Simnanigans 24 – Once Bitten, Not So Shy!


10-19-17_8-20-09 PM

Cole: Have you heard from Ster’re? She came here looking for you

Theron: Er…no, I haven’t, she’s not been at work, now that you mention it. Strange…maybe she’s sick?

Cole: She didn’t look too good last time I saw her…

Theron: She’s probably fine, she bounces back like no one I’ve ever seen! But I’ll check in later

10-19-17_8-20-35 PM

Auryyn: …why do I get the feeling you two are up to something?

Theron: Up to something? Surely not us!

Cole: Look how innocent and completely not up to something we are!

Auryyn: This is my ‘I-don’t-believe-you-but-I’ve-not-had-coffee-so-not-going-to-argue’ face

10-19-17_8-08-57 PM

Later at work, Cole is assigned to a case investigating recent rumours of vampires in the town! This close to Halloween, he’s not convinced it’s not all a big prank, though…

10-21-17_8-30-44 PM

Cole: Okay kid, I just need you to answer some questions about these “vampire” sightings…nope, doesn’t sound any less weird out loud.

10-19-17_8-29-25 PMMeanwhile…

Ster’re: How did…I get here?

Townie: Hey, lady, you okay? You don’t look okay?

10-19-17_8-29-30 PM


NB: I love how chill this townie and that kid is right now.

10-19-17_8-29-32 PM

Ster’re: I feel…different…and…hungry…thirsty?! I feel…strange

Townie: Okay, let’s get you some help…

10-19-17_8-56-01 PM

Inside, Ster’re gives in to her newly found hunger and claims her first victim…

10-19-17_8-56-06 PMSter’re: Ahh, I feel SO much better now! Now to head back home…how long was I away?!

10-19-17_8-14-23 PMBack in Donutshire* the vampire investigation is well underway!

Cole: You’re coming with me. We’re going to have a chat about your “fanged friends” and those break-ins…

NB: I really should hold a poll for the name of the town, shouldn’t I? xD

10-21-17_5-27-54 PMBack at the station…

Cole: A…doll. This is a new one on me. I got a llama last week, though

Suspect: Maybe you should keep them on your desk as mementos


10-21-17_6-29-28 PM

In another part of town, it looks as though Doc and Jenara are getting along just fine after all the drama lately as he turns the charm up to an 11…

10-19-17_10-10-43 PM

…But it looks like Jenaraa has other plans behind closed doors! Is she planning on giving Doc a taste of his own medicine?!

10-19-17_6-49-29 PM

At the much more peaceful Quinn residence, Jenaraa’s twin sister welcomes twins into the Quinn family! Looks like she and Malavai are finally able to settle down, away from the chaos…

10-21-17_6-23-58 PMAnd over at the Miurani residence, Senya has some news for Saganu…

Senya: *Sing-song voice* So…guess who’s having a baby!

10-21-17_11-20-36 AMAnd speaking of the Tirall clan…

The quintuplets are growing up, and Ixa, Arcann and the older siblings are all hands on deck!

10-21-17_11-37-13 AMIxa: I’m glad we got the new house sorted ready! Now we just have to do the moving part…

Arcann:  At least we have lots of helpers!

Ixa: “Helpers”…

NB: Look at all the wee redheads!


10-20-17_11-25-27 PM

With Ster’re nowhere to be found at home, Theron heads out to a few of her favourite hotspots…and makes a new “friend” in the process! This guy is bad news…

10-20-17_11-30-08 PM

Theron: Hey Raela, Ster’re didn’t turn up at your place, did she?

Raela: Ster’re? At the hospital? Not really her scene, it’s not exactly a party spot…

Theron: You make a good point. But if you do see her, let me know?

Raela: Sure. And…who is that guy you were dancing with? Why is he…hissing at everything?

NB: I love the suspicion on Raela’s face!


10-19-17_9-16-56 PMSter’re finally makes it back to town…and she spots a familiar face!

Ster’re: YOU! What did you do to- ouch…why am I burning?!

10-19-17_9-15-31 PM

Ster’re: WOAH, HEY!!!

10-19-17_9-15-16 PMSter’re: Who are you?!

Vampire: The fangs didn’t give it away? We’re vampires. You’re a vampire now. Any questions?

Ster’re: So I’m not in a crazy dream…good to know…

10-19-17_9-17-08 PMMaster Vampire: And to survive, you’ll need to be stronger! It’s time for your first proper lesson!

LATER…10-19-17_9-17-31 PMSter’re: Oww…for an ancient guy he sure hits hard! And since when can I float and stuff?! This is…kinda cool, actually! Aside from the burning in sunlight part…


Back over at the Shan & co. residence, it’s morning and that means time for grilled cheese!

