Simnanigans 22 – Can’t Get No Sleep!

09-24-17_1-27-35 PM

Everyone seems to be getting into the new routine in the household.

Cole: Theron, you should get some practice in before the big day!

Theron: I’m staying a safe distance away. You got puked on this morning. Twice.

Cole: Eh, fair…

09-24-17_2-46-59 PM

Auryyn wasted no time in getting back to her normal workout routine and hits the gym room hard!

09-24-17_2-42-08 PM

It’s Khessya and Theron’s turn to play the waiting game as they await their new arrival. At least Lana is happy to offer some company while they wait!

Lana: Have you decided on a name yet?

Khessya: We’ve managed to shortlist about three or four…

Theron: Last time I checked we had about twenty

Khessya: …not counting any suggestions from you or Auryyn

09-27-17_6-40-33 PM

Given the recent additions, Auryyn and Cole are now mostly nocturnal…

Cole: Nothing says “you have kids” like eggs and bacon at 2am…

09-27-17_6-42-01 PM

But they’re not the only ones up and about!

Khessya: I smelled your scrambled eggs so I had to make some too

Auryyn: Ahh, the cravings. Don’t miss them!

09-27-17_6-42-04 PM

09-27-17_6-42-19 PM

Khessya: So…do you have any advice for me?

Cole: If it feels like you’re going into labour, just take a nap…

Auryyn: COLE!

Khessya: *snickering*

09-27-17_6-43-16 PM

One of the boys starts crying, and so Cole goes to investigate.

Khessya: How do you tell them apart?!

Cole: Eren is the moody one.

Auryyn: Can’t think who he might take after

09-27-17_7-03-45 PM

Khessya still can’t sleep and does a little bit of gardening with a weird looking seed someone brought back from space…


09-27-17_7-09-18 PM

Nothing like some video games to take your mind of waiting!

09-27-17_7-10-23 PM

Khessya: Okay, maybe swinging a VR sword around wasn’t my best idea…

09-27-17_7-21-23 PM

Meanwhile, Theron gets over his fear of being puked on and gets some Uncle Duty / practice time in!

09-27-17_7-21-53 PM

And while Theron is keeping an eye on the twins, Auryyn and Cole jet off to space for some alone time…

09-27-17_7-23-48 PM-2

Tiredness finally caught up with Khessya, and Theron keeps an eye on her…

09-27-17_7-29-32 PM

But of course the moment he leaves for a second, she goes into labour!

09-27-17_7-30-19 PM

Rushing upstairs, Theron starts to panic…

Khessya: Not…helping…Theron!

09-27-17_7-50-12 PM

09-27-17_7-50-54 PM

But soon enough, they welcome little Lanyssa into the household, and Theron is quick to get stuck in to “Dad” mode!

Looks like no-one in this house will be getting sleep anytime soon…

NEXT TIME: A new chapter begins as Theron and co. move to a new house! && fun and games with the Get to Work expansion!


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