Simnanigans 31 – Five Second Rule

12-25-17_8-36-07 PMCole: I’m not going to be able to come in today because of the snow!

Auryyn: Snow day? Yeah I  know we work in space but wouldn’t it be awful if we faceplanted on the way there…12-25-17_8-37-43 PMSnow has fallen in Donutshire!

NB: Check out my Links to Sims 4 stuff page for this mod & more!


12-26-17_7-32-26 PMCole: You caught me in the middle of making this grilled cheese that I totally didn’t flip onto the floor and then pick up. Five second rule, right? 12-26-17_7-32-26 PM-2Anyone still want grilled cheese? 12-26-17_7-28-10 PMApparently over at the Theirin household they do! Things are busy with the triplets around!12-26-17_7-28-32 PMLooks like Grandma Blizz is in charge today!

Blizz: You’re so tiny. Raela was tinier, though. Shh, don’t tell her I said that! 12-26-17_8-24-58 PMUh-oh! Looks like Theron caught the bug that’s been going around the office, and coffee isn’t agreeing with it…12-26-17_8-22-44 PMIn the living room (which now suspiciously lacks Christmas decorations), Khessya tells Auryyn her plans for a career move!

Khessya: I just think an art career would suit me better…

Auryyn: Then do it! We always have rockets at home if you miss flying them around…

Khessya: You mean when you finally repair it

Auryyn: …we don’t talk about that

12-26-17_8-45-38 PMA little later, the ladies head upstairs to try on outfits. Afterall, there are now a few weddings coming up to think about!

Auryyn: Now this is art!

Khessya: I wouldn’t be surprised if you got married in that…12-26-17_8-45-29 PMKhessya: AURYYN REALLY?! 12-26-17_8-46-44 PM-2Auryyn: I love that!

Khessya: Me too! 12-26-17_8-46-47 PMKhessya: But this one is also nice…

Auryyn: Maybe we should organise a group shopping trip…

12-26-17_8-06-55 PMLanyssa: Daddy the house is broken!

Theron: I’ll fix it up in no time, just watch me! 12-26-17_8-07-13 PMTheron: Er…how does this even work…

No pressure, Theron! 12-26-17_11-34-14 PMLater, Ster’re is still determined to get karaoke night going!

Ster’re: Karaokeeeee. Karaokeeee. Karaokeeee.

Ala’naa: The vampire hypnotism doesn’t work on me

Ster’re: But we agreed on karaoke night!

Ala’naa: …fine12-26-17_11-41-15 PMWhen they arrive at the bar, Ster’re is quick to grab some liquid courage!

Shay: I see you mean business12-26-17_11-41-46 PMSter’re: Come on ladies! Don’t be shy! 12-26-17_11-42-24 PMAla’naa: If we’re doing this, I’ll need something strong…

Bartender: I got you covered12-26-17_11-42-50 PMWell, well! Look who found one another again!

Ster’re: I would offer you one of these glasses of wine but they’re both mine and I want them both so

Saganu: That’s fair 12-26-17_11-43-05 PMSter’re: Look, are you following me? I keep bumping into you everywhere

Saganu: What? No!

NB: And where did your wine glasses go?!?!
12-26-17_11-43-09 PMSter’re: Thank the stars for wine!

Saganu: So I was thinking maybe we should talk properly, since things are so awkward…12-26-17_11-43-09 PM-2Ster’re: Hold that thought!

Saganu: ….

Saganu: You’re avoiding my question

Ster’re: Mhhm12-26-17_11-44-13 PMA few drinks later….

Ster’re: So are we ready to hit the mics?

Ala’naa: As ready as I’ll ever be!

12-26-17_11-39-18 PMShay and Ster’re are first to step up to the mic!

Ala’naa: This should be entertaining…12-26-17_11-39-44 PMAnd they’re off! 12-26-17_11-39-46 PM“Take on meeeeeeeeee”

“Take on me”

“Take me onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

“I’ll be goneeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“In a day or twoooooooooooooooooooooooo”
12-26-17_11-46-31 PMNext up is Shay and Ala’naa!

Ala’naa: How does this even work?12-26-17_11-47-03 PMA few tracks later…



Nailed it!
12-26-17_11-47-20 PMSter’re: WOO! I TOLD YOU THIS WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER! 12-26-17_11-48-32 PMLooks like the romance festival has rolled into town that morning! 12-26-17_11-49-12 PMAla’naa, Ster’re and Shay go to check it out, including the strange pink tea, that may or not help with the hangovers…

Ster’re: Is there more wine?

Ala’naa: Try the tea! 12-26-17_11-53-03 PMTurns out the tea makes you glow a little! Ala’naa and Ster’re talk to the fortune teller…

Fortune teller: “The one” is out there, for both of you! Your love lives are shrouded in mystery…you will find it where you least expect it…

Ster’re: Well isn’t that convenient

Ala’naa: Next she will be telling us to kiss frogs…

Fortune teller: I’m not not telling you to do that…12-26-17_11-54-29 PMLooks like the festival has put everyone in a flirty and fun mood!12-26-17_11-56-36 PM…until Ster’re has to leg it back inside because of the sun!

