Links to Sims 4 Stuffs!

I use a LOT of mods/CC for my game, as you’ve probably noticed (9GB and counting. Whoops!)

Here I’ve put together some links to some of the sites & creators I use the most.

The main sites I use for content are:

Special thanks to Sheikus Sims for all his assistance with modding!! He makes the Malavai Quinn and Theron Shan Sims that I use – all his awesome stuff can be found here!:

Other Star Wars: The Old Republic specific stuff can be found here:

And here:

Also very useful – Rainbow Skin set

Script Mods. The bread and butter, if you like. SUPER useful: story progression options to general useful tweaks & tricks! – post player/teleporter. MUST HAVE for poses.“bb.moveobjects on” always on objects available in live mode build always on anywhere parties & more guests – “Testing Cheats” always on

Create-A-Sim backgrounds!

Weather related: (snowscape for your neighbourhood) (animated rain/snow visuals for your game)


Lots (Houses)

Community Lots


Lists not exhaustive.









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