Simnanigans 15 – Of Sodas and Space

09-18-17_10-30-04 PM09-18-17_10-30-00 PM

It’s another morning in the Shan household and the ladies are feeling particularly energised this morning after a workout

Khessya & Auryyn: I need coffee…


Auryyn: Oh come on! You do this every time!

Khessya: I know, and you owe me soda. Every. Time.

Auryyn: …you’re never going to drop the jinx thing, are you?

Khessya: Nope!

09-19-17_10-45-36 PM-2

And Khessya proceeds to make The Coffee of Champions! It was a good start to the day.

09-19-17_9-59-42 PM

Meanwhile over at the Tirall household, Ixa and Arcann are spending time bonding with the little ones.

09-19-17_9-58-49 PM

…and it looks as though Ixa has taken up romantic poetry?! Arcann seems to like it, in any case!

09-18-17_10-37-57 PM

09-18-17_10-37-46 PM

Being the social butterfly that he is, Theron heads over to hang out with Ala’naa,Vitanni & Hyzynthlay & give them the proper neighbourhood welcome!

Seems like Ala’naa is feeling a little under the weather but not to fear, the Shan is here!

09-18-17_10-39-39 PM

Theron: I think I know just the solution – there’s a bar not too far from here, we should check it out, invite some people, make it a night to remember!

Vitanni: Come on Ala’naa, you know you want to!

Theron: It’ll be fun! And it’s…um…tradition*

Ala’naa: Well when you put it that way…

*They’ve made up so many traditions now I’ve lost count 😛

09-18-17_10-38-09 PM

Ala’naa: Count me in!

Vitanni: Hope you know what you’re in for, Theron. I’ve seen this girl party

Theron: Remind me to introduce her to Ster’re sometime…

09-19-17_10-07-31 PM

Theron gets Khessya to meet them at the club. Still buzzing from her soda victory that morning, she’s keen to hit the dancefloor!

09-19-17_10-07-44 PM

09-19-17_10-07-45 PM

Khessya: Don’t mind me, I’m just happy because I won a soda this morning

Ala’naa: A…soda?

Khessya: Yep!


Ala’naa: Well now I really want to know!

09-19-17_10-07-49 PM

*One jinxing-someone-equals-them-owing-you-a-soda explanation & several alcoholic soda drinks later*


Khessya: Right?! I always do it to Auryyn, it’s hilarious.

Ala’naa: Haha, nice!


09-19-17_10-08-53 PM09-19-17_10-08-52 PM

Some time later, the alcohol brings out all the sass and sillyness in Vitanni and Khessya as they start teasing one another! But it’s all in good fun, and Theron watches on, amused.

Taking a night off baby duty, Arcann arrives and hits the dancefloor – he just can’t resist the beat!

09-19-17_10-10-50 PM

When the rooms starts spinning, it’s time for a sit down and Ala’naa has the right idea with the snacks!

Vitanni: Well, I’m definitely sticking around!

Ala’naa: Amen to that!

09-19-17_10-19-20 PM

Back at home, Auryyn is heading out to space for the first time, taking advantage of Theron being out…



Whilst exploring space, Auryyn gets her ship stuck in a swamp on a planet, and meets a little green guy who talks kinda funny. He offers to teach her the ways so she can get her ship free and go home!

Auryyn braves a cave with an evil version of herself and she can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu, like this is what she was always destined to do…

bandicam 2017-09-19 22-24-17-636

But she shrugs the feeling off and heads home!

09-19-17_10-25-09 PM-2

There may not have been any space hats or hotdogs this time, but what an adventure!

09-19-17_10-28-20 PM

Cole: Auryyn! Where were you?! I was worried!

Auryyn: I’m fine! Cole it was incredible! There was a swamp and a green guy and I got the ship stuck and then I fought an evil version of myself and OH-

09-19-17_10-31-38 PM

09-19-17_10-29-16 PM

Cole: Promise you’ll tell me before you take off into space next time

Auryyn: You’re such a worrier. Promise.

09-19-17_10-32-45 PM

4am, when Khessya and Theron finally stumble home from the bar, they decide to take the ship for a different kind of um, adventure…

Khessya: Come on Theron let’s do the space thing!

Theron: I thought-


Theron: Okay, let’s do this!*

* I do NOT recommend trying to fly a spaceship while drunk 😛

09-19-17_10-37-43 PM

Theron: Whew that was…out of this world!

Khessya: Did you just…I need to go to bed…


COMING UP ON SIMNANIGANS: I dunno about out of this world, but certainly some things that are sure to turn some worlds upside down!



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