Simnanigans 13 – Spacing Out

09-17-17_1-57-21 PM-2

Theron drags Lana to the library for some important spaceship related research

Lana: You have a computer at home, why are we here?

Theron: Because here it’s quiet and easier to study. Supposedly.

Lana: Then why did you ask me to come?!

09-17-17_1-59-13 PM

Lana manages to tear Theron away so that they can visit the Theirins

Theron: And then it goes into space!

Blizz: Um, yes that’s what rocket ships do, yes…

Lana: I’m…going to find Raela

09-17-17_1-59-34 PM

Blizz: Please let me borrow the spaceship when you finish it!

Theron: If I ever finish it!

09-17-17_11-49-45 AM

09-17-17_11-49-47 AM

Raela: Hey. I saw this and thought you might like it

Lana: I…don’t know what to say!

09-17-17_11-52-13 AM

Lana can’t find the words to say what she’s thinking and feeling…

09-17-17_11-52-16 AM

So she decides to go for a surprise thankyou-kiss instead!

09-17-17_11-52-21 AM

Raela: Took you long enough

Lana: I was…waiting for the opportune moment!

09-17-17_11-51-30 AM

…And of course, that means Blizz isn’t far away and is keeping a watchful eye on her daughter as ever – but she’s glad that Raela is happy and has found someone who makes her even more so!

09-17-17_3-28-35 PM

Over at the Kimble/Quinn residence, Doc is spending some time with the triplets

09-17-17_3-29-50 PM

Auntie Adaraa comes out to check on the kids, and she can’t help but notice her brother in law has a visitor she doesn’t recognise…

09-17-17_3-30-11 PM-2

09-17-17_3-30-13 PM

Doc: Adaraa uh…hey…this is…my friend Sofia

Adaraa: Your “friend”?

Adaraa has certainly not forgotten when he tried flirting with her, and she has her suspicions…

09-17-17_3-32-09 PM

When Jenaraa gets home from work, Adaraa is about to bring Doc’s “friend” up when they hear a commotion from the house

09-17-17_3-32-30 PM

Malavai has managed to cause a blaze in the back garden and Adaraa hurridley tries to explain what happened earlier to Jenaraa

Jenaraa: What? He’s seeing someone else?!

09-17-17_3-32-38 PM

Thankfully Adaraa isn’t afraid of fire and saves the day. Malavai admires her bravery from a safe distance, and Adaraa has had enough…

Adaraa: I’ve had it! That’s it! Malavai, pack your things. It’s time we got our own place!

09-17-17_3-33-33 PM-2

Malavai and Adaraa say their goodbyes to their niece and nephews

09-17-17_3-40-02 PM

And they set their sights on their new life together!

Will it be the happily ever after they’ve always wanted?!

09-17-17_3-23-15 PM

Over at the Tirall household, Ixa and Arcann are also preparing for some changes in their life! Not long to go now!

09-17-17_3-23-38 PM

Senya reassures Ixa that she’ll be fine, and that Grandma Senya will always be on hand help out if needed, and if she and Arcann ever need some alone time!

09-17-17_3-48-03 PM-2

Meanwhile, Theron & co. welcome a new addition to the household…

Theron: IT’S ALIVE!!!!

09-16-17_10-11-02 PM

With the first launch imminent, Khessya prepares some post-launch food for everyone, but she has concerns…

Khessya: He could be walking…or…flying…into anything out there!

Auryyn: If he gets lost, we just go after him and drag his sorry ass back

Khessya: Is anyone taking this seriously?

Cole: Mmm, hotdogs…

09-17-17_2-42-19 PM

Auryyn: Seriously, he’s going to be fine. Theron is the smartest idiot I know

09-17-17_2-56-25 PM

The household gathers outside…

Khessya: I don’t need to say it

Theron: I know, I’ll be fine

09-17-17_3-48-37 PM


09-17-17_3-48-41 PM

And he’s off!


09-17-17_3-51-27 PM-2

09-17-17_3-51-34 PM

A few hours later, Theron makes his trumphant return, unscathed & utterly wowed by the cosmos!

09-17-17_3-56-29 PM

Khessya asked him all about it.

Theron: There were these…puzzles! I had to put a sphere in it’s matching shape, and then there was a hat…but I didn’t put it on and then I was on my way back!

Khessya: …don’t you understand how hats work?

Theron: It was a SPACE HAT. It could have put me under mind control or anything!

09-17-17_3-55-07 PM

Cole and Auryyn decide to take the spaceship for a spin of their own…

09-17-17_3-57-27 PM

But they get back with the rocket all in one piece! So maybe Theron won’t be *as* angry?








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