Simnanigans 15 – Of Sodas and Space

09-18-17_10-30-04 PM09-18-17_10-30-00 PM

It’s another morning in the Shan household and the ladies are feeling particularly energised this morning after a workout

Khessya & Auryyn: I need coffee…


Auryyn: Oh come on! You do this every time!

Khessya: I know, and you owe me soda. Every. Time.

Auryyn: …you’re never going to drop the jinx thing, are you?

Khessya: Nope!

09-19-17_10-45-36 PM-2

And Khessya proceeds to make The Coffee of Champions! It was a good start to the day.

09-19-17_9-59-42 PM

Meanwhile over at the Tirall household, Ixa and Arcann are spending time bonding with the little ones.

09-19-17_9-58-49 PM

…and it looks as though Ixa has taken up romantic poetry?! Arcann seems to like it, in any case!

09-18-17_10-37-57 PM

09-18-17_10-37-46 PM

Being the social butterfly that he is, Theron heads over to hang out with Ala’naa,Vitanni & Hyzynthlay & give them the proper neighbourhood welcome!

Seems like Ala’naa is feeling a little under the weather but not to fear, the Shan is here!

09-18-17_10-39-39 PM

Theron: I think I know just the solution – there’s a bar not too far from here, we should check it out, invite some people, make it a night to remember!

Vitanni: Come on Ala’naa, you know you want to!

Theron: It’ll be fun! And it’s…um…tradition*

Ala’naa: Well when you put it that way…

*They’ve made up so many traditions now I’ve lost count 😛

09-18-17_10-38-09 PM

Ala’naa: Count me in!

Vitanni: Hope you know what you’re in for, Theron. I’ve seen this girl party

Theron: Remind me to introduce her to Ster’re sometime…

09-19-17_10-07-31 PM

Theron gets Khessya to meet them at the club. Still buzzing from her soda victory that morning, she’s keen to hit the dancefloor!

09-19-17_10-07-44 PM

09-19-17_10-07-45 PM

Khessya: Don’t mind me, I’m just happy because I won a soda this morning

Ala’naa: A…soda?

Khessya: Yep!


Ala’naa: Well now I really want to know!

09-19-17_10-07-49 PM

*One jinxing-someone-equals-them-owing-you-a-soda explanation & several alcoholic soda drinks later*


Khessya: Right?! I always do it to Auryyn, it’s hilarious.

Ala’naa: Haha, nice!


09-19-17_10-08-53 PM09-19-17_10-08-52 PM

Some time later, the alcohol brings out all the sass and sillyness in Vitanni and Khessya as they start teasing one another! But it’s all in good fun, and Theron watches on, amused.

Taking a night off baby duty, Arcann arrives and hits the dancefloor – he just can’t resist the beat!

09-19-17_10-10-50 PM

When the rooms starts spinning, it’s time for a sit down and Ala’naa has the right idea with the snacks!

Vitanni: Well, I’m definitely sticking around!

Ala’naa: Amen to that!

09-19-17_10-19-20 PM

Back at home, Auryyn is heading out to space for the first time, taking advantage of Theron being out…



Whilst exploring space, Auryyn gets her ship stuck in a swamp on a planet, and meets a little green guy who talks kinda funny. He offers to teach her the ways so she can get her ship free and go home!

Auryyn braves a cave with an evil version of herself and she can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu, like this is what she was always destined to do…

bandicam 2017-09-19 22-24-17-636

But she shrugs the feeling off and heads home!

09-19-17_10-25-09 PM-2

There may not have been any space hats or hotdogs this time, but what an adventure!

09-19-17_10-28-20 PM

Cole: Auryyn! Where were you?! I was worried!

Auryyn: I’m fine! Cole it was incredible! There was a swamp and a green guy and I got the ship stuck and then I fought an evil version of myself and OH-

09-19-17_10-31-38 PM

09-19-17_10-29-16 PM

Cole: Promise you’ll tell me before you take off into space next time

Auryyn: You’re such a worrier. Promise.

09-19-17_10-32-45 PM

4am, when Khessya and Theron finally stumble home from the bar, they decide to take the ship for a different kind of um, adventure…

Khessya: Come on Theron let’s do the space thing!

Theron: I thought-


Theron: Okay, let’s do this!*

* I do NOT recommend trying to fly a spaceship while drunk 😛

09-19-17_10-37-43 PM

Theron: Whew that was…out of this world!

Khessya: Did you just…I need to go to bed…


COMING UP ON SIMNANIGANS: I dunno about out of this world, but certainly some things that are sure to turn some worlds upside down!



