Simnanigans 25 – Halloween Dreams

Yes it’s March. Yes this is about a Halloween party. Yes I’m really behind and I suck 😛 So, without further ado, the next Simnanigans chapter!   The countdown to the Halloween party is almost over! Just a few days to go… Cole is c̶o̶o̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ showing off in the kitchen, getting a few practice cakes in […]

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Simnanigans 24 – Once Bitten, Not So Shy!

A FEW DAYS AGO… Cole: Have you heard from Ster’re? She came here looking for you Theron: Er…no, I haven’t, she’s not been at work, now that you mention it. Strange…maybe she’s sick? Cole: She didn’t look too good last time I saw her… Theron: She’s probably fine, she bounces back like no one I’ve […]

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Simnanigans 23 – The Necks Chapter!

It’s moving day for Theron and co! Cole: You could fit two of our old place inside this one! Theron: IT HAS A BIG POOL Cole takes to the kitchen to make the first meal and- COLE WHY IS THE SPAGHETTI ON FIRE?! Someone has been spending a little too much time around Theron the […]

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Acknowledgements ETC.

Please note I do *not* make or own the custom content/mods that I use for my Sims 4 game and I use content i.e, lots created by other members of the Sims community in my game. Please see this post for more info on the stuff I use and links to content! creators: Names/Likenesses to SWTOR […]

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Links to Sims 4 Stuffs!

I use a LOT of mods/CC for my game, as you’ve probably noticed (9GB and counting. Whoops!) Here I’ve put together some links to some of the sites & creators I use the most. The main sites I use for content are: Special thanks to Sheikus Sims for all his assistance with […]

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Simnanigans: Who? What? When? Where? Why? ‘hood roll call!

So, after the last Simnanigans story updates, I spent a while tweaking the neighbourhood. This was down to a few reasons. Firstly, the Cats & Dogs update messed up a whole load of custom content and mods. My world state was pretty broken and unplayable for a bit BUT IT’S FIXED NOW (until another update…probably!) […]

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Simnanigans 22 – Can’t Get No Sleep!

Everyone seems to be getting into the new routine in the household. Cole: Theron, you should get some practice in before the big day! Theron: I’m staying a safe distance away. You got puked on this morning. Twice. Cole: Eh, fair… Auryyn wasted no time in getting back to her normal workout routine and hits […]

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Simnanigans 21 – Waiting Game

NB: Waiting around for Sims to go into labour can sometimes take FOREVER haha. Sorry these last two updates have been on the short side, I’m trying to organise it so I can catch up to the new stuff a bit better. The screenies get a bit messy sometimes! And thank you for bearing with […]

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Simnanigans 20 – Surprise Pt3: This Time, It’s Suprising-er!

The next morning, Khessya has some very important news for Theron that just can’t wait until after breakfast! Khessya: Theron, don’t freak out… Theron: I love statements that start with “don’t freak out” Khessya: *She uses THE FROWN* Theron: (It was super effective!) Okay, okay, this is me, officially not freaking out Khessya: Here goes… […]

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Simnanigans 19 – Business, Not Quite As Usual

It’s the night after the party, and Auryyn is feeling peckish in the early hours of the morning. Auryyn: Stars, the state of this kitchen… Looks like a stiff breakfast drink is needed, both for helping with the hangover and to face the clean up operation ahead! Though I’m not sure it’s the best idea, […]

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