Simnanigans 28 – Leftover Gummy Bear Pancakes

12-02-17_6-12-58 PMEveryone in the entire neighbourhood was rudely awakened by the sound of Auryyn crashing her ship into their backyard. Whoops!

Looks like any space hats would have been destroyed in the wreckage…at least Theron will be happy his rocket still functions! Guess he won this round…

12-02-17_5-47-33 PMShe hits the gym to let out some of her frustration on an unfortunate punching bag…a silly crash isn’t going to get in the way of her morning routine!

12-02-17_5-53-58 PMBut her workout is cut short when she starts feeling sick…

Cole: I’m off to work! See you later!

Auryyn: Er…yeah, have a good day! Ugh…I do not feel good…

11-23-17_12-32-29 PMCole heads out to work, and he’s well on his way to a promotion, too!

10-31-17_9-13-27 AMNow, if only he could just solve the mystery of Ala’naa’s still missing shoes…

Cole: If I was a shoe thief, where would I go? Hmm…

NB: You could say he was hot on the shoe thief’s heels! …I’ll see myself out.

12-02-17_12-58-02 PMAuryyn decides to risk some breakfast, and she’s greeted by a very excitable Khessya!

Khessya: Auryyn! You MUST read this book series that Ixa started me on!

Auryyn: But-

Khessya: Don’t give me that “ugh, reading!” look! Sit down, sit down!12-02-17_12-58-14 PMA few hours later…

Khessya: …and then it gets really intense, and the person you think was the bad guy was actually a good guy all along but by then it’s too late, it’s all a giant cliffhanger and…it’s just SO good!

Auryyn: Okay, I’ll bit…can I borrow it? Ugh…just give me a sec…

Khessya: Is everything okay?

Auryyn: I’ll get back to you on that!12-02-17_7-34-49 PMOh dear, it must be bad if Auryyn is running off and leaving the gummy-bear pancakes behind!

10-30-17_4-51-04 PMA bit later…

Auryyn: Well, now I’ve looked up my symptoms and convinced myself I definitely have Llama Flu, I best get to work. Plus, I’m feeling a bit better anyway!

12-02-17_5-54-18 PMMeanwhile, Theron is spending the morning keeping Lanyssa entertained! And she has some ideas about that…

Theron: What do you want to do today, sweetheart?

Lanyssa: Eat all the sweets!

Theron: I like your thinking. Don’t tell Mummy.

Lanyssa: *Giggles* ‘kay!10-30-17_5-01-44 PMA few sweet treats later and the two of them are running around full of energy!

10-30-17_5-01-37 PM.pngLanyssa: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Theron: Oof! You’re growing too fast, little lady!11-04-17_2-58-46 PMAnd while Theron goes to see to food, the kids amuse themselves for a while

Lanyssa: Psst…I got sweets!

Eren: Share! Share!

Lanyssa: Yep!

12-17-17_8-01-48 PMAcross town, with Senya finally following through on her babysitting promise, Ixa and Arcann head out to a romantic restaurant for a date…12-17-17_8-01-41 PMIxa: I’m so glad Senya agreed to have the kids. Finally. This has been a long time coming, and we’ve earned some time off!

Arcann: I agree, it’s been far too long…

12-17-17_8-03-24 PMArcann: …and I plan to make the most of it!

Ixa: Damn right!

12-17-17_7-25-52 PMAnd they’re not the only loved up couple spending some quality time together…

Raela: Come with me, I want to show you something!

12-17-17_7-28-00 PMLana: It’s so beautiful here!

Raela: And, bonus, it’s a secret.

Lana: Ahh, so your mother can’t disturb us?12-17-17_7-28-24 PMRaela: …precisely so12-17-17_7-29-27 PMMeanwhile, Blizz has taken to…well, whatever mysterious things Blizz gets up to! This seems to be her lair, though…12-17-17_7-30-13 PM.pngComplete with her teddy bear confidante/minion (It has yet to be proven that Blizz’s teddy bear army is NOT secretly tied to her powers of teleportation…)12-17-17_7-30-27 PM(..But they are very cute!)