Simnanigans 13 – Spacing Out

09-17-17_1-57-21 PM-2

Theron drags Lana to the library for some important spaceship related research

Lana: You have a computer at home, why are we here?

Theron: Because here it’s quiet and easier to study. Supposedly.

Lana: Then why did you ask me to come?!

09-17-17_1-59-13 PM

Lana manages to tear Theron away so that they can visit the Theirins

Theron: And then it goes into space!

Blizz: Um, yes that’s what rocket ships do, yes…

Lana: I’m…going to find Raela

09-17-17_1-59-34 PM

Blizz: Please let me borrow the spaceship when you finish it!

Theron: If I ever finish it!

09-17-17_11-49-45 AM

09-17-17_11-49-47 AM

Raela: Hey. I saw this and thought you might like it

Lana: I…don’t know what to say!

09-17-17_11-52-13 AM

Lana can’t find the words to say what she’s thinking and feeling…

09-17-17_11-52-16 AM

So she decides to go for a surprise thankyou-kiss instead!

09-17-17_11-52-21 AM

Raela: Took you long enough

Lana: I was…waiting for the opportune moment!

09-17-17_11-51-30 AM

…And of course, that means Blizz isn’t far away and is keeping a watchful eye on her daughter as ever – but she’s glad that Raela is happy and has found someone who makes her even more so!

09-17-17_3-28-35 PM

Over at the Kimble/Quinn residence, Doc is spending some time with the triplets

09-17-17_3-29-50 PM

Auntie Adaraa comes out to check on the kids, and she can’t help but notice her brother in law has a visitor she doesn’t recognise…

09-17-17_3-30-11 PM-2

09-17-17_3-30-13 PM

Doc: Adaraa uh…hey…this is…my friend Sofia

Adaraa: Your “friend”?

Adaraa has certainly not forgotten when he tried flirting with her, and she has her suspicions…

09-17-17_3-32-09 PM

When Jenaraa gets home from work, Adaraa is about to bring Doc’s “friend” up when they hear a commotion from the house

09-17-17_3-32-30 PM

Malavai has managed to cause a blaze in the back garden and Adaraa hurridley tries to explain what happened earlier to Jenaraa

Jenaraa: What? He’s seeing someone else?!

09-17-17_3-32-38 PM

Thankfully Adaraa isn’t afraid of fire and saves the day. Malavai admires her bravery from a safe distance, and Adaraa has had enough…

Adaraa: I’ve had it! That’s it! Malavai, pack your things. It’s time we got our own place!

09-17-17_3-33-33 PM-2

Malavai and Adaraa say their goodbyes to their niece and nephews

09-17-17_3-40-02 PM

And they set their sights on their new life together!

Will it be the happily ever after they’ve always wanted?!

09-17-17_3-23-15 PM

Over at the Tirall household, Ixa and Arcann are also preparing for some changes in their life! Not long to go now!

09-17-17_3-23-38 PM

Senya reassures Ixa that she’ll be fine, and that Grandma Senya will always be on hand help out if needed, and if she and Arcann ever need some alone time!

09-17-17_3-48-03 PM-2

Meanwhile, Theron & co. welcome a new addition to the household…

Theron: IT’S ALIVE!!!!

09-16-17_10-11-02 PM

With the first launch imminent, Khessya prepares some post-launch food for everyone, but she has concerns…

Khessya: He could be walking…or…flying…into anything out there!

Auryyn: If he gets lost, we just go after him and drag his sorry ass back

Khessya: Is anyone taking this seriously?

Cole: Mmm, hotdogs…

09-17-17_2-42-19 PM

Auryyn: Seriously, he’s going to be fine. Theron is the smartest idiot I know

09-17-17_2-56-25 PM

The household gathers outside…

Khessya: I don’t need to say it

Theron: I know, I’ll be fine

09-17-17_3-48-37 PM


09-17-17_3-48-41 PM

And he’s off!


09-17-17_3-51-27 PM-2

09-17-17_3-51-34 PM

A few hours later, Theron makes his trumphant return, unscathed & utterly wowed by the cosmos!

09-17-17_3-56-29 PM

Khessya asked him all about it.

Theron: There were these…puzzles! I had to put a sphere in it’s matching shape, and then there was a hat…but I didn’t put it on and then I was on my way back!

Khessya: …don’t you understand how hats work?

Theron: It was a SPACE HAT. It could have put me under mind control or anything!

