Simnanigans 22 – Can’t Get No Sleep!

09-24-17_1-27-35 PM

Everyone seems to be getting into the new routine in the household.

Cole: Theron, you should get some practice in before the big day!

Theron: I’m staying a safe distance away. You got puked on this morning. Twice.

Cole: Eh, fair…

09-24-17_2-46-59 PM

Auryyn wasted no time in getting back to her normal workout routine and hits the gym room hard!

09-24-17_2-42-08 PM

It’s Khessya and Theron’s turn to play the waiting game as they await their new arrival. At least Lana is happy to offer some company while they wait!

Lana: Have you decided on a name yet?

Khessya: We’ve managed to shortlist about three or four…

Theron: Last time I checked we had about twenty

Khessya: …not counting any suggestions from you or Auryyn

09-27-17_6-40-33 PM

Given the recent additions, Auryyn and Cole are now mostly nocturnal…

Cole: Nothing says “you have kids” like eggs and bacon at 2am…

09-27-17_6-42-01 PM

But they’re not the only ones up and about!

Khessya: I smelled your scrambled eggs so I had to make some too

Auryyn: Ahh, the cravings. Don’t miss them!

09-27-17_6-42-04 PM

09-27-17_6-42-19 PM

Khessya: So…do you have any advice for me?

Cole: If it feels like you’re going into labour, just take a nap…

Auryyn: COLE!

Khessya: *snickering*

09-27-17_6-43-16 PM

One of the boys starts crying, and so Cole goes to investigate.

Khessya: How do you tell them apart?!

Cole: Eren is the moody one.

Auryyn: Can’t think who he might take after

09-27-17_7-03-45 PM

Khessya still can’t sleep and does a little bit of gardening with a weird looking seed someone brought back from space…


09-27-17_7-09-18 PM

Nothing like some video games to take your mind of waiting!

09-27-17_7-10-23 PM

Khessya: Okay, maybe swinging a VR sword around wasn’t my best idea…

09-27-17_7-21-23 PM

Meanwhile, Theron gets over his fear of being puked on and gets some Uncle Duty / practice time in!

09-27-17_7-21-53 PM

And while Theron is keeping an eye on the twins, Auryyn and Cole jet off to space for some alone time…

09-27-17_7-23-48 PM-2

Tiredness finally caught up with Khessya, and Theron keeps an eye on her…

09-27-17_7-29-32 PM

But of course the moment he leaves for a second, she goes into labour!

09-27-17_7-30-19 PM

Rushing upstairs, Theron starts to panic…

Khessya: Not…helping…Theron!

09-27-17_7-50-12 PM

09-27-17_7-50-54 PM

But soon enough, they welcome little Lanyssa into the household, and Theron is quick to get stuck in to “Dad” mode!

Looks like no-one in this house will be getting sleep anytime soon…

NEXT TIME: A new chapter begins as Theron and co. move to a new house! && fun and games with the Get to Work expansion!


Simnanigans 21 – Waiting Game

NB: Waiting around for Sims to go into labour can sometimes take FOREVER haha. Sorry these last two updates have been on the short side, I’m trying to organise it so I can catch up to the new stuff a bit better. The screenies get a bit messy sometimes!

And thank you for bearing with me! ❤

09-24-17_11-49-25 AM

Some time later, after many shopping trips for toys and brightly coloured things, and time spent child-proofing the house…

Theron is determined to make sure everything is perfect and checks everything over several times.

09-24-17_12-59-28 PM

Under strict instruction by Khessya, Theron refrained from throwing a huge party to celebrate, but he was determined to tell the whole neighbourhood the good news one way or another!

Senya: I thought I’d stop by on my way to see Arcann and Ixa’s little ones to say congratulations!

Theron: Thanks! I don’t suppose you’d consider extending your babysitting services, Grandma?

Senya: Now that was just cheeky, Theron!

NB: Senya still owes Arcann and Ixa a night off, jus’ sayin’ 😛

09-24-17_12-49-24 PM

Khessya: We should discuss names when you get home

Theron: I-

Khessya: *Frowning* Serious suggestions only

Auryyn: (From other room) I already suggested Firestarter Jr


09-24-17_12-55-08 PM

Waiting around for the little one to arrive has left Auryyn feeling bored and in a bit of a silly mood…

Auryyn: I just like to remind him


Auryyn: Yeah, yeah, now get out of here, you’re late and we have girl stuff to do

Khessya: We…do?

