Simnanigans 27 – CuRioSeR and cUrIoSeR

10-31-17_9-08-57 AM-2Mornings are difficult.

Mornings after staying up all night partying? The worst…

Cole: I do not want to person today…TheronTeaMachineTheron: Oh shi- guess I’ll have coffee instead…TheronTeaMachine2Theron: …I forgot I also broke the coffee machine…ughhh10-30-17_4-38-40 PMKhessya seems to be in high spirits though, even if she hasn’t had time to change out of her costume yet!

12-02-17_7-11-42 PMMeanwhile, Auryyn isn’t feeling so great either…

10-30-17_4-49-26 PM…and decides some coffee might help. (Unlike Theron, she remembered the 2nd coffee machine). But she’s got company!

Auryyn: Argh! Blizz! Where did you come from?! Again?!


Auryyn: Wha…? It is way too early for this…10-30-17_4-49-36 PMBlizz: I’m just kidding! I decided to stick around for breakfast. Got any more of those ghostie cookies?

Auryyn: Er…yeah I think they’re in the kitchen…mmm, coffee…good…

10-30-17_4-51-34 PMLooks like Blizz isn’t the only one who turned up for breakfast today as Lana sneaks in to raid the fridge!

(NB: Lana, who will not be seen in this instalment. I have no idea where she disappeared to!)

10-30-17_4-53-27 PMEven after finding some coffee, Theron looks like he’s struggling to face the day!

11-04-17_2-55-39 PMKhessya still seems pretty cheerful and intent on sorting the house out, though! She’s on a mission!

11-23-17_12-35-45 PM…And it looks like her efforts are very much appreciated!

10-30-17_4-48-02 PMWith her work here done, Khessya settles down with her book…

Khessya: Noooo! It can’t just…end like that on a cliffhanger?! Why did she betray him?! Is she a double agent?! I need to ask Ixa if I can borrow the sequel!

10-30-17_4-34-01 PMDespite feeling terrible, both Auryyn and Theron decide it’s a great idea to operate hammers and welding gear to work on their rockets…10-30-17_4-33-57 PM-2Auryyn: Last one to the moon has to wear a llama costume for a week!10-30-17_4-46-51 PMTheron: Hey! I, for one, would look great as a llama10-30-17_4-46-54 PMTheron: Easy does it…

Does someone want to confiscate this from him before the entire neighbourhood implodes?!

10-30-17_4-53-12 PMMeanwhile upstairs…

Ixa: [MSG] I’ve just finished the third book, you are going to LOVE it!

Khessya: [MSG] I need the second one, like, yesterday!!10-30-17_4-50-38 PMKhessya: BLIZZ?! HOW? WHERE? …WHY?

Blizz: I’m getting that a lot lately. Maybe I need to start wearing a bell…

10-30-17_5-01-05 PMAuryyn: Need…nap…if I can just make it to a sofa or bed…11-23-17_12-19-13 PMAuryyn: …aw crap

11-04-17_2-55-00 PMMeanwhile, Theron kicks back with a game, with Lanyssa for company! But then he gets a call from Ster’re…
(Also, he’s totally not teaching her to break electronics….totally…)

10-30-17_4-43-04 PMTheron heads over to Ster’re’s place…

Theron: What’s going on?

Ster’re: Okay, this was going to sound ridiculous no matter how I told you but…I’m a vampire now. Yup. Believe it.

Shay: Guess the secret is out!

Theron: What? Is this some kind of joke?

Ster’re: Go check out my coffin!

10-30-17_4-42-06 PMTheron: Oh…that is definitely a…coffin…such as a vampire might sleep in…

Looks like they might need to sit Theron down and tell him the whole story!

10-31-17_9-27-14 AMAt work, Cole’s day doesn’t seem to be any better…

Cole: No, Mr Vortena you can’t speak to my manager. That’s because I am the manager. Also this is a police station…

10-31-17_9-15-44 AMCole: Okay, I just need to ask everyone a few quest- Blizz, how are you  even here? You were at my house when I left!

Blizz: I thought you were the Detective?10-31-17_9-19-44 AMSomeone appears to have lost their shoes last night, Cinderella style!

Ala’naa: Officer, are you here about my missing shoes? They might be back at the house…

(NB: I have no idea what the game did with her shoes…? Still…? xD)

10-31-17_9-21-02 AMThankfully, Cole is still able to bring in the suspect and file a missing shoe report! All in a day’s work…

11-04-17_2-59-47 PMThat evening, some unexpected visitors from out of space arrive! As if today couldn’t get any stranger!

Cole: Who are you?! Where did you come from?!

Alien Sim: Sixam and Sixam! …No really, I’m named after our homeworld, for some reason!

(NB: The game made a lot of the Alien Sims togruta for some reason?! xD)11-04-17_2-59-24 PMCole starts to get to know their new cosmic neighbours!

Cole: How did you get here? Do you have a ship? Why us? Why now?

Sixam: Are you always this annoying? Do you always ask this many questions?

Cole: I’m a Detective. It’s kind of in the job description…11-04-17_3-05-56 PMAuryyn: Hi there! I just made food, wanna try some?

Khessya: Ask about space hats! We might finally find it again!!11-04-17_3-06-01 PMAuryyn: WOAH WHAT’S HAPPENING? Er, Khes? Help?

Xirri: Stay calm! I’m just learning about you…

Meanwhile, Khessya seems to absorbed in her tasty toasties to notice!

11-04-17_3-03-32 PMCole: If we’d have known you wanted to visit, we would have invited you to the Halloween party!

Qaro: What is Halloween?

Theron: First Vampires, now aliens from Sixam? Crazy day I’m having!11-04-17_3-06-02 PMAuryyn: Woaaah, that was weird! I think I can live without ever experiencing that again…

12-02-17_6-02-06 PMAfter a hectic day, Theron and Khessya manage to steal another quiet moment.

Theron: You know, I think I’m partied out for a while. It’d be nice to chill out for a while. No more surprises!

Khessya: I think I’d like that too…

11-04-17_3-09-18 PMAnd while Theron is busy, Auryyn prepares to jet off into space in her completed rocket! Maybe she’ll even get to see Sixam?!


Will Theron break more appliances? Almost definitely! Will things be calmer now? Who knows! Will Auryyn find the elusive space hat? We will find out! Will there be more Simnanigans? Yes!*


*When I actually update it again I’m sorry you guys<3 Thank you for reading ❤





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