09-17-17_3-55-07 PM

Cole and Auryyn decide to take the spaceship for a spin of their own…

09-17-17_3-57-27 PM

But they get back with the rocket all in one piece! So maybe Theron won’t be *as* angry?







Simnanigans 12 – Spaceships, how do they work?!

09-17-17_11-55-16 AM

Auryyn and Theron take an early morning dip in the pool, and Theron’s got something on his mind…

Theron: There’s something missing, and I don’t know what it is…


Auryyn: You should have just asked me to take one from work. We could have gone on a joyride

Theron: I feel like they’d notice if a spaceship went missing, Auryyn

Auryyn: Not much they can do if we’re in space though

Theron: …please don’t steal a spaceship

09-17-17_12-01-31 PM

Theron sets to work on his spaceship once again – it’s become something of an obsession

09-17-17_11-57-46 AM

…And Cole and Auryyn take full advantage of him being distracted

09-17-17_3-16-29 PM


Poor Theron…

09-17-17_2-47-28 PM

Unexpected visitors Vector, Azkedellia and Saganu arrive & momentarily tear Theron away from his beloved rocket

09-17-17_2-47-36 PM

Saganu is such a good friend, he comes round and takes out your rubbish for you…

Theron: You didn’t have to, you know

Saganu: …you’ve seen the state of your kitchen, right?

Theron: Uh…good point

Uh-oh, looks like there might need to be a household meeting RE: cleaning & house chores!

09-17-17_2-50-21 PM

Saganu vs Theron in chess…now THAT’S a chess match I could watch without getting bored!


Theron enjoys a bit of distraction & Saganu seems to delight in taunting him

09-17-17_2-49-32 PM

Theron: I just want to build my spaceship!!!

09-16-17_10-37-16 PM

Over at the Kimble/Quinn residence, Doc tries sweet talking Adaraa…

09-16-17_10-37-06 PM

She shoots him straight down and walks away, she can’t believe the nerve!

09-16-17_10-37-59 PM

Adaraa: Jen, how can you be SO calm about this?!

Jenara: *Shrug* I’m not worried

Adaraa: Ugh!

Maybe it’s time for Mr & Mrs Quinn to find their own home…

09-16-17_11-43-32 PM

Malavai is taking the night off and heads to the bar, where he finds Theron, who appears to have given up on rocket building.

For now.

Theron: Next round is on me!

Malavai: I think I’ll have what he’s having

09-16-17_11-39-36 PM

Theron also bumps into Arcann, who really seems to have got a feel for dancing

Theron: How’re Senya and Ixa doing?

Arcann: They’re good! It’s been pretty quiet lately…

Little did Arcann know that was all about to change…

09-16-17_10-47-54 PM

09-16-17_10-47-57 PM

When he gets home, Ixa has some big news for him…


Arcann is shocked and happy!

09-16-17_10-49-47 PM

And Senya is delighted that she’s getting grandkids and immediately tells the entire neighbourhood!

09-16-17_10-58-29 PM

On the other side of the ‘hood, poor Khessya has had a tough day. She got a promotion, but that also came with people piling unwanted work on her desk all day…

09-16-17_11-35-03 PM-2

She eventually makes her way to her much more comfortable bed, hoping tomorrow will bring less work and more time with Theron! That damn rocket of his…

09-16-17_11-35-56 PM

Cole doesn’t even make it as far as the bed…oh my…

09-17-17_3-02-22 PM



Sidenote: I forgot that I set the bedroom doors to “household only”  mid-game and so he couldn’t get out and I didn’t spot him in the corner!




Simnanigans 11 – Howdy, Neighbour!

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-16-17_8-37-21 PM

It’s a morning like any other in the house

Auryyn: Come on Theron, I could do that programme in my sleep!

Theron: You’re always so helpful

Auryyn: I know

Khessya: Will you two be quiet, I’m trying to paint

Theron: She started it!

Khessya: Honestly…

09-16-17_8-00-39 PM

Feeling energised after her morning workout, Auryyn heads over to greet the Theirins.

Blizz: Everyone here has been so welcoming!

Auryyn: We all look out for one another

09-16-17_8-01-40 PM

09-16-17_8-01-43 PM

Looks like Raela has mastered the art of cooking afterall! Bonus points for spaghetti for breakfast.

Auryyn: You know, you guys should throw a welcome party!

Raela: That sounds like a great idea!

Auryyn: I can start spreading the word

Blizz: You could invite Lana, Raela!

Raela: MOTHER!

