Simnanigans 9 – Party Hard!

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-15-17_6-02-07 PM

Having been cheered up by Theron and painting out her sad feelings, Auryyn decided it was time to throw a house party! She slips into something a little more befitting a party & makes the preparations…

09-15-17_6-02-24 PM

Adaraa is among the first to arrive and she is determined to clear up any misunderstanding caused by the last time her family visited…

09-15-17_6-02-25 PM

Adaraa: Look…I’m sorry for whatever it is my husband pulled that caused so much trouble. He’s had a lot on his mind lately. We both have.

Auryyn: Thanks Ada, but it’s fine, no harm done. Everything okay back home?

Adaraa: It’s…complicated. But, I won’t spoil your party! Catch up later?

09-15-17_6-02-28 PM

The ladies seal it with a selfie and now the party can really get started!

09-15-17_6-02-43 PM

Lana, Kreon & Theron come over to dance! Theron seems to have got over his fear of dancing…

09-15-17_6-02-49 PM

Kreon: So who had the hairstyle first? You or her?

Adaraa: Ha! I’m older by three minutes, so definitely me!

09-15-17_6-03-15 PM

Jenaraa: I heard my name?

Adaraa: I’ll be anywhere but here if anyone needs me…

09-15-17_6-03-28 PM

Jenaraa: Whatever…now that I’m here, it’s a real party. Also have you seen what Lana is wearing?!

Auryyn: Lovely to see you too, Jenaraa…

09-15-17_6-03-35 PM

Lana is really letting her hair down and going with the flow! Go Lana!

09-15-17_6-04-11 PMMore guests arrive! Senya, Jocasta and…random pink haired dude?! Auryyn is confused, but welcomes him to the house