09-24-17_12-55-24 PM

Khessya: The feeling sick…does it stop?

Auryyn: Eventually!

09-24-17_12-55-58 PM

Auryyn: We should take a morning sickness selfie! Plus, you know, celebrate the whole double pregnancy thing!

09-24-17_12-56-07 PM

09-24-17_12-56-15 PM

Auryyn: I look so tired! Check out my panda eyes!

Khessya: At least you don’t look ghostly pale…

09-24-17_1-00-06 PM

Later that evening, Auryyn is in a lot of pain…

Auryyn: It’ll pass…it’ll pass

09-24-17_1-00-23 PM-2

Auryyn: Oww…okay, this is happening…!

09-24-17_1-00-32 PM

…And then, despite going into labour and all the pain that comes with it, Auryyn decides now is the ideal time to take a nap!

09-24-17_1-01-12 PM

But it’s okay, because Cole seems to be all over that panicking thing, and is stressing out enough for the both of them whilst Theron just seems amused by the entire situation…

He won’t be laughing when it’s his turn for a pre-parental panic!

09-24-17_1-26-20 PM

Finally, they welcome twin boys Orgus and Eren to the household & the neighbourhood!

NB: Of course Auryyn had twins because SHE ALWAYS DOES.

09-24-17_2-34-38 PM

09-24-17_1-29-39 PM

After making sure the boys are settled in, Auryyn resumes her much-needed sleep from earlier.

Besides, there are many sleepless nights ahead for this household!



Simnanigans 20 – Surprise Pt3: This Time, It’s Suprising-er!


The next morning, Khessya has some very important news for Theron that just can’t wait until after breakfast!

Khessya: Theron, don’t freak out…

Theron: I love statements that start with “don’t freak out”

Khessya: *She uses THE FROWN*

Theron: (It was super effective!) Okay, okay, this is me, officially not freaking out

Khessya: Here goes…

09-24-17_11-22-08 AM-2

Khessya: So…we’re…having a a baby

Theron: Wha…what? I…we…wow!

09-24-17_11-22-11 AM

Theron was so shocked, he dropped his cereal…

Cole: *Hasn’t had coffee yet, doesn’t want to know*

Khessya: Oh! And Theron, NO surprise parties, okay?

09-24-17_11-22-24 AM

Khessya: Ugh…I feel awful

Theron: Get some rest

Khessya: I will, but first, I need to find Auryyn…

09-24-17_11-23-51 AM

Khessya: Auryyn, guess what!

Auryyn: You know I’ll never guess…

09-24-17_11-23-52 AM

Khessya: Okay, I’ll just tell you…I’m pregnant! Phew, it’s a lot easier saying it a second time around!

09-24-17_11-24-33 AM

Auryyn: I’m so happy for you!!! This house is going to be busy!

09-24-17_11-24-35 AM

Auryyn: Now where’s Theron, I need to go and be a good best friend and offer congratulations and…support…

09-24-17_11-26-25 AM

09-24-17_11-26-50 AM

While Khessya goes to get some much-needed rest, the other three catch up with the house news!

Cole: *Now sufficiently caffeinated* I’m pretty sure if I had been holding cereal when Auryyn had told me, I would have dropped it, too

Theron: I can’t believe it! I mean, I can, because it’s happening but…

Auryyn: Hey Theron, now we can enjoy the sleepless nights and the stepping on toys all the time together! It’s going to be so much fun!

Theron: You’re such a good friend sometimes…

Auryn: The very best!

09-24-17_11-52-23 AM-2

Feeling energized and happy, Theron heads out to tell Lana the good news!

Lana: Oh my goodness! That’s wonderful news!

09-24-17_11-52-51 AM

As if summoned by the juicy neighbourhood news, Blizz appears! Her ears must have been burning…

09-24-17_11-54-45 AM

Blizz: Did I hear that right? There’s going to be an addition to the Shan family?!

Theron: That’s right! Though…how you heard that from…er, wherever you came from, I have no idea…

Lana: You get used to it. She’s like a grapevine in human form. Impressive, actually…

Theron: I will…take your word for it

NB: I’m starting to think Blizz has portals set up all around town thatr allow her to materialise wherever she wants.

09-24-17_12-05-08 PM

09-24-17_12-03-22 PM

Back home, there’s excitement and happiness all around as everyone prepares for the new arrivals!