Raela: …but yes, I could

Auryyn: Oh, make sure there’s cake. It’s like a whole thing…

09-16-17_8-05-37 PM

Auryyn heads over to the Tirall’s to let them know what’s happening, and it turns into a girly bathroom chat in pyjamas, because why the hell not?

Auryyn: So you’re Arcann’s girl? I wondered why he looks so cheerful these days

Senya: I’m glad to see him happy

Ixa: It’s so good to finally be here!

Auryyn: Anyway, the Theirin’s are throwing a welcome party…

Sidenote: SENYA THOSE GLASSES THO. I dunno where they came from but they look kinda hawt

09-16-17_7-59-48 PM

Back at the Theirin house, Raela has baked a cake as per Auryyn’s advice

09-16-17_8-00-54 PM

….it’s so good Blizz can’t resist stealing a slice

Raela: Mother! That’s for the guests!

Blizz: I had to test it first!

Speaking of guests…

09-16-17_8-49-26 PM

They have arrived! Blizz heads straight over to welcome them to her home

09-16-17_8-49-56 PM

Ixa is happy to join in being formally welcomed to the neighbourhood!

09-16-17_8-51-15 PM

And Lana has arrived! She gets her bestie Azkedellia caught up…

09-16-17_8-51-17 PM

Lana tells Azkedellia all about her and Raela’s first meeting…

09-16-17_8-51-18 PM

Azkedellia: And that’s her there?

Lana: ‘Dellia, shh!

Azkedellia: Oh she’s a pretty thing, you make a gorgeous couple!

Lana: Shhhhh!

09-16-17_8-51-25 PM

Azkedellia is not subtle…

Azkedellia: I am SO happy for you and Lana! We’ll have to double date some time!

Raela: Uh…thank you…?

Lana: Just…just go along with it…

09-16-17_8-54-27 PM

Finally, it’s cake time!!! Everyone dig in!

09-16-17_8-47-20 PM

With the party winding down, Blizz takes a moment out to offer Raela some wisdom…

Blizz: And when in doubt…make sandwiches! Everyone loves sandwiches!

Raela: That’s good to know…

Blizz: But seriously. Just be yourself

09-16-17_8-48-52 PM

Finally, Raela and Lana get some alone time…

09-16-17_8-48-55 PM

Raela: *Yawns* That was a great party hm?

Lana: It was rather enjoyable, but I had good company

09-16-17_8-49-01 PM

Raela: Damn right

09-16-17_8-49-03 PM

Raela: Haha, whoops, my arm must have slipped…

Those two aren’t the only ones having a romantic evening!

09-16-17_10-50-46 PM

Senya watches proudly as Arcann gets down on one knee and proposes to Ixa!

09-16-17_10-50-50 PM-2

The two sweethearts are overjoyed…

09-21-17_10-10-24 AM

…and they decide to celebrate

09-16-17_8-59-46 PM

09-16-17_9-00-24 PM-2

Meanwhile, Ster’re is horrified that she missed out on a party, but Theron reminds his good friend that she always brings the party with her

09-16-17_8-37-34 PM

Khessya finds her muse and is grateful for the peace and quiet, and gives serious consideration to spending more time painting…

09-14-17_10-25-25 PM



09-14-17_10-25-32 PM

Oh we are on to you now, Cantarus!

09-14-17_10-24-49 PM

Something has certainly got him riled up!

COMING UP: Is everything becoming a bit too much for Cole & co?! Will there be any more additions to the neighbourhood??





Simnanigans 10 – After Party

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-14-17_10-18-12 PM

Even with a hangover, Auryyn never skips her morning workout. The coffee helps, and she’s ready to face the day!

09-16-17_11-24-07 AM

09-16-17_11-26-20 AM-2

Over the moon about his engagement to Khessya, Theron is up and at ’em this morning and gets cracking with the cleaning up before Auryyn’s even finished her cup of coffee.

09-14-17_10-59-40 PM

With Theron on clean up duty, Auryyn and Khessya have some girl time, and apparently they didn’t get enough dancing done yesterday. Auryyn has a very specific topic on her mind…

Auryyn: You know how double dates are a thing?

Khessya: Auryyn…if you’re going where I think you are with this…

Auryyn: We should do a double wedding!

Khessya: Stars, no!

Auryyn: Okay, let’s do a thing. I say a wedding feature, and we both say at the same time what we’d want

Khessya: …

Auryyn: Guests!

