. However, it was also a good moment for me in the sense that, as Kaliyo was saying this, I almost wanted my Jedi Knight to lose patience and snap at her for being so self-centred etc. But apparently, her patience is infinite.

I think Master Storm would like some ice for that ego bruise, Kaliyo…

I thought it was great that, for the first time, we’re given a true glimpse of how Zakuulan citizens, not Knights, Skytroopers or Royalty, perceive the Outlander. For my Jedi Knight, it felt particularly hard to stomach, knowing that she was so feared when she (from her perspective) strives to embody goodness, justice and to protect others. It was reminiscent of the scene on Rishi, where Master Orgus Din gently reminds you of the Jedi principles, and the Jedi Knight consequently takes a long look at themselves in the mirror. I have a growing appreciation of games that have the protagonist as part of the resisting, subordinate faction, regardless of their individual personality/agenda/alignment, and KOTFE is definitely a contributing factor. It was a humbling experience.
Another curious thing was that Valkorion had but one piece of Wisdom, which was made more poignant by it being his only input throughout the chapter. Although he’s still very much an unknown quantity, everything that we learn about Zakuul, everything that we see of Arcann and Vaylin contributes to developing who he really is as they’re intrinsically linked. In turn, as Valkorion is (literally) and inherently connected to the Outlander, it all adds up. I really think that the trickle-feed of information and story is effective, and made more so by the episodic release structure.
Summary: A building block that was fun and something a bit different for the Outlander to contend with. I imagine the chapter was more enjoyable for Agent characters, or those with similar methods/world views to Kaliyo, and perhaps even more so for those who romanced her or were interested in doing so. I expect and am hopeful that other chapters featuring returning companions will give all classes more of a “reunion experience”. I’ll be interested to see how Kaliyo fits in with regards to the Alliance.
The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, but that’s to be expected for anything released episodically. Though, in truth, I don’t think they need much to keep us hooked – it’s all there already. I look forward to Chapter XI.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on Chapter X, on future chapters, etc! This is my first Chapter review/thoughts post, so I’d love to hear any ideas for improvement on that front 🙂