Simnanigans 19 – Business, Not Quite As Usual

09-24-17_9-43-24 AM

It’s the night after the party, and Auryyn is feeling peckish in the early hours of the morning.

Auryyn: Stars, the state of this kitchen…

09-24-17_9-46-21 AM

Looks like a stiff breakfast drink is needed, both for helping with the hangover and to face the clean up operation ahead!

Though I’m not sure it’s the best idea, Cole…

09-24-17_9-48-01 AM-2

The boys get stuck-in with cleaning, and Theron looks very chipper about pitching in…but then again, the party WAS his idea.

09-24-17_12-01-56 PM

Although he did then make this…that painting is a bit dark, Theron! Something you want to share with us??!!

09-24-17_9-48-06 AM

That’s a lot of dirty dishes…


The clothes are on, the coffee is brewing…let’s do this cleaning thing properly!

09-24-17_10-03-19 AM

Over in the Tirall house it’s also a busy morning; the little ones are growing up fast! Little Xephyra seems to be getting the hang of walking just fine!

09-24-17_10-12-55 AM

She toddles off to find her Dad, who spent the entire morning clearing up all the toys!

Arcann: Remember to put Mr Fish back in his home when you’re done, Xephy!

Xephyra: Mr Fishy adventure first!!

Arcann: Of course, AFTER the big adventure!

Arcann then hears Ixa yelling him from then other room and goes running…

09-24-17_10-07-08 AM

Ixa: It’s…time! And damn it hurts!

Arcann: It’s going to be fine, love! You can do this! And I can’t wait to meet them!

09-24-17_10-07-10 AM

A few, less calm minutes later…

Arcann: *Panicking in his panic corner*

Ixa: Is this going to happen…ouch…every…time we have…a baby?!

Oh dear, Arcann…you’d have thought he would have known what to do after last time!

09-24-17_10-11-24 AM

But soon enough, Ixa and Arcann welcome not one…

09-24-17_10-12-33 AM

Not two….

…but FIVE bouncing new additions to the household!!!

Meet Xanthe, Roxanne, Xander, Ryxa and Xena!

09-24-17_1-37-45 PM

The proud parents bring Alexis, Thexan and Xephyra to come and meet their new siblings so they can celebrate as one big happy family!

Speaking of another big, happy family…

09-24-17_9-58-50 AM

On the other side of the neighbourhood, Jenaraa gave birth to quadruplets!

09-24-17_9-59-30 AM

….And Doc goes into a belated panic about the whole thing!

Jenaraa: The babies are fine, I’m fine…we’re all fine, dearest…

09-24-17_9-59-26 AM-2

So…that Kimble family tree is looking interesting…

bandicam 2017-12-06 14-30-26-219

09-24-17_11-05-17 AM

With the house now tidy and cleaned up, Theron decides to invite Lana and Raela over for dinner for a casual hang out

09-24-17_11-06-06 AM

Theron: We have chairs, you know…


Lana: What’s the fun in that? Let’s live dangerously!

09-24-17_11-06-23 AM

Raela: Thanks for inviting us! You know my Mother, always wants to know the who, what when, where and why of my life every five minutes…it’s well meaning but…

Lana: It can be a bit…intense

Theron: I think I understand. Since finding out about the baby, Auryyn is in full mother-hen mode all the time.

Lana: Ha! I can imagine it!

Theron: I’m going to make up some drinks, in case none of us had enough last night at the party

09-24-17_11-07-48 AM


09-24-17_11-07-40 AM

09-24-17_11-07-38 AM

Lana: …What? You’re giving me *that* look

Raela: Hmm…Lana in “Mother-Hen” mode…now that’d be adorable to see

Lana: What? I…I’m not so sure but…if you say so…

09-24-17_12-36-45 PM

09-24-17_12-45-04 PM

Meanwhile, poor Khessya has been having a quiet day to herself because of not feeling well all day, but she didn’t want to worry anyone…

Khessya: It’s probably nothing…I mean…probably…

09-24-17_2-26-00 PM

Cole: Hey! Not seen you all day! Everything okay?

Khessya: Err…yeah!

Cole: While my better half and your worse half are busy, wanna hang out?

Khessya: I…think I could do that

09-24-17_12-47-57 PM

Grateful to have a distraction, the silly dancing took Khessya’s mind off how terrible she had felt earlier…maybe it really was nothing to worry about afterall…