Khessya: Maybe one or two…


Auryyn: …oh

Auryyn: Okay, maybe not my best idea…

09-14-17_10-43-08 PM-2

They spend the rest of the day talking about anything but weddings, but eventually they will both have to start planning their big days! Or small, more intimate days, as the case may be…

09-14-17_11-11-23 PM

Theron went a bit gadget crazy and bought a rocketship kit and an observatory. Theron takes some time out to work on his new pet project – there’s a whole galaxy out there to explore, who knew!

09-16-17_11-37-04 AM

Although, he also managed to lose a chess game to Cole…

09-14-17_10-31-36 PM

Meanwhile, over at the Revel household, it’s go time as Azkedellia goes into labour!

09-14-17_10-32-54 PM

Shortly, she welcomes twin boys Oz & Kansas into the world! Welcome to the Revel family & the neighbourhood! Are there any more additions in store for the Revels?!

Sidenote: Shameless Wizard of Oz references are shameless!

Speaking of new arrivals…

09-14-17_9-26-56 PM

The neighbourhood welcomes Blizz and Raela!

09-14-17_10-01-52 PM

Lana comes over to meet her new neighbours and introduce herself, whilst Raela gets stuck into cooking their first meal in the new place.

09-14-17_10-01-58 PM-2

But Lana has other ideas and soon distracts her with a flirtatious introduction.

Careful now, we don’t need another firestarter *cough* Theron *cough* about town now do we?!

09-14-17_10-02-10 PM

Blizz: Are you sure you don’t want me to just make some sandwiches?

Raela: Mother! You’re…still here…

Hey, at least the scrambled eggs aren’t burnt…

09-14-17_10-03-01 PM

Lana and Raela get some alone time to get to know one another. A fair bit of awkward flirting later and they realise there’s something special there.

09-15-17_2-58-27 PM

Just across the street, the Tirall household has also had a new arrival as Ixa makes her appearance!

Theron pays them a visit to make acquantainces, and Ixa seems to be settling in just fine!

09-16-17_10-48-07 PM

09-16-17_10-48-24 PM

Arcann and Ixa spend some time alone and get cosy. Between Theron visiting & Senya nosing around, they’ve barely had any time to themselves and to catch up. It’s been a while since they saw each other.

09-15-17_2-47-41 PM

They get VERY cosy, in fact! They clearly missed one another – the neighbourhood better watch out for these two lovebirds!

09-14-17_11-25-42 PM

On the other side of the neighbourhood, there’s a Great Jedi Cook Off taking place. It doesn’t look like it’s going well for either of them…

Khessya: Why do we have no garlic?!

Auryyn: Who the fudge hid the spaghetti?! Come on people!

09-14-17_11-25-45 PM

Auryyn gives up and starts sulking, and it starts coming together for Khessya

09-14-17_11-26-52 PM

Even Auryyn can’t sulk for long when there’s good food to be had. Cole offers his compliments to the chef, who is feeling pretty pleased with herself.

Khessya: It was nothing, really!

09-14-17_11-14-37 PM

Later, Cole and Auryyn head to the observatory for, uh, stargazing…

Auryyn: Theron is going to kill us

Cole: Probably

Auryyn: He’s going to be soooo mad

Cole: Almost definitely

Auryyn: …Let’s do this!

09-14-17_11-15-30 PM

Yep. Definitely stargazing…


COMING UP: A welcome party for the new faces in town & some ch-ch-ch-changes!




Simnanigans 9 – Party Hard!

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-15-17_6-02-07 PM

Having been cheered up by Theron and painting out her sad feelings, Auryyn decided it was time to throw a house party! She slips into something a little more befitting a party & makes the preparations…

09-15-17_6-02-24 PM

Adaraa is among the first to arrive and she is determined to clear up any misunderstanding caused by the last time her family visited…

09-15-17_6-02-25 PM

Adaraa: Look…I’m sorry for whatever it is my husband pulled that caused so much trouble. He’s had a lot on his mind lately. We both have.

Auryyn: Thanks Ada, but it’s fine, no harm done. Everything okay back home?

Adaraa: It’s…complicated. But, I won’t spoil your party! Catch up later?

09-15-17_6-02-28 PM

The ladies seal it with a selfie and now the party can really get started!

09-15-17_6-02-43 PM

Lana, Kreon & Theron come over to dance! Theron seems to have got over his fear of dancing…

09-15-17_6-02-49 PM

Kreon: So who had the hairstyle first? You or her?

Adaraa: Ha! I’m older by three minutes, so definitely me!

09-15-17_6-03-15 PM

Jenaraa: I heard my name?

