Simnanigans 19 – Business, Not Quite As Usual

09-24-17_9-43-24 AM

It’s the night after the party, and Auryyn is feeling peckish in the early hours of the morning.

Auryyn: Stars, the state of this kitchen…

09-24-17_9-46-21 AM

Looks like a stiff breakfast drink is needed, both for helping with the hangover and to face the clean up operation ahead!

Though I’m not sure it’s the best idea, Cole…

09-24-17_9-48-01 AM-2

The boys get stuck-in with cleaning, and Theron looks very chipper about pitching in…but then again, the party WAS his idea.

09-24-17_12-01-56 PM

Although he did then make this…that painting is a bit dark, Theron! Something you want to share with us??!!

09-24-17_9-48-06 AM

That’s a lot of dirty dishes…


The clothes are on, the coffee is brewing…let’s do this cleaning thing properly!

09-24-17_10-03-19 AM

Over in the Tirall house it’s also a busy morning; the little ones are growing up fast! Little Xephyra seems to be getting the hang of walking just fine!

09-24-17_10-12-55 AM

She toddles off to find her Dad, who spent the entire morning clearing up all the toys!

Arcann: Remember to put Mr Fish back in his home when you’re done, Xephy!

Xephyra: Mr Fishy adventure first!!

Arcann: Of course, AFTER the big adventure!

Arcann then hears Ixa yelling him from then other room and goes running…

09-24-17_10-07-08 AM

Ixa: It’s…time! And damn it hurts!

Arcann: It’s going to be fine, love! You can do this! And I can’t wait to meet them!

09-24-17_10-07-10 AM

A few, less calm minutes later…

Arcann: *Panicking in his panic corner*

Ixa: Is this going to happen…ouch…every…time we have…a baby?!

Oh dear, Arcann…you’d have thought he would have known what to do after last time!

09-24-17_10-11-24 AM

But soon enough, Ixa and Arcann welcome not one…

09-24-17_10-12-33 AM

Not two….

…but FIVE bouncing new additions to the household!!!

Meet Xanthe, Roxanne, Xander, Ryxa and Xena!

09-24-17_1-37-45 PM

The proud parents bring Alexis, Thexan and Xephyra to come and meet their new siblings so they can celebrate as one big happy family!

Speaking of another big, happy family…

09-24-17_9-58-50 AM

On the other side of the neighbourhood, Jenaraa gave birth to quadruplets!

09-24-17_9-59-30 AM

….And Doc goes into a belated panic about the whole thing!

Jenaraa: The babies are fine, I’m fine…we’re all fine, dearest…

09-24-17_9-59-26 AM-2

So…that Kimble family tree is looking interesting…

bandicam 2017-12-06 14-30-26-219

09-24-17_11-05-17 AM

With the house now tidy and cleaned up, Theron decides to invite Lana and Raela over for dinner for a casual hang out

09-24-17_11-06-06 AM

Theron: We have chairs, you know…


Lana: What’s the fun in that? Let’s live dangerously!

09-24-17_11-06-23 AM

Raela: Thanks for inviting us! You know my Mother, always wants to know the who, what when, where and why of my life every five minutes…it’s well meaning but…

Lana: It can be a bit…intense

Theron: I think I understand. Since finding out about the baby, Auryyn is in full mother-hen mode all the time.

Lana: Ha! I can imagine it!

Theron: I’m going to make up some drinks, in case none of us had enough last night at the party

09-24-17_11-07-48 AM


09-24-17_11-07-40 AM

09-24-17_11-07-38 AM

Lana: …What? You’re giving me *that* look

Raela: Hmm…Lana in “Mother-Hen” mode…now that’d be adorable to see

Lana: What? I…I’m not so sure but…if you say so…

09-24-17_12-36-45 PM

09-24-17_12-45-04 PM

Meanwhile, poor Khessya has been having a quiet day to herself because of not feeling well all day, but she didn’t want to worry anyone…

Khessya: It’s probably nothing…I mean…probably…

09-24-17_2-26-00 PM

Cole: Hey! Not seen you all day! Everything okay?

Khessya: Err…yeah!

Cole: While my better half and your worse half are busy, wanna hang out?

Khessya: I…think I could do that

09-24-17_12-47-57 PM

Grateful to have a distraction, the silly dancing took Khessya’s mind off how terrible she had felt earlier…maybe it really was nothing to worry about afterall…






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