Simnanigans 21 – Waiting Game

NB: Waiting around for Sims to go into labour can sometimes take FOREVER haha. Sorry these last two updates have been on the short side, I’m trying to organise it so I can catch up to the new stuff a bit better. The screenies get a bit messy sometimes!

And thank you for bearing with me! ❤

09-24-17_11-49-25 AM

Some time later, after many shopping trips for toys and brightly coloured things, and time spent child-proofing the house…

Theron is determined to make sure everything is perfect and checks everything over several times.

09-24-17_12-59-28 PM

Under strict instruction by Khessya, Theron refrained from throwing a huge party to celebrate, but he was determined to tell the whole neighbourhood the good news one way or another!

Senya: I thought I’d stop by on my way to see Arcann and Ixa’s little ones to say congratulations!

Theron: Thanks! I don’t suppose you’d consider extending your babysitting services, Grandma?

Senya: Now that was just cheeky, Theron!

NB: Senya still owes Arcann and Ixa a night off, jus’ sayin’ 😛

09-24-17_12-49-24 PM

Khessya: We should discuss names when you get home

Theron: I-

Khessya: *Frowning* Serious suggestions only

Auryyn: (From other room) I already suggested Firestarter Jr


09-24-17_12-55-08 PM

Waiting around for the little one to arrive has left Auryyn feeling bored and in a bit of a silly mood…

Auryyn: I just like to remind him


Auryyn: Yeah, yeah, now get out of here, you’re late and we have girl stuff to do

Khessya: We…do?

09-24-17_12-55-24 PM

Khessya: The feeling sick…does it stop?

Auryyn: Eventually!

09-24-17_12-55-58 PM

Auryyn: We should take a morning sickness selfie! Plus, you know, celebrate the whole double pregnancy thing!

09-24-17_12-56-07 PM

09-24-17_12-56-15 PM

Auryyn: I look so tired! Check out my panda eyes!

Khessya: At least you don’t look ghostly pale…

09-24-17_1-00-06 PM

Later that evening, Auryyn is in a lot of pain…

Auryyn: It’ll pass…it’ll pass

09-24-17_1-00-23 PM-2

Auryyn: Oww…okay, this is happening…!

09-24-17_1-00-32 PM

…And then, despite going into labour and all the pain that comes with it, Auryyn decides now is the ideal time to take a nap!

09-24-17_1-01-12 PM

But it’s okay, because Cole seems to be all over that panicking thing, and is stressing out enough for the both of them whilst Theron just seems amused by the entire situation…

He won’t be laughing when it’s his turn for a pre-parental panic!

09-24-17_1-26-20 PM

Finally, they welcome twin boys Orgus and Eren to the household & the neighbourhood!

NB: Of course Auryyn had twins because SHE ALWAYS DOES.

09-24-17_2-34-38 PM

09-24-17_1-29-39 PM

After making sure the boys are settled in, Auryyn resumes her much-needed sleep from earlier.

Besides, there are many sleepless nights ahead for this household!




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