Adaraa: I’ll be anywhere but here if anyone needs me…

09-15-17_6-03-28 PM

Jenaraa: Whatever…now that I’m here, it’s a real party. Also have you seen what Lana is wearing?!

Auryyn: Lovely to see you too, Jenaraa…

09-15-17_6-03-35 PM

Lana is really letting her hair down and going with the flow! Go Lana!

09-15-17_6-04-11 PMMore guests arrive! Senya, Jocasta and…random pink haired dude?! Auryyn is confused, but welcomes him to the house anyway.

Auryyn: Hey…do I know you?

Pink: I think you’d remember my awesome hair!

Auryyn: I don’t know where you came from but…welcome to the party, man

Sidenote: I have literally no idea why this Sim turned up or where he came from LOL

09-15-17_6-04-19 PM

Meanwhile, not feeling the party mood, Cole gets some time alone, and Malavai comes upstairs to clear the air with him…

09-15-17_6-04-19 PM-2

Malavai: I didn’t like how we left things last time I was here…

Cole: I think Auryyn made everything very clear. She can more than take care of herself.

Malavai: Oh…I see. Well, I wanted you to know I will not attempt to pursue her and I am truly sorry for my actions

Cole: Fine

Uh-oh…is there unfinished business?!?!

09-15-17_6-04-43 PM

Back downstairs, Arcann has arrived and he’s having a great time whilst his mother has a chat with the other guests

09-15-17_6-04-48 PM

09-15-17_6-04-44 PM

Senya: And what happened next?!

Lana: Well, apparently he realised and went back to put the flames out.

Senya: He didn’t!

Lana: He was quite the hero actually. Saved Khessya in doing so.

Senya: Remind me to never let Theron cook anything for me!

Lana was filling Senya in on all the important neighbourhood stories. Theron is never going to live that down. Ever.

09-15-17_6-05-05 PM


09-15-17_6-06-28 PM

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?! The guests tuck in, and Cole joins in with the fun!

Steady on Arcann, take it easy with those drinks…

09-15-17_6-07-23 PM

Doc seems to be enjoying the grilled cheese and Malavai joins the festivities and has a chat with his sister-in-law.

Jenaraa: My favourite brother in law!

Malavai: Technically, I am your only brother in law…

Jenaraa: Same thing!

Malavai: I’ll file that under compliments. Thank you…

09-15-17_6-09-28 PM

Malavai manages to catch Auryyn for a quiet word, and is relieved she isn’t angy any longer. Maybe the start of a great friendship?

09-15-17_6-10-10 PM

Selfie time!

Auryyn: You closed your eyes, look!

Lana: I assure you I did no such thing!

Auryyn: Look closer!

Lana: All right, you win…

09-15-17_6-15-09 PM



09-15-17_6-11-58 PM

Meanwhile, someone is feeling passionate!

Auryyn: Cole! Everyone is staring!

Cole seems completely undetterred…

09-15-17_6-17-19 PM


Theron accompanies some of the guests in having an outdoors sweet-treat!

09-15-17_6-19-39 PM


The caterers really smashed it!

As everyone gathers for cake, Theron sneaks into the room unnoticed to enact a plan he’s been working on for a while…

09-15-17_6-19-49 PM


Using his amazing Agent skills, Theron puts his plan into action, infiltrating the party guests while they are distracted by cake. He pulls Khessya to one side and gets down on one knee to propose.

It’s classic misdirection, with cake!

09-15-17_6-20-03 PM


09-15-17_6-22-22 PM

With the party over, the guests start to disperse…

09-15-17_6-24-09 PM

It’s been a long day!

09-15-17_6-21-15 PM

They can look forward to cleaning up all this mess tomorrow, though!
NEXT TIME ON SIMNANIGANS: A hangover day for those partying the day before & some new faces in the ‘hood spells interesting times ahead!




Simnanigans 8 – Neighbourhood Watch

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-12-17_8-39-04 PM

The Cadera/Riggs household move in to the ‘hood! Lemon looks determined to cause trouble!

09-13-17_2-19-03 PM

Baby Revel 2.0 is incoming already! Azkedellia looks happy!

09-13-17_2-19-24 PM


09-13-17_10-14-47 PM

Over at the Kimble/Quinn household, Jenaraa had triplets! She and Doc are going to be super busy, and Malavai and Adaraa will be rushed off their feet on Uncle & Aunt duty!

09-13-17_8-59-10 PM - Copy

Khessya and Auryyn decide to welcome Senya and Arcann to the neighbourhood. But before they can make introductions, Khessya has a terrible realisation…

Khessya: Auryyn?

Auryyn: What?

Khessya: We forgot the welcome cake

Auryyn: What?! I thought you made one!

Khessya: I did but it’s at home…

Auryyn: …

Auryyn: I have a plan

09-13-17_8-59-20 PM

Auryyn: I think we should give Senya an official tour of the neighbourhood, don’t you?

Senya: There’s a neighbourhood tour?

Auryyn: There is now!

Khessya: It’s tradition!

Auryyn: I think we’ll stop by our place first…grab a coffee…

Khessya: And maybe even cake!

Senya: Oh! So we can do brunch on the way!

Auryyn: What’s a brunch?

Khessya: It’s like a lunch breakfast

Senya: Or a breakfast lunch. That sounds like a wonderful idea!

Phew, smooth Auryyn…

And that is the story about how Khessya and Auryyn got around the fact they forgot to bring a welcome cake. FAUX PAS DISASTER AVERTED.

09-13-17_9-18-39 PM

Auryyn: See, cake, we didn’t forget or anything

09-13-17_9-18-59 PM

Auryyn sets about getting Senya caught up with the latest neighbourhood gossip, which she seems to love.

Senya: And then he said what to Quinn’s wife?! Oh my! And you say they had triplets?!

09-13-17_9-26-09 PM

Arcann followed Senya round to see what all the fuss was about. Plus, someone mentioned cake.

Auryyn: Sup new friend!

Arcann looks happy he made a new friend, but little did he know who was on their way to the neighbourhood to meet him!

09-13-17_9-31-00 PM

I have no idea who broke this but I’m betting it was Theron, who has been conspicuously absent.

09-13-17_9-21-08 PM

Khessya was also feeling Theron’s absence, it seems…

09-13-17_9-50-26 PM-2

She soon found him, and there was no escape from a tickle onslaught!

09-13-17_9-50-25 PM

Khessya: Disappear on me, will you?

Theron: *laughing*

Khessya: We’ll see about that!

09-14-17_2-38-44 PM

Later, Auryyn is upset.

09-14-17_2-39-49 PM

Theron to the rescue!

Theron: What’s up? Why are you painting a…whatever this sad abomination is?

Auryyn: It’s pretty terrible, huh?

Theron: I mean…yeah

A few hours later…

09-14-17_2-40-02 PM

Theron: And just carry on like so, and there, you’ve made art

Aurryn: Maybe I missed my calling!

Theron: Ehh…I’d keep your job for now…

Auryyn: You ass!

Auryyn: …But thank you

09-14-17_2-40-37 PM




Simnanigans 7 – Swinging From Chandeulliers

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-12-17_9-03-02 AM

Theron. This a wonderful start to the day.

This is where we find out what Theron was up to whilst it was all kicking off with Malavai, Cole and Auryyn, and how he ended up crashed out on the pavement.

09-12-17_9-52-48 AM

As far as Auryyn is concerned, everywhere is the gym. She takes Theron by surprise and almost gets egg on her face that morning.

Auryyn: What up?

Theron: Maker! Auryyn, we have a literal gym room upstairs!

Auryyn: But being around food is a great motivator

Theron: Sure, why not. Carry on…

09-12-17_9-53-26 AM

Hello Darkness My Old Friend…

*Theron has flashbacks of that fated day. The hotdogs, his hunger, the smoke and the flames*

Theron: I think I’ll skip breakfast

Auryyn: One does not simply skip breakfast!

09-12-17_10-06-36 AM

Ster’re is the go-to person if you need some cheering up in this town! Theron is no exception and goes to hang out with his fellow Agent and she offers some words of wisdom.

Theron: And now all anyone wants to talk about is that barbecue incident!

Ster’re: This is why I avoid cooking altogether

Theron: …how do you eat?

Ster’re: Kebabs and pizza exist, Theron. Life hack.

Theron: I will…take your word for it.

09-12-17_10-06-42 AM

It may be the middle of the day, but Ster’re knows where the party is at, and invites Theron along.

09-12-17_10-09-48 AM

They pick up Vector & Saganu, who hit it off with Theron right away.

09-12-17_10-12-23 AM

Ster’re is never afraid to hit the dancefloor first.

Ster’re: Theron, dance, you might like it!

Theron: *Bobbing his head to the music* I’m good right here.

09-12-17_10-14-32 AM

Ster’re is the centre of attention as the party gets into full swing.

The party doesn’tr start till she walks in, and only stops when she leaves!

09-12-17_10-13-41 AM

Even ghosts rise up to party with Ster’re!

