Simnanigans Squad – Selfie Stash!

Selfies don’t usually make it into the story part, but they make pretty cool pics, so here’s a collection of Simnanigans selfies to celebrate 30 episodes/instalments/chapters I guess? xD

Some are spoilery so I’ve left them out…for now xD

04-10-18_9-01-24 PM03-17-18_9-19-43 PM03-17-18_9-37-03 PM03-17-18_9-38-21 PM03-02-18_4-50-28 PM01-28-18_2-48-38 PM01-28-18_2-47-54 PM01-28-18_2-46-11 PM01-25-18_7-44-15 PM04-11-18_2-28-11 PM04-11-18_2-30-21 PM04-11-18_2-30-59 PM04-11-18_2-31-38 PM04-11-18_2-34-25 PMBESTIES04-11-18_2-27-30 PM12-27-17_12-41-15 AM04-11-18_2-26-25 PM12-25-17_7-25-21 PM04-10-18_10-50-35 AM03-18-18_1-19-06 PM01-28-18_9-43-41 PM01-21-18_7-04-44 PM01-21-18_7-02-58 PM


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