Simnanigans 11 – Howdy, Neighbour!

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-16-17_8-37-21 PM

It’s a morning like any other in the house

Auryyn: Come on Theron, I could do that programme in my sleep!

Theron: You’re always so helpful

Auryyn: I know

Khessya: Will you two be quiet, I’m trying to paint

Theron: She started it!

Khessya: Honestly…

09-16-17_8-00-39 PM

Feeling energised after her morning workout, Auryyn heads over to greet the Theirins.

Blizz: Everyone here has been so welcoming!

Auryyn: We all look out for one another

09-16-17_8-01-40 PM

09-16-17_8-01-43 PM

Looks like Raela has mastered the art of cooking afterall! Bonus points for spaghetti for breakfast.

Auryyn: You know, you guys should throw a welcome party!

Raela: That sounds like a great idea!

Auryyn: I can start spreading the word

Blizz: You could invite Lana, Raela!

Raela: MOTHER!

Raela: …but yes, I could

Auryyn: Oh, make sure there’s cake. It’s like a whole thing…

09-16-17_8-05-37 PM

Auryyn heads over to the Tirall’s to let them know what’s happening, and it turns into a girly bathroom chat in pyjamas, because why the hell not?

Auryyn: So you’re Arcann’s girl? I wondered why he looks so cheerful these days

Senya: I’m glad to see him happy

Ixa: It’s so good to finally be here!

Auryyn: Anyway, the Theirin’s are throwing a welcome party…

Sidenote: SENYA THOSE GLASSES THO. I dunno where they came from but they look kinda hawt

09-16-17_7-59-48 PM

Back at the Theirin house, Raela has baked a cake as per Auryyn’s advice

09-16-17_8-00-54 PM

….it’s so good Blizz can’t resist stealing a slice

Raela: Mother! That’s for the guests!

Blizz: I had to test it first!

Speaking of guests…

09-16-17_8-49-26 PM

They have arrived! Blizz heads straight over to welcome them to her home

09-16-17_8-49-56 PM

Ixa is happy to join in being formally welcomed to the neighbourhood!

09-16-17_8-51-15 PM

And Lana has arrived! She gets her bestie Azkedellia caught up…

09-16-17_8-51-17 PM

Lana tells Azkedellia all about her and Raela’s first meeting…

09-16-17_8-51-18 PM

Azkedellia: And that’s her there?

Lana: ‘Dellia, shh!

Azkedellia: Oh she’s a pretty thing, you make a gorgeous couple!

Lana: Shhhhh!

09-16-17_8-51-25 PM

Azkedellia is not subtle…

Azkedellia: I am SO happy for you and Lana! We’ll have to double date some time!

Raela: Uh…thank you…?

Lana: Just…just go along with it…

09-16-17_8-54-27 PM

Finally, it’s cake time!!! Everyone dig in!

09-16-17_8-47-20 PM

With the party winding down, Blizz takes a moment out to offer Raela some wisdom…

Blizz: And when in doubt…make sandwiches! Everyone loves sandwiches!

Raela: That’s good to know…

Blizz: But seriously. Just be yourself

09-16-17_8-48-52 PM

Finally, Raela and Lana get some alone time…

09-16-17_8-48-55 PM

Raela: *Yawns* That was a great party hm?

Lana: It was rather enjoyable, but I had good company

09-16-17_8-49-01 PM

Raela: Damn right

09-16-17_8-49-03 PM

Raela: Haha, whoops, my arm must have slipped…

Those two aren’t the only ones having a romantic evening!

09-16-17_10-50-46 PM

Senya watches proudly as Arcann gets down on one knee and proposes to Ixa!

09-16-17_10-50-50 PM-2

The two sweethearts are overjoyed…

09-21-17_10-10-24 AM

…and they decide to celebrate

09-16-17_8-59-46 PM

09-16-17_9-00-24 PM-2

Meanwhile, Ster’re is horrified that she missed out on a party, but Theron reminds his good friend that she always brings the party with her

09-16-17_8-37-34 PM

Khessya finds her muse and is grateful for the peace and quiet, and gives serious consideration to spending more time painting…

09-14-17_10-25-25 PM



09-14-17_10-25-32 PM

Oh we are on to you now, Cantarus!

09-14-17_10-24-49 PM

Something has certainly got him riled up!

COMING UP: Is everything becoming a bit too much for Cole & co?! Will there be any more additions to the neighbourhood??






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