10-21-17_8-43-40 PMAnd the little ones are not so little anymore!

10-22-17_12-51-20 AMTheron takes the role of aeroplane very seriously, and Lanyssa proves to be a very skilled and most wise pilot!

10-21-17_6-39-48 PMAnd Cole is amused that the twins are his own mini-me minions…

10-21-17_7-27-19 PMAuryyn: Story of my life, clearing up Theron’s messes and fixing his problems…

10-21-17_7-02-53 PMLanyssa: Story time!

Khessya: That sounds like a great idea!

10-21-17_7-03-02 PMKhessya: …and then the young lady shouted at all the nobles, and was surprised that they all listened to her – but she had a LOT she needed to say, and they were going to listen!

Lanyssa: Heehee, sounds like Mommy!

10-21-17_8-45-33 PMLooks like the kids can get into shenanigans all on their own! Enter Lanyssa, the fearsome frying pan warrior!

10-21-17_7-20-21 PM

And it looks like the kids aren’t the only ones in a playful mood!

Auryyn: Nooo, not tickles, my only weakness!

Elsewhere in the house…

10-22-17_7-06-40 PM

Theron: Well, fancy finding you up here…

Khessya: It’s almost like we sneaked away for some more of that ‘alone time’ we like so much while everyone is occupied…

10-21-17_8-11-55 PMLater that day, the rocket building is back in full swing. Auryyn is very much in the lead, but Theron refuses to accept defeat!10-21-17_8-10-24 PMAuryyn: Hey Theron, how’s your lil space shuttle coming along?

Theron: Rather a ‘lil’ space shuttle than a giant hunk of scrap!


10-19-17_9-13-19 PMSter’re is back in town, and what better way to celebrate than with a drink and a night out!

Ster’re: It’s not like I can go out much in the day any more…

10-21-17_11-08-30 PMAnd she bumps into a friend!

Ster’re: Hey Vit! You would not believe the last few days I’ve had…

Vittany: Actually…you’d be surprised

10-21-17_11-10-21 PMSter’re: NOT AGAIN!!!

Vittany: Word travels fast! C’mon, let’s make this fun!10-21-17_11-10-48 PM

10-21-17_11-10-08 PM

A friendly vampire duel ensues, and proves fascinating for onlookers! These vampires aren’t trying very hard to stay hidden, are they…

10-21-17_11-11-23 PM

….But Ster’re still has a LOT to learn about this Vampire business…

10-21-17_11-12-43 PMUh oh! Saganu is on the scene!

Saganu: Ster’re?! I haven’t seen you in…forever!

Ster’re: Hey…er…yeah. It’s not like I’ve been purposely avoiding you or anything because of feelings, whaaaat, no, that’d be absurd!

Vittany: Hm, interesting…you should totally practise your hypnotic powers on him. Do it!

10-21-17_11-13-20 PMSter’re: Is that a good idea? I mean…okay, here goes nothing, I guess…

Ster’re tests out some of her vampire powers on the unsuspecting Saganu! This can’t end well, can it?!10-21-17_11-13-21 PM10-21-17_11-14-10 PMWhoops! Looks like Saganu passed out!

Ster’re: …What have I done?! I need to go home…the others will be wondering where I got to…

10-21-17_11-20-58 PMSter’re takes refuge in her newly delivered coffin…what a crazy adventure!

01-25-18_6-54-07 AMAnd downstairs, Shay and Ala’naa are non the wiser about Ster’re’s recent antics…or are they?

Ala’naa: So…did I imagine that coffin being delivered to our house or was that a thing that happened?

Shay: Nope…that definitely happened!

Ala’naa: Hmm…*turns another page in the ‘Vampire Secrets’ manual*. Probably a good thing we have this then…maybe we need to get rid of all the garlic?

Ala’naa, the secret vampire detective?! Will Ster’re confirm their suspicions? Looks like household days out are off the cards until Ster’re can figure out the whole burning in the sun problem, though…


10-22-17_6-55-51 PMSenya goes into labour in the early hours of the day, and Saganu hasn’t made an appearance yet! Thankfully, Senya has got this and calmly gets herself to the hospital…

10-22-17_6-59-15 PMMalavai helps deliver the twins without a hitch and Senya is free to go home with the new arrivals! Hopefully, Saganu will be home soon to meet them…

10-21-17_12-00-08 PM

Back over at the Shan&co. residence, a plan starts to take shape…

Khessya: Okay, so. I have an idea. For a thing.

Auryyn: This is me, sitting down just in case…

Khessya: A Halloween Costume party

Auryyn: …can I get that in writing?! Yeah, let’s do this!

10-22-17_12-53-20 AM

And so decorations for the upcoming Halloween event start to appear around the house! What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!


❤ Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the latest update! ❤





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