12-17-17_9-43-59 PMEveryone gets home from work that evening, and it looks like Auryyn is feeling no better…

Auryyn: Okay, I don’t think this is Llama Flu…

Khessya: How would you know? You’ve never had Llama Flu

12-17-17_10-13-16 PMTheron is quick to start pulling out the smooth moves when he sees Khessya – looks like romance is in the air in the neighbourhood today!

Theron: I really missed you today…

Khessya: Oh? Is that so?12-17-17_10-15-05 PMTheron: Here, let me show you…12-17-17_9-50-09 PMWell then! They certainly didn’t wait around to get a room! Well, observatory. Same thing…12-17-17_10-28-13 PMLater, still in a good mood from earlier, um, activities, Khessya takes to the kitchen to make the evening meal, juggling tomatoes in the process…12-17-17_10-27-48 PM…And knives, apparently! Er, watch your fingers there! (But it looks like she’s got this)12-02-17_7-40-08 PMAnd shortly after…

Auryyn: KHESSYA!

Khessya: What?!12-02-17_7-40-12 PMAuryyn: I’m having another baby!

Khessya: That’s great news!

Auryyn: I also don’t have Llama Flu!

Khessya: That’s also good news!

12-02-17_7-44-13 PMAuryyn shares the news with Cole soon after and he looks super happy about it!

Cole: Baby number three! Wow!

Auryyn: You know I could have twins again, right?

So much for things being quieter around here, eh?!

12-17-17_7-52-41 PMOutside, Theron invites Ster’re over to catch up properly, now that the initial “I’m a Vampire!” shock has worn off…12-17-17_7-53-48 PMAnd as ever, she’s quick to hit the bar to whip herself up a beverage.

NB: Also, who forgot to take down the Halloween decos?!

12-17-17_7-53-05 PMTheron: So you’re undead?

Ster’re: Technically? But I can still die. I think. Maybe. I don’t know how this works.

Theron: Right…

Ster’re: Sunlight kills me, if that helps?

Theron: So, what I’m hearing is “Theron, don’t you dare schedule any daytime events from now on”

Ster’re: You heard right, buddy

12-17-17_7-52-57 PMSter’re: Soooo…fancy joining the Vampire ranks yourself, Theron?

Theron: No, no, I’m good. I like being alive. And sunshine. And garlic. And steaks.

Ster’re: …I should bite you for that terrible stake pun alone

Theron: That would really…raise the stakes

Ster’re: …

12-17-17_7-54-39 PMOrgus: We don’t wanna go to sleep!

Eren: No! No sleep!

Cole: Well, if you don’t, Auntie Ster’re will be upset…

Ster’re: And when I get upset, I tickle small children. FOREVER!

Orgus: Eeek!


NB: Thanks, Auryyn, for not making this a full house…

12-25-17_8-39-05 PMAfter waking up during the night, Khessya has the creative bug and takes to the computer to start writing a novel of her very own!

Khessya: Okay…let’s do this…chapter one…that’s a good start…

12-17-17_7-37-00 PMOver at the Theirin residence, Lana is also awake – but because she feels awful!12-17-17_7-38-32 PMLana: Oof…well that was unpleasant…maybe some fresh air would help a little…

12-17-17_7-32-08 PMBut as soon as Lana steps outside the front door, a strange light appears, and she can’t help but stare at it!

Lana: What the…?12-17-17_7-32-13 PMLana: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

Uh-oh, poor Lana! Looks like some very strange things are happening in this neighbourhood! Could this be connected to the mysterious Sixam visitors??

What does it all mean?! Does it mean anything?! Will we find out? Who knows!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!<3

A shorter update this time. Sometimes they’re longer, and sometimes not everyone is around. I’m currently trying to catch up to the current state of the neighbourhood so thanks for bearing with me! 




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