Simnanigans 25 – Halloween Dreams

Yes it’s March.

Yes this is about a Halloween party.

Yes I’m really behind and I suck 😛

So, without further ado, the next Simnanigans chapter!


10-28-17_6-52-02 PMThe countdown to the Halloween party is almost over! Just a few days to go…

Cole is c̶o̶o̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ showing off in the kitchen, getting a few practice cakes in ready for the big event.

10-29-17_4-37-46 PMHe’s accosted by a panicky Theron, mid-baking session…

Theron: Do you have ANY idea what you’re wearing to this costume party?!

Cole: Er…why?

Theron: Khes won’t tell me anything about hers, and Auryyn is being, well, Auryyn about it whenever I ask

Cole: …we need a plan

10-29-17_5-16-56 PMMeanwhile, in the hallway…

Khessya: Psst…guess who just finished their costume!

10-29-17_5-16-57 PMAuryyn: You FINISHED it already?! I’ve still got so much to buy and do! Also I can’t sew…

Khessya: Theron still has no idea!

10-29-17_5-16-59 PMKhessya: Order what you need, I’ll give you a hand

Auryyn: Thank you! I will make you triple chocolate brownies!

Khessya: Deal!

10-29-17_5-18-34 PMAuryyn gets all over that ordering thing!

Auryyn: “Sexy soup can costume”…who makes this stuff?!

10-29-17_5-35-52 PMBut it’s not long before she gets distracted by playtime with Ehren

Cole: ‘Ryyn, wanted to talk costumes…

Auryyn: Can’t you see I’m going as an aeroplane?

Ehren: Wheeeee!

10-29-17_5-20-45 PMDowntown, Raela waits impatiently for Lana to arrive…

10-29-17_8-00-09 PMLana: I’m sorry I’m late! Is everything all right? You sounded anxious…?

Raela: I’m fine! Er…our table is over there…

10-29-17_8-03-40 PMRaela: Okay, I have to do this now

Lana: …what do you mean?

Raela: I was going to wait until we had food but I know I’ll just blurt it out so…here goes

10-29-17_8-03-44 PMLana: What are you-OH

10-29-17_8-03-45 PMBefore Lana can react, Raela is down on one knee to propose!

10-29-17_8-04-04 PM…And I think it’s safe to say that’s a yes!

10-29-17_8-06-32 PMOf course, breaking the news to Blizz is the next big step! (That is, if she doesn’t know already, this is the town’s super sleuth we’re talking about ;))10-29-17_8-06-03 PMBlizz: I knew it!!! I’m so excited!

Raela: Of course you knew, Mother.

Blizz: Now. About those wedding plans…

10-29-17_7-26-07 PMTheron is supervising afternoon nap time, but little Lanyssa would rather tell him all about the most recent book she and Mum have been reading…

Lanyssa: …And then there were PIRATES, the good kind!

Theron: Lanyssa, you’re a little star! Pirates, that’s perfect!

Lanyssa: Yay! Helping!

10-29-17_8-48-32 PMDownstairs in the gym…10-29-17_8-52-13 PMTheron: Cole. Stop whatever you’re doing. We need pirate costumes.

10-29-17_6-50-07 PMLater that night, Arcann is in a fluster as he and Ixa prepare to welcome the latest member of the Tirall clan!

Ixa: Arcann, we go through this, every. damn. time!

Arcann: I’M CALM

Ixa: Uh-huh, and I’m not in labour right now…

10-29-17_6-50-47 PMPoor Ixa is finally admitted to the hospital room, with Arcann waiting on the other side of the glass10-29-17_6-51-44 PMGood thing Dr Quinn is all over- WAIT A MINUTE QUINN





10-29-17_6-52-06 PMFINALLY little Isaax is welcomed into the world! 10-29-17_6-52-20 PM10-29-17_6-54-00 PMBoth are overjoyed with their newest bundle of joy!

Ixa: You didn’t scream quite so much this time, you know…

Arcann: I told you I was calm!

Ixa:  Keep telling yourself that, dearest…

10-29-17_8-25-24 PMBack at the house, Khessya steals a bit of time with the book Ixa lended to her…

Khessya: Oh…my…

10-29-17_8-29-26 PMTheron: Are you seriously watching me make grilled cheese? Trying to steal my secret recipe?

Auryyn: Ha! Firstly, my grilled cheese is WAY better than yours, and secondly, you need supervision whenever electronics are involved

10-29-17_8-29-48 PMTheron: …okay, fine, yours is better…

Auryyn: HAHA! Also, you left the hob on.




IT’S PARTY DAY! And the guests are just starting to arrive…

(NB: Ixa and Arcann unfortunately have no costumes here, due to being unable to edit the household (I can now though for future stuff, fingers crossed!). For the photoshoot I had to “break” the game and Arcann & a couple of the little ‘uns got deleted, and obviously that will not do! So yeah 😦 sorry </3. Doc and Jenaraa had this too)

10-29-17_9-02-07 PMKole: I love the costume! You should dress like this all the time!

Cole: Thanks for agreeing to sit the kids, though I’m sure they’ll try and join in.

10-29-17_9-01-49 PMKhessya: These boots hurt already…and I never want to see another sequin in my life after Auryyn’s outfit!10-29-17_9-01-44 PMMer-ryyn!10-29-17_9-01-33 PMLooking good, Theron!10-29-17_9-02-34 PMAla’naa is first to arrive, totally rocking the Tinkerbell costume, complete with pom-pom slippers – I do believe in fairies!10-29-17_9-02-37 PMSenya, ever the early bird, but for tonight, she’s the Spider Queen!10-29-17_9-03-24 PMWith Saganu not far behind!10-29-17_9-03-36 PMSter’re grabbing a quick slurp of that Plasma juice just in case they don’t serve it…

Aquerple: Starting early, are we?

Ster’re: Always!

10-29-17_9-04-25 PMThings get curioser and curioser as Raela arrives! Down the rabbit hole that is this party?10-29-17_9-04-35 PMAzkedellia was born for this.10-29-17_9-04-38 PMDoc didn’t get the costume memo.10-29-17_9-09-02 PMAdaraa looking almost angelic!10-29-17_9-09-40 PMHold onto your heads, folks – the Queen of Hearts has entered the building!10-29-17_9-09-48 PMBlizz killing it with that bloody bride look! (Unrelated..anything you wanna tell us, Blizz??!!)

10-31-17_9-48-46 AMAnd Shay arrives, perfectly poised as Poison Ivy!10-29-17_9-10-36 PMWhat with the new baby, Ixa has been too rushed off her feet for costumes, but rocks this cute number!

Ixa: Technically, I’ve come as a zombie in disguise, because I am hecking tired!

Next time: Now the guests have started arriving, the party can really get underway!!!






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