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Once upon a time, a girl decided she wanted a gaming PC. So she researched everything she would need, gathered it all up and built it herself. This is what started it all.

I started tweeting about various video game/PC related things  (especially Star Wars: The Old Republic) and thought “Hey, it’s fun and I don’t completely suck at this!” and I’ve been doing it ever since. I write various bits and pieces about games, my characters, tech etc and even managed to sneak a couple into my degree. Having finished my degree (freedom!) I thought it was time to venture into putting all of that writing on a blog. And here we are.

If you want more of my rambles of the 140 character variety, I have a Twitter: @tomorrowknights
Twitter is also the best way to contact me if you have any questions or want to contribute anything!

I hope you enjoy my scribbles!

Tomorrow Knight

Do what thou wilt” 

–  The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende