Simnanigans 14 – Back on Solid Ground?!

09-17-17_7-08-12 PM

It’s the morning after Theron’s first successful adventure into space and he’s eager to get back out there…

Theron: I came back unharmed, it’s perfectly safe!

Khessya: Uh-huh. What about the space hats and…weird puzzle things?

Theron: You KNOW you want a space hat really

Khessya: Nope, not really…


Theron: We could go and have “breakfast” in the spaceship, find out

Khessya: …THERON!!!

09-17-17_7-08-13 PM

Theron: Fine, fine…just thought it’d be nice to see space together…

Khessya can’t hide a  sneaky smile once Theron’s back is turned, though!

09-17-17_6-47-58 PM

Adaraa and Malavai recently moved in next door to escape the chaos of their old home, and pop round for a visit. They seem much happier!

09-17-17_7-03-22 PM

Theron: It sounds like you got out of there at a good time…

Malavai: Adaraa was the one holding everything together. Without her…well…

09-18-17_10-11-55 PM

…Oh dear

09-18-17_10-12-44 PM

09-18-17_10-14-07 PM

Sophia doesn’t seem to be a fan of Jenaraa, and it looks as though there are going to be some more additions to the Kimble family tree! And for Jenaraa, ignorance seems to be bliss…uh oh.

09-18-17_9-58-06 PM

Since Saganu married Senya and Vector’s new wife moved in with her two children, the house has been somehwat  crowded for Ster’re and co, and it all got a bit too much…

09-18-17_9-59-20 PM

Ster’re heads outside to get some peace and quiet, taking her grilled cheese with her, of course. Is it time for this party girl to find a new home??

09-16-17_8-41-43 PM

And afterall, she still has feelings for a certain Saganu. Oh Ster’re. This will not end well now that Senya is on the scene!

09-18-17_10-02-41 PM

Meanwhile, over at the Theirin household, Raela and Lana are sharing some alone time, having managed to elude Blizz for some time…

09-18-17_10-03-58 PM

Raela: Move in with me

Lana: …What?!

09-18-17_10-03-30 PM

Lana: I would hate to impose…

Raela: I asked, silly

Lana: What about your mother?

Raela: She loves you! We’ll just need to set down some ground rules. Privacy ground rules…

09-18-17_10-03-31 PM

Lana: Okay, you’ve convinced me. Let’s do this!

09-18-17_10-05-22 PM-2

Upstairs, Blizz is having a deep conversation with the giant bear in the spare room. Is this the secret to keeping her distracted?!

09-17-17_8-05-01 PM

Over at the Tirall time, it’s go time! Ixa looks very uncomfortable!

09-17-17_8-05-07 PM


Arcann: *Panicking in the corner*

Ixa: …

09-17-17_8-07-45 PM


Finally, Ixa & Arcann welcome TRIPLETS! Looks like they will have their hands full! Introducing Thexan, Alexis and Xephyra Tirall!

09-18-17_9-52-53 PM

And they both get stuck in to parenting duty with the little ones!

09-17-17_8-22-53 PM

Looks like Doc has sought refuge at the Shan etc. residence

Doc: So I thought I would come here and…*notices Khessya* I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced…


09-17-17_8-22-52 PM

Khessya: Ugh can you just…not?

Cole: Theron is standing right here…you’re unbelievable!

09-17-17_8-23-10 PM

Theron: I think you should leave now…

Will Doc EVER stop causing trouble for the neighbourhood?!

09-18-17_9-14-20 PM

Later that day, Theron catches up with his bestie to discuss a very important issue.

Theron: Look. I know you “borrowed” the rocket ship

Auryyn: Ah…it was Cole’s idea!

Theron: It takes two to….ugh…you know what, nevermind!

Auryyn: *snickers*

Theron: You are straight up the worst

09-18-17_8-39-02 PM

Poor Theron, it’s been a long day! Will he ever catch a break?


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