Simnanigans 30 – Early Birds and Worms

12-26-17_12-28-43 AMA few days later at the Quinn household, Jenaraa is still camping out in her sister’s spare room…

Jenaraa: Thanks for letting me stay…I uh…this is awkward, being nice is hard for me

Adaraa: You’re my sister. We look after eachother12-26-17_12-28-41 AMMalavai: But you haven’t left the house in days and we’re worried…

Adaraa: I think it’s time to get Doc over here so we can talk about this

Jenaraa: Uhhhh…sure, why not. I don’t see how that could go horribly wrong…

MondaysCole got up early and found out the hard way that the early bird does not get the worm.

Instead there’s mostly just lukewarm coffee and sadness.12-17-17_10-38-26 PMLana comes over to tell everyone the news!

Auryyn: We can be labour buddies!

Lana: By that do you mean just screaming at one another?

Auryyn: YES 12-17-17_10-43-26 PMTheron: I’m so happy for you and Raela! Little Lanas!

Lana: And you are not going to believe how I found out. Sit down…12-17-17_10-44-04 PMOne alien abduction tea party story later…

Lana: …and just like that, I’m home, with the knowledge that Raela and I are going to be parents!

Theron: That’s amazing, but I just can’t believe they put milk in their tea though…

Lana: I know, right?! 12-17-17_10-45-03 PMAuryyn: Hey, look, it’s not chicken nuggets!

Theron: Who are you and what have you done with Auryyn?

12-26-17_12-03-06 AMOver at the Tirall household, the monster under the bed is causing mayhem! Everyone is up and about…12-26-17_12-03-42 AMBut Daddy Arcann is on the case

Arcann: Come out, come out wherever you are…12-26-17_12-03-54 AMXephyra: Daaaaaaaaaaad there’s a monster under mine and Thexan’s beds, too!

Arcann: I’ll be right there, Princess!12-26-17_12-04-45 AMArcann: Come on, let’s have at you…12-26-17_12-04-51 AMAnd after a hard battle involving monster spray, Arcann is victorious and declares the bedrooms safe once again!12-25-17_7-30-25 PMIn the early hours of the morning, Auryyn gets up for a midnight snack and finds herself going into labour!12-25-17_7-30-14 PM…Which obviously sends Cole into a huge panic 12-25-17_7-35-41 PMThey hightail it to the hospital…12-25-17_7-37-17 PMAuryyn: COLE I’M FINE

Cole: *Incoherent panic noises*12-25-17_7-40-47 PMHours later, Aurora is finally welcomed into the world! 12-25-17_7-41-13 PM-2Auryyn: Cole, come see…ah. He’s passed out in the corner….

12-25-17_7-43-25 PMAt home, Lanyssa is the first to investigate the new arrival!12-25-17_7-44-03 PMLanyssa: Mummy was I that small?

Khessya: Yep! 12-25-17_7-44-59 PMAnd her brothers come to say hello, and look very confused by their little sister!12-25-17_7-47-31 PMCole: All right little guy, your Mama needs sleep

Theron: You too, Eren

Eren: Owwwh12-25-17_8-03-54 PMOne new addition after another! It’s go time over at the Theirin residence

Lana: It’s happening!

Blizz: Oh my!12-25-17_8-04-26 PMRaela: I just came from the hospital!

Lana: I don’t think there’s time to go back! And I don’t think I can ask the baby to hold on, even if I say “please”! 12-25-17_8-04-31 PMBlizz: If only someone here had been through this before…

Raela: NOT HELPING MOTHER12-25-17_8-05-15 PMBreathe, Lana!

Blizz: You’re fine, you’re fine…12-25-17_8-13-33 PM-2And soon it’s all over! Dante, Iclyn and Luna arrive safe and sound!

NB: Lana would NOT move from the garden, despite my attempts to get her to go to hospital or just go inside xD! 12-25-17_8-18-01 PM…and everyone is quick to get stuck in!12-25-17_8-17-15 PMAnd Blizz is taking her grandmother duties seriously!12-25-17_8-18-30 PMRaela: You did great, but I gotta run, I’m on call again…12-25-17_8-19-09 PMOh dear! Someone’s all tapped out!

12-25-17_8-22-53 PMRaela: I’m having the craziest night! I just had triplets!

Malavai: I thought I was rushed off my feet with the twins! 12-25-17_8-32-48 PMDuring her shift, Raela takes some time out to check up on Lana and the little ones!

12-26-17_1-01-42 PMThe next morning, Jenaraa plays with her niece and nephew while she waits for her (ex??!!) husband to arrive…12-26-17_1-03-15 PMAnd boy does he look miserable!12-26-17_1-04-33 PMJenaraa: What do you have to say for yourself, Archiban?

Doc: Was the full name necessary?

Jenaraa: Definitely, you should see your face12-26-17_1-04-34 PMDoc: Do you want a serious discussion or just to be mean?

Jenaraa: Both. And if you wanted a “serious discussion” then maybe you shouldn’t have cheated!12-26-17_1-04-44 PMAdaraa: Jen, be nice…

Jenaraa: This IS me being nice…12-26-17_1-05-39 PMA few very heated discussions later…

Adaraa: I don’t know what you were thinking, Doc. No one hurts my family and gets way with it. Jenaraa will be staying here indefinitely. Now, please leave.

Uh-oh! Doc doesn’t look pleased with that at all! 12-26-17_1-06-13 PM-2Malavai: You were great

Adaraa: Did you get out of bed just to tell me that?

Malavai: …maybe

12-26-17_12-25-50 PMMeanwhile, Khessya is enjoying spending some time on her art passion…

Theron: Why won’t you stay still, your Mum is trying to paint you! You’re like a wiggly worm!

Lanyssa: WIGGLE WIGGLE!12-26-17_12-26-10 PMTheron: You know, I think if you’re serious about this art thing, you should go for it

Khessya: It’s tempting…

Theron: We can host your gallery right here!12-26-17_7-37-21 PMUpstairs, Auryyn spends some time bonding with her daughter…

Auryyn: Your official nickname is “Chicken Nugget” because that’s what you made me eat

Aurora: *Gurgle*

Auryyn: I’m glad we agree

12-26-17_7-43-21 PMLooks like having a baby in the house is taking it’s toll on Cole as he grabs some Zzzs at work! 12-26-17_7-43-44 PMAt the front desk, Senya is dealing with a very important case over the phone!

Senya: Ixa, how do you feel about blue and white for a colour scheme? Yes I’m at work. No, solving crimes is NOT more important than yours and Arcann’s wedding!!!

12-26-17_5-45-03 PMThat night, Jenaraa and Adaraa hit the karaoke machines in an attempt to cheer Jenaraa up!

And it looks like it’s working!


12-26-17_5-51-13 PMSampling the city’s cuisine doesn’t seem to be going so well…

Adaraa: Chopsticks are hard! 12-26-17_5-44-41 PMAdaraa: “Since U Been Gone”, huh…

Jenaraa: It’s like the universe is telling me something…

12-25-17_2-51-15 PMBack over at the Shan&co residence, Khessya has been a little busy!

Khessya: Okay, it all looks perfect! 12-25-17_2-51-18 PMKhessya: Just going to order more baubles to be safe, though…12-25-17_11-44-16 PMTheron: Wow! This looks amazing!

Auryyn: How do you have the patience for these things?

Cole: Sweet!

Khessya: *Stands in corner looking proud*



And then the Christmas decorations will appear intermittently as I kept removing them and adding them for various screenshots etc. Yay!

Thanks for reading!<3



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