Simnanigans 17 – Surprise! Pt I

09-22-17_9-19-03 AM

The next morning, Auryyn still isn’t feeling great and decides to take another day off work.

09-21-17_10-54-21 AM

And it looks like Cole woke up in a bad mood and is taking it out on the trash (literally) before he heads out to work.

09-22-17_10-45-42 PM

Meanwhile, Theron and Khessya seem to have spent the night in the observatory…

Khessya: We’re never going to find it, are we? I’m starting to wonder if I was that drunk, I imagined it…

Theron: Well, we could just try and get you another…

Khessya: Nope, I am not setting foot in a rocketship ever again

Theron: …I thought you worked as an…astronaut…?

09-22-17_10-45-45 PM

09-22-17_10-45-50 PM

Khessya: …Let’s go, I need some breakfast…

Looks like everyone is feeling a bit under-the-weather.

09-21-17_10-03-01 AM

Khessya: Feeling better?

Auryyn: No, this is my third attempt at breakfast

Khessya: Yikes and ew.

09-21-17_8-27-33 PM

Maybe some distracting chess will help?

09-21-17_8-27-39 PM

Khessya: Did it occur to you that you might be pregnant?

09-21-17_8-27-39 PM-2

Auryyn: What? Don’t be ridiculous I’m not…I mean…oh.

Khessya: ???

Auryyn: …I have to go.

09-21-17_8-41-32 PM

Later that day…

Auryyn: So um, Cole. Here’s the thing…

09-21-17_8-41-36 PM

Auryyn: You’re going to be a Dad…

Cole: WHAT?! Auryyn that’s amazing!!!

09-21-17_8-41-38 PM

Auryyn: Phew. Now if my heart could stop trying to explode that’d be…great

Cole: Parents. Us. I can’t believe it! I think I might need to lie down

Auryyn: I’ll be right up, I just gotta do something first…

09-21-17_8-45-38 PM

Auryyn: Well, go on, say it!

Khessya: Say what?

Auryyn: “I told you so…”

09-21-17_8-45-41 PM

Khessya: Oh my God! Does this mean…..?

Auryyn: I’m so excited and I also have a really, really bad craving for cereal but I don’t care!

09-21-17_8-46-14 PM

Khessya: I’m so happy for you two!

09-21-17_8-46-32 PM

Khessya: This calls for celebration hot chocolate! And oh, you might want to tell Theron, I don’t think he can hear anything in that VR thing…

09-21-17_8-47-04 PM

Theron: I miss something?

Auryyn: How does being “Uncle Theron” sound to you?

09-21-17_8-47-08 PM

Theron: You’re serious?!

Auryyn: For realsies!

Theron: I’m going to be the most kickass Uncle ever!

09-21-17_8-47-20 PM

Auryyn: So er…I guess we better start making some changes around here…




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