Simnanigans 29 – Lost and Found

12-17-17_9-53-54 PMThe early hours of the morning…

Lana has returned safely from wherever she was whisked off to, and is quick to find a very worried Raela waiting for her!

Raela: LANA! I’ve been looking for you EVERYWHERE! Where did you go? What happened?

Lana: I’m fine! It’s quite a long story, actually…12-17-17_9-55-09 PMOne crazy story involving bright lights, not being able to sleeps and aliens later…

Lana: …It was all very civilised, really, we even had tea! I’m sorry I scared you. I promise to never get abducted again!

Raela: Well, when you put it that way…

12-17-17_9-55-33 PMLana: There’s more…they told me we’re going to be parents!

Raela: What?! That’s amazing!

A happy ending to a dramatic night indeed!

12-17-17_9-56-26 PMUpstairs, Blizz is doing…mysterious Blizz things involving a llama when Raela pops in to tell her the good news!12-17-17_9-57-02 PM-2Raela: You’re going to be a Grandma!

Blizz: I KNEW IT! I mean, er, what a big surprise! I’m so happy for you!

Raela: …it never gets less weird when you do that

12-17-17_10-08-24 PMMeanwhile, over at the Shan& co. residence, Auryyn has some serious chicken nugget & sauce cravings to contend with when it comes to their new arrival!

12-17-17_10-10-56 PMCole: If their favourite food isn’t chicken nuggets I will be shocked…

Auryyn: I never want to see another chicken nugget in my life

12-17-17_10-18-24 PMStill on a creative buzz, Khessya is up and about early to get some ideas down on canvas…

Khessya: Where was I going with this, I had a plan…

…or at least, trying to!

12-17-17_10-18-57 PMMeanwhile, Theron and Cole are up to mischief, as usual…totally nothing suspicious happening here involving breaking household appliances. Nope.

12-17-17_10-19-10 PMUm, Cole, want to share with the class what’s so hilarious?12-17-17_10-19-18 PM…oh dear

12-17-17_10-22-07 PMAnd I think someone hit the caffeine a bit too hard! 12-17-17_10-27-27 PMOrgus: Mama, up!

Auryyn: Oof…I don’t think so, sorry lil buddy…go find your Dad12-25-17_3-14-52 PMCole: Excited about your new sibling?


Cole: I will take that as a yes!12-25-17_7-04-37 PMLater, Khessya decides to take her creativity into the heart of the city! 12-25-17_7-05-18 PMKhessya: Wait a minute, weren’t you just…? OH YOU’RE A PERSON. I SEE.

NB: What is the painting meant to be? xD It looks like a beachball and a “W” xD!12-25-17_7-07-10 PM-2And it looks like there’s a festival in town, so Khessya goes to check out the merch and other goodies!

Treat yourself!12-25-17_7-10-23 PMTheron finally arrives once the caffeine jitters wear off, and the two of them hit the basketball court…

Theron: I’m going to preface this by saying you are great…but that shot was terrible!12-25-17_7-11-21 PMKhessya: Well, if you can do better, then do it!12-25-17_7-11-44 PMTheron: Does this count?

Khessya: I think that’s cheating…

12-25-17_11-58-34 PMOver at the Tirall household, little Isaax is growing up fast and looks just like his Dad! Arcann looks so proud!12-26-17_12-06-59 AMThings are busy as ever in the household, but it doesn’t look like there are any plans for more little ones right now…*

NB: Also, Ixa mini much?! 12-25-17_11-57-20 PMIxa: We should go visit Senya and your tiny siblings…then the kids will be at daycare for the rest of the day anyway…so we can have a cosy afternoon in…

Arcann: I like this plan…

*NB: OR IS THERE?!12-26-17_12-58-06 PMSenya: It’s always good to see you!12-26-17_12-58-12 PMIt seems as though Senya has a burning question for her future daughter-in-law and is determined to get the ball rolling on discussing wedding plans!

Senya: So, how are the wedding plans coming along, dear?

Ixa: They’re uh…not. We’ve been a little busy, funnily enough…

Senya: Well, that won’t do! We should make a start – venue, dress, guests, catering, music…the works! I want the best for you two lovebirds!

Ixa: *whistles* that’s…quite the list…

Senya: Oh, I’m only just getting started!12-26-17_12-59-44 PMAnd it doesn’t look like Arcann is escaping the wedding conversation, either!

