Simnanigans 23 – The Necks Chapter!

10-18-17_7-10-26 PMIt’s moving day for Theron and co!

Cole: You could fit two of our old place inside this one!


10-18-17_7-25-20 PM

Cole takes to the kitchen to make the first meal and- COLE WHY IS THE SPAGHETTI ON FIRE?!

Someone has been spending a little too much time around Theron the Pyromaniac…

10-18-17_7-25-30 PMCole: MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE. LITERALLY.

10-18-17_7-26-55 PMCole thinks it’d be hilarious to not tell anyone about the fiery spaghetti and (despite the obvious, you know, fire) Auryyn and Khessya fall into the trap!


10-18-17_7-29-08 PMKhessya: Argh!!! I don’t think I have any tastebuds left! When I get my hands on Theron…10-18-17_7-37-56 PMAuryyn proceeds to check out the important parts of the new house.

Khessya: I feel like this was the main reason you wanted this house

Auryyn: Yup, not going to lie, they had me at two treadmills…

10-18-17_7-41-29 PMLittle Lanyssa is finding settling in a little difficult, but Khessya is on the case!

Khessya: I’m not going anywhere, little one. I’ll be right here…

10-18-17_7-43-03 PMKhessya (at 6am): Oh…I stayed up all night and I haven’t even left the character creation screen yet…but at least Lanyssa is fast asleep!

10-18-17_8-23-39 PMNext morning, it’s Cole’s first day at his new job as a detective!10-18-17_8-37-55 PMCole: Gonna collect all the evidence, analyse all the evidence, catch all the criminals…rinse, repeat…10-18-17_8-45-10 PMCole: Can you please explain the llama?

Suspect: Officer, I’ve never seen that llama in my life!

Cole: …I don’t want to know really, do I?

Suspect: Probably not to be honest…

10-18-17_8-48-20 PMSo apparently Cole has an excellent llama sense, but completely missed the mobile phone that the suspect had. 10/10 detective skills in action!

10-18-17_9-35-22 PMThe hunt for a suspect has begun, and Cole runs into a familar face at the location the suspect has been spotted!

Ster’re: Hey Detective!

Cole: Er, hey. Mind if I ask you a few questions?

Ster’re: Ohhh you on a case? Me too! I’m doing a “steak” out! Super secret agent stuff, you know how it is.

Cole: At a…bar?

Ster’re: You assumed I wasn’t referring to the foodstuff

10-18-17_9-38-09 PMSter’re: Please, I wanna get in on this and help! Just let me order a drink!

Cole: Is that…wise?

10-18-17_9-39-44 PMCole and Ster’re set about asking people for information to help with the case!

Azkedellia: He was like a huge lizard and had wings and could breathe fire!

Cole: That’s a dragon, Mrs Gale-Revel. You are describing a dragon…

Azkedellia: I just wanted to see the look on your face 10-18-17_10-02-29 PMSter’re makes a new and interesting friend…who also happens to be the most powerful vampire in town!

Ster’re: Oh, hey! So I’m on this super secret mission right now. Wanna help me out?

Vampire Grand Master: I can certainly help…just step a little closer…

10-18-17_10-02-49 PMSter’re: What’s going on?! Why is everything green? Why is the room spinning?!10-18-17_10-02-53 PMOuch! Looks like Ster’re might have gotten herself into some vampire trouble!! You could say she was up to her neck in trouble…10-18-17_10-04-47 PMSter’re: Ugh…I don’t feel so good…but I don’t remember hurting my neck or anything…

10-18-17_10-31-21 PMBack at the new house, Theron and Auryyn have already started a rocket building contest in the back garden…

10-18-17_10-27-32 PMAuryyn: That’s cheating! I saw you!

Theron: It wasn’t technically against any rules

Auryyn: I’m going to win this, jet off to space, and crash my ship into yours as I land!

Theron: Yeah well…I’m going to do that but…BETTER

*Argument devolves into sticking their tongues out at one another*10-18-17_10-30-52 PMCole: Ster’re! Where did you disappear off to?

Ster’re: I had to…deal with some stuff. Is Theron around? Also do you believe in vampires? No reason, just a random question I asked…10-18-17_10-34-50 PMLooks like Ster’re isn’t the only visitor! Raela, Adaraa and Ixa pop round to say hi!

Adaraa: This place is lovely! Are you guys going to do a housewarming?

Khessya: I’m sure Theron and/or Auryyn has a plan…and by plan I mean a “surprise” that they drop on everyone last minute.

Raela: I am loving this poolside bar. Just putting that out there.10-18-17_10-38-00 PMIxa: I brought those novels that you wanted!

Khessya: Ooo! Thank you! These look great…oh…I’ve never heard of “Knights of Passion?”

*Ixa winks*

10-18-17_10-37-05 PMLooks like detective work can be exhausting!

Senya: You okay there, Cole?

Cole: Clues…clues…footprints…

10-18-17_10-36-00 PMSter’re: Lana, help a girl out – do vampires exist? Yes? No?

Lana: Why are you suddenly obsessed with this? Are you all right?

Ster’re: I think I need to go and lie down. But in a bed. Not like, in a coffin or anything…

10-18-17_10-06-54 PMMeanwhile, back at the Quinn residence, it’s almost  time for Adaraa and Malavai to welcome their new arrival!

10-18-17_7-24-29 PM

Auryyn: Eren, shoosh, you’ll wake your brother…

*Orgus cries*

Auryyn: I see how it is – conspiring to make sure Mom gets no sleep!

10-18-17_9-15-25 PM

Later that evening and with everyone asleep or out, Theron and Khessya take advantage and get cosy in their new home!

10-21-17_5-17-15 PM

Feeling refreshed from his nap earlier, Cole decides to celebrate his first day with a drink out on the town, and bumps into Ala’naa at the bar!

Ala’naa: Heard you guys just got a new swanky place!

Cole: Yeah, you should come visit!

10-21-17_5-19-35 PMDoc arrives on the scene and it seems he’s determined to get Cole riled up…

Shay: What are you two arguing about anyway?

Ala’naa: I lost track, I’ve been here since it started. Someone pass me the popcorn!

Shay: Ha! I think I’ll join you!



10-21-17_5-18-31 PM

Cole: I’m done talking about this

Doc: First of all…

Ala’naa: Bartender, another round please. I think we’re all going to be here a while…

10-21-17_5-20-50 PM

And a few minutes later, a scuffle breaks out!

10-21-17_5-21-21 PM

And it looks like Jenaraa arrived just in time to see the drama unfold! Could this create tension between the two houses? Doc just loves to cause trouble!

Necks time: I got nothing, I just wanted to milk the ‘necks’ pun 😛 ❤



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