Simnanigans 18 – Surprise! Pt II

09-22-17_10-47-46 PM

It’s been some time since Auryyn found out there was going to be a new addition to the household…

09-22-17_10-47-56 PM

Khessya: Auryyn that’s your fourth breakfast burger

Auryyn: So…hungry…

09-22-17_10-47-54 PM

Khessya: Meh, I’m not judghing, I’m eating spaghetti for breakfast

Auryyn: Is there uh…more of that in the fridge? Cause… it looks really good right now…

Khessya: …

09-22-17_11-08-37 PM-2

After breakfast, Khessya finds Theron in the middle of a phone call…

Theron: Yeah, nothing fancy, just a get together

Khessya: *Mouthing* THERON!

Theron: I mean, most of the neighbourhood…okay, cool. See you soon! Hey Khes!

Khessya: Theron that had better not be what I think it was…

09-22-17_11-07-49 PM-2

Theron: A surprise party for Auryyn? Cause you’d be right!

Khessya: Theron! You can’t just spring these things on her. Us. Or…anyone!

Theron: Relax, she’ll love it! Besides, I feel like we’ve been cooped up in here a lot lately…

09-22-17_11-07-50 PM

Khessya: ….Everyone’s on their way already, aren’t they?

Theron: Yup

Khessya: Then…fine, let’s do this!

09-22-17_11-12-10 PM

So, with Theron wanting to get the party started, he and Khessya get changed and guests start arriving!

09-22-17_11-11-51 PM

Cole: If you start feeling bad, just go and lie down, people will understand…

Auryyn: You’re so adorable. I’ll be fine, it’s just a party!

09-22-17_11-13-06 PM

The early birds gather in the living room…

Ala’naa: So do you guys do this kind of thing a lot?

Senya: Oh, there’s always something going on here

Khessya: And it’s mostly always Theron’s fault

Theron: Hey! ….but she’s not, not right…

09-22-17_11-15-00 PM

09-22-17_11-14-10 PM

Ster’re, Adaraa and Raela seem to be getting up to mischief upstairs!

Ster’re: Re-organise the desktop icons, Theron HATES that!

Raela: Haha, I love it! On it!

Adaraa: We so need a ladies night!

09-22-17_11-14-27 PM

Doc has arrived on the scene, and it looks like he still very much has eyes for Adaraa…

09-22-17_11-16-41 PM

Ixa has arrived, and she and Arcann are expecting again!!!

Ixa: Congratulations!

Cole: Right back at you! When’s the little one due?

Ixa: Any day now! Let’s just hope not in the middle of the party, hm?

09-22-17_11-16-59 PM

Theron takes to the bar to show off his beverage making skills!

09-22-17_11-18-05 PM

Theron’s drinks bring all the guests to the bar. & Raela and Lana share a cute moment on the dancefloor!

09-22-17_11-21-33 PM-2

Looks like it’s baby season in the ‘hood as Jenaraa is also expecting! The Kimble household is sure getting busy…

09-22-17_11-21-51 PM

09-22-17_11-22-29 PM-2


09-22-17_11-20-26 PM

Looks like Ixa had a few sugary drinks too-many and has the giggles! Ala’naa looks unimpressed with the state of the bar…best get cleaning up, Theron!

09-22-17_11-23-55 PM

Nothing to see here, just Ster’re casually raiding the fridge and Khessya wondering what the heck is going on.

09-22-17_11-24-43 PM

Poor Auryyn crashed out on the sofa in the middle of her own party!

09-22-17_11-25-12 PM

Well, the pizza is proving popular, whoever ordered it, and it looks like the pizza guy wants to stay and join in the fun!

09-22-17_11-25-55 PM

09-22-17_11-27-31 PM

09-22-17_11-28-34 PM

Everyone drops everything for a slice of pizza!

Wait…was there pineapple on that pizza?!

09-22-17_11-30-02 PM

And as ever, Arcann can be found on the dancefloor!

09-22-17_11-32-35 PM

But he’s not the only one with moves to show off!

09-22-17_11-33-06 PM

Uh-oh, looks like an argument has kicked off between Threl’fall and her sis Azkedellia. Judging by the look on Aquerple’s face, it might be time to call it a night…

09-22-17_11-34-13 PM

All in all, a successful surprise party!

09-22-17_11-34-23 PM

Malavai and Doc are the last stragglers, and it looks as though Malavai may have been having some stern words!






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