Shay: She’s on fire today

Ala’naa: Literally12-26-17_11-50-43 PMSter’re: Ow, sun. Ow, sun, sun ow!

But at least karoke night was a success, right?!

12-27-17_12-15-19 AMBack in the neighbourhood, looks like Khessya might have caught Theron’s plague too! 12-27-17_12-15-23 AMKhessya: Ugh…must…art…but…can’t concentrate…12-27-17_12-37-55 AMAdaraa pops over to fill Auryyn in on all the drama with her sister…12-27-17_12-37-59 AMAdaraa: Things are a bit of a mess right now

Auryyn: It will be okay, they’ll figure it out. Or not. Just don’t burn yourself out…

Adaraa: Have you met my sister? 12-27-17_6-34-30 PMIt’s the quintuplet’s birthday over at the Tirall household, and everyone is hitting the bowling lanes to celebrate! 12-27-17_6-35-55 PMThexan: Watch me go, Mom, Dad! 12-27-17_6-37-14 PMLooks like Arcann’s first attempt at bowling was less than successful!

Xephyra: Hahahahaha!

Thexan: You smashed it! Not!

12-27-17_6-37-34 PMIxa: Now, step aside honey. I’ll show you how it’s done…

Xephyra: Go Mom! 12-27-17_6-37-41 PMAnd she aims…12-27-17_6-37-52 PMALL BUT ONE PIN GO DOWN!

Ixa: That’s how it’s done! I’ll bet you a week of cooking that I get the first strike! 12-27-17_6-39-37 PMXephyra: Owwww!

Arcann: I guess you take after me for bowling talent, then. Are you okay?

Xephyra: Shut up and yes! 12-27-17_6-44-43 PMArcann pulling out some moves to try and get that strike! 12-27-17_6-45-10 PMEverything okay there, Ixa?! 12-27-17_6-52-43 PMBack home…

Arcann: You know, you thrashing me at bowling was pretty hot…

Kids: Eww, don’t get mushy in front of us!

12-29-17_3-44-26 PMKhessya takes a break from painting to play some Density Effect…

NB: Paragon playthrough, if you were wondering 😛 12-29-17_3-45-16 PMAuryyn: Ugh, I think I got your Shan plague…

Khessya: My bad!

Lanyssa: Mummy, tap the X! 12-29-17_4-04-39 PMAuryyn: I blame Theron for this…I blame Theron for this…12-29-17_4-23-32 PMIt’s also Aurora’s birthday! She’s not so tiny now!

Auryyn: Look who’s all grown up now! 12-29-17_4-40-19 PMAuryyn: This is payback for giving me the plague by proxy…12-29-17_4-40-28 PMKhessya: Oh, you’re on! 12-29-17_8-28-45 PMCole gets back from work and Auryyn shows him some snaps of Aurora…

Auryyn: …and then she threw peas at me. I still have peas in my hair, somewhere, by the way

Cole: That’s adorable!

Auryyn: I’ll remind her to throw peas at you next time, then…12-29-17_4-47-03 PMThere seems to be a bit of a gaming craze in the house at the moment!

Theron: Huh, how do I…

Lanyssa: Go up!

Theron: ….? 12-29-17_4-47-01 PMTheron: Why did going up work?!

Lanyssa: Told you!

Looks like Lanyssa is turning into quite the little game pro with her backseat gaming!

12-29-17_8-32-21 PM-2Later, Ster’re invites Theron for a night out…with a twist!

Ster’re: It’s a ghost bar! We should check it out!

Theron: Aren’t bars supposed to be crowded…? 12-29-17_8-33-21 PMTheron: I didn’t think you meant a LITERAL bar filled with ghosts!

Ster’re: Ha! Got you, didn’t I?12-29-17_8-34-18 PMTheron: I feel weirdly aware of how…non-transparent and alive I am…

Ster’re: I am one of those things. Technically. 12-29-17_8-35-55 PMThe ghost party doesn’t stop Theron from hitting the dancefloor though! Even if the sensation of ghosts passing through him is a little strange…12-29-17_8-38-30 PMSter’re: So admit it, you had a good time!

Theron: It was certainly…something different!12-29-17_9-04-58 PMThe next morning, Khessya braves the cold for some meditation, hoping to shake the last of the illness…12-29-17_9-08-44 PMCOLE CAUGHT IN THE ACT

12-29-17_9-13-36 PMOver at the gym in the city, Arcann gets some training in! 12-29-17_9-17-16 PMWhile Senya and Auryyn hit the courts…

Senya: If I can just…aim it…12-29-17_9-17-28 PMAuryyn: And she shoots! She scores! Whee!

Senya: That’s not fair! 12-29-17_9-18-36 PMSenya: …now you’re just showing off!

Auryyn: After that shot, wouldn’t you?


What’s next for the Simnanigans squad?! 

What will they get up to?!

Thanks for reading! ❤








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