Simnanigans 26 – Spooknanigans!

This one is very picture rather than text heavy cause PARTY and there were about 30+ Sims there and it was MANIC haha. Also, Sims LOVE to change into whatever outfit they like mid-event so there’s a lot of random outfits LOL.

Yes it’s still March. Yes it’s still a Halloween party xD.


10-31-17_9-47-13 AMWith everybody here, the party is quick to get into full swing! The bar is open, the grill is fired up (not by Theron, thankfully…)10-31-17_9-47-19 AMKhessya: Auryyn, don’t forget the cookies in the oven!

Auryyn: ‘kay!10-31-17_9-46-51 AMMalavai: I feel ridiculous

Adaraa: That’s 95% of the point of costume parties, dear…10-31-17_9-48-23 AMAuryyn: DOES EVERYONE HAVE ENOUGH FOOD? THERE IS MORE. LIKE, A LOT MORE10-31-17_9-49-08 AMRaela: I love what you’ve done with the place!

Auryyn: It was mostly Khessya. Anything hard to reach though? That was me

10-31-17_9-50-27 AM10-29-17_9-11-55 PMAnd of course it doesn’t take Arcann or Ster’re long to find the dancefloor and start showing off moves!10-29-17_9-13-22 PM10-29-17_9-13-57 PM

10-29-17_9-13-25 PMLooks like Arcann’s dancing is infectious for Ixa, & Ala’naa brings some much-needed fairy magic to the dancefloor, too10-29-17_9-14-28 PMThe drinks are flowing and the night is only just beginning!10-29-17_9-16-12 PMJenaraa: I can’t believe you didn’t tell me it was a costume party!

Adaraa: I did. Several times. I believe your response was “Costumes are stupid anyways”10-29-17_9-16-34 PMTheron: C’mon Khes, dance with me!

Khessya: I think I’m a few drinks away from that yet…I’m going to check on, erm…something…10-29-17_9-17-04 PM10-29-17_9-17-07 PMIxa: You know you still owe us babysitting. Times nine now.

Senya: I’ve been busy!

Ixa: …plus interest10-29-17_9-17-28 PM10-29-17_9-18-15 PM“Say spoopy!”10-29-17_9-18-42 PMAnd then a tiny invader sneaks into the party!

(Where the hell is the babysitter?!)

10-29-17_9-20-23 PM10-29-17_9-21-41 PMUh-oh, looks like Raela and Theron are feeling a bit gloomy!

Ala’naa: Did the cupcakes run out? I feel like that’s the only explanation for the doom and gloom over here…10-29-17_9-23-44 PM10-29-17_9-23-50 PMIxa on the hunt for more alcoholic beverages…10-29-17_9-24-56 PMAuryyn: IXA, THE GOOD STUFF IS IN THE KITCHEN. SHHHHHH!

10-29-17_9-26-09 PMSenya: So it was the Butler the WHOLE TIME?

Cole: Yep! Detective 101: It’s always the Butler right?

Senya: …I’m not sure that’s a thing10-29-17_9-27-17 PMCole: *sigh* Lil troublemaker is right behind me, isn’t he?

Adaraa: Yep10-29-17_9-28-13 PMKhessya checking on all the guests, being a Super Host! 10-29-17_9-29-42 PMAla’naa: Oh, hey there!

Lana: Uh-oh! Someone sneaked out of bed!

(Seriously, where is that babysitter?)10-29-17_9-30-24 PMSomething seems to have spooked Jocasta!10-29-17_9-30-28 PMAnd Malavai?! It IS a Halloween party afterall…10-29-17_9-30-54 PMTheron taking up the mic, this should be good!10-29-17_9-31-03 PMAla’naa: SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!

Doc: Please just don’t sing…

Theron: EVERYBODY DO THE NO BONES DANCEEEE10-29-17_9-31-45 PMLooks like Ixa found the good stuff in the kitchen!10-29-17_9-32-07 PMAnd Saganu found Ster’re…this could mean trouble…10-29-17_9-35-59 PMBlizz photobombing like a boss!10-29-17_9-36-56 PMAla’naa seems to be having a great time & steals the spotlight on the dancefloor again!10-29-17_9-38-42 PM“Say Halloween!”10-29-17_9-41-34 PM“Say Ghosties!”10-29-17_9-40-52 PMKhessya: OH MY STARS WE LEFT THE COOKIES IN THE OVEN AURYYN

Auryyn: Crap! Okay, I’ll come help!10-29-17_9-42-32 PMArcann, still dancing the night away, and this time Senya joins in!10-29-17_9-42-59 PMLana and Blizz breaking it down in this corner!10-31-17_9-50-57 AMShay: You’re not dancing or drinking. Should I be worried?

Ster’re: HAVE YOU SEEN THESE SHOES? MY FEET HURT10-31-17_9-51-22 AMIxa: …are you spying on Raela again?

Blizz: No, of course not! Unrelated, have you seen her around?

10-31-17_9-52-31 AMBlizz and Ixa grab a snack and have the best seats in the house for watching everyone else’s crazy antics…and totally-not-spying-on-Raela…10-31-17_9-52-47 AMAuryyn: …why did we even PAY for a babysitter?

Lanyssa: We want to play too!

Cole: It is way past your bed time!

Orgus: *snickers*
Cole: And yours too, young man

Orgus: Nooooo10-31-17_9-53-36 AMAdaraa: See, sis, you don’t need a costume to look like an idiot

Jenaraa: What?

Adaraa: Nothing…nothing10-31-17_9-53-50 AMLana: Where is Koth, anyways?

Jocasta: He *said* he was coming10-31-17_9-55-00 AMWoah! Looks like something annoyed Theron! Or he’s just really getting into his Vampire Pirate role…maybe step away from the kitchen, Theron?!10-31-17_9-55-41 AM10-31-17_9-56-03 AMSter’re: So are we going trick or treating or nah?

Senya: Any excuse for me to sing!

Shay: I think you’re thinking of Christmas Caroling, Senya…

Blizz: DID SOMEONE SAY CANDY?10-31-17_9-56-53 AMWell, this is awkward…Ster’re looks like she’d rather be anywhere else! Time to make a quick exit!10-31-17_9-59-19 AMKhessya: Lany, come on, it’s time for bed

Lanyssa: Don’t wanna!

Khessya: Where’s the Nanny??

Auryyn: Maybe Theron’s face scared them away…10-31-17_10-00-20 AMSpeaking of…looks like Theron had a fright of his own! It really is spoopy night!10-31-17_10-00-36 AMFinally, Khessya hits the dancefloor too after running around checking on everyone and everything!10-31-17_10-08-34 AM10-31-17_10-11-13 AMLast call at the bar, people!!!

10-31-17_10-33-45 AMAnd as the sun comes up, it’s time for everyone to start heading home! 10-31-17_10-33-48 AM10-31-17_10-34-03 AM10-31-17_10-33-26 AMAuryyn: Blizz…? Why are you still here?

Blizz: I…got stuck in your observatory…


Next time: Hangovers and post-party blues?! 











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