Senya: Arcann! I was talking to Ixa about wedding plans…

Arcann: Um…

Senya: Just leave it to me!

If Senya gets her way, it looks like Arcann and Ixa might not even get a word in edgeways about their wedding plans!

12-26-17_12-47-53 PMOver in the city, Ster’re checks out one of the new karaoke bars in town, and seems to rather enjoy it! 12-26-17_12-51-42 PMOutside, she bumps into Saganu!

Saganu: Er, hey!

Ster’re: Hi!

Saganu: …

Ster’re: …

Ster’re: Okay, I’m just going to say it. I shouldn’t have bitten you. I’m a Vampire, and a very sorry one!

Saganu: Well, I wasn’t actually going to bring that up but…

Ster’re: Oh. Okay then…er12-26-17_12-52-53 PMSter’re: If it helps, you were pretty tasty!

Saganu: I’m…going to take that as a compliment, to be honest…

Will things ever not be awkward as heck between these two?!

01-25-18_7-25-00 AMMeanwhile, back home, Ster’re’s absence hasn’t gone unnoticed as Shay and Ala’naa enjoy their swanky new office space!

Shay: Where do you think she went?

Ala’naa: Out? Probably a bar or nightclub are usually a good bet

Shay: Can vampires even get drunk?

Ala’naa: …If any vampire can find a way, it’s her01-25-18_6-35-56 AMSter’re gets home just in time for some food (minus any garlic, of course…), and she has something to show her housemates…

Ster’re: You two have to see this…01-25-18_6-35-21 AMSter’re: SQUEAK!


Shay: No way!

01-25-18_8-34-38 PMA few bat related questions and Saganu stories later…

Ster’re: So yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. But I did find a kickass karaoke place that we’re definitely going to check out. Soon. Tomorrow? Tomorrow sounds good…

Shay: I’m game!01-25-18_8-34-36 PMAla’naa: That sounds…fun and totally not like a way to make a fool of yourself…

Ster’re: What if I told you it was both?

Ala’naa: Well, if we could just teach you to sing when in bat form, now that’d be something to see!

12-26-17_1-27-26 AMMeanwhile, in the Revel house, Azkedellia is busy whipping up some cakes for the twins’ birthday! 12-26-17_1-31-08 AMAndronikos: Looks like someone blew the candles out too early!

Azkedellia: Wouldn’t you? These cakes smell amazing, if I do say so myself…

12-26-17_1-31-36 AMThey grow up so fast, don’t they?! It’s getting hard to keep up!

12-25-17_7-16-33 PMThat afternoon, Auryyn seems to be feeling particularly uncomfortable12-25-17_7-19-02 PMAnd decides to go and have a sing-song outside…12-25-17_7-19-18 PMAuryyn: What do you think, Disney Princess in the making or what?

Khessya: I think you should ask me again after this coffee, to be honest…12-25-17_7-25-38 PMLooks like she’s not the only one needing a pick-me-up! Cole gets some practice in for the upcoming sleepless nights once the new baby is born…12-25-17_7-27-06 PM-2And little Lanyssa enjoys a literal pick-me-up with her Mum!

Lanyssa: Spinny! Spinny!

Khessya: I can’t believe it’ll be your birthday soon!

12-26-17_12-15-43 AMThings have been quiet at the Kimble household…until now!

With Jenaraa out at work, Doc spends some time with his not-so-mystery lady…12-26-17_12-18-11 AMBut Jenaraa comes home from work early…!12-26-17_12-19-48 AM…and walks right in on the two of them!

Doc is in trouble now!12-26-17_12-20-25 AMJenaraa decides she’s had enough, and isn’t shy about letting Doc know it!

Jenaraa: Don’t worry about me. I’m gone! 12-26-17_12-26-51 AMAfter trying to explain and saying bye to the kids, Jenaraa heads straight for her sister’s house…

Jenaraa: Ada! Are you here?

Adaraa: I’m upstairs, sis!12-26-17_12-28-01 AMAdaraa: What’s wrong, Jen?

Jenaraa: You were right. I’m so pissed right now!

Adaraa: Okay, calm down, let’s get you some tea…


The drama is real! What will Jenaraa do now?! Is it all over?!

Why do I ask all these questions when so many of them never get answered?!

Thank you for reading ❤


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