09-16-17_11-42-38 PM

Meanwhile, Theron has stationed himself at the bar

Theron: Keep them coming

Bartender: You got it

*Many rounds later*

09-12-17_9-02-52 AM

And that brings us back to this morning – Theron, the dirty stop-out that he is, crashed out in front of the house. He couldn’t even make it onto the front lawn!

Theron: I’m never drinking again!

We’ll see how long that lasts!



Simnanigans 6 – Green Eyed Monster

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-12-17_10-36-45 AM

The Quinn/Kimble household are coming over for dinner!
And it was here I noticed there was something VERY wrong with the front of the house.

I have no idea how those stairs got there but I’m sure as hell blaming Theron.

09-12-17_10-38-01 AM

Jenaraa is the only one not confused by the door here, apparently, though I suspect she thought it was hilarious to try and lock Doc & Khessya outside. She is evil, afterall…

09-12-17_10-38-28 AM

Auryyn, Quinn, Doc & Cole enjoy a casual chat in the kitchen before dinner, but Malavai is feeling flirty and has other ideas…

09-12-17_10-38-26 AM

Malavai hits on Auryyn, right in front of her boyfriend and he does not take it at all well. He’s FURIOUS. Doc watches the show from a safe distance.

09-12-17_10-38-26 AM-2

Auryyn:  What the hell, Malavai?!

Malavai: Uh…

Doc strolls over, not wanting to miss the juicy drama. Meanwhile, poor Cole just doesn’t know what to do.

09-12-17_10-44-47 AM

Auryyn is now fuming. Doc is LOVING every minute, lapping up the drama. Cole is still moping.

Malavai: I’m…so sorry. I don’t know what came over me…

09-12-17_10-44-48 AM-2

Now things are SUPER awkward…

09-12-17_10-59-59 AM

Cole: You can’t have her, Quinn. She’s mine.

Oh Malavai, in another time, in another place, maybe…

Sidenote: Malavai was married to the Evil!Auryyn in my SWTOR alternative universe, making this drama even weirder.

And Doc is just glad he was there to witness it all.

Dinner’s going to be awkward now though for sure, right?!09-12-17_11-28-41 AM

This broken sink sums up the mood in the house right about now.

09-12-17_7-28-40 PM

In other news, Khessya stayed WELL out of the craziness and painted a very Zen, Tyhon-esque painting. She clearly has a knack for it – time for a career change?!

09-12-17_6-47-32 PM

Cole & Auryyn kissed and made up and HE SPONTANEOUSLY POPPED THE QUESTION.
She said yes!
And somehow, Theron missed out on all of this!

Simnanigans 5 – Talk of The Town

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-11-17_10-10-30 PM - Copy

After Theron’s BBQ fail, no-one really got any sleep that night. Khessya opted for the safe breakfast option of a bowl of yoghurt. She was so tired, she ended up sleeping on the sofa – no wonder she’s grumpy!

09-11-17_10-05-38 PM

Theron: I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m sorry for setting everything on fire.

Auryyn: And?

Theron: And…burning the hot dogs?
Theron: OH. Yeah, and for waking you guys up. Sorry about that.

Auryyn: It’s cool

Cole: It is now

Theron: COME ON!

They seemed to take it well, though I don’t think anyone will be letting him cook unsupervised from now on!

09-11-17_10-15-30 PM

Still feeling a bit burned out, Theron hit the town with Lana. He told her the story of last night’s fire in dramatic detail.

09-11-17_10-15-54 PM

Lana: But that’s impossible. How could you not have noticed it was on fire?

Theron: …I was hungry

Lana: Unbelievable

09-11-17_10-15-31 PM

REVEALED: Breaking the meta of the game, Theron tells Lana about his plans for Umbara

I knew she was in on it…

09-11-17_10-18-44 PM

Theron & Lana decided to visit Azkedellia & Andronikos & they found out there’s going to be an addition to the Revel Clan! Azkedellia looks happy.

Lana and Theron offered their congratulations and decided to let her get back to raiding the kitchen for pickles.

09-11-17_10-22-00 PM

At the Borealis house, Theron & Lana are just in time for dinner, so Aquerple invites them in.

Aquerple: Don’t worry, my wife can cook


Aquerple: Word travels fast

Lana: Certainly does

Theron: LANA

Lana: What? It wasn’t me, if that’s what you’re implying…

Lana: It was totally me

09-11-17_10-24-02 PM

Theron enjoys a non-charcoal meal with the Borealis’

It is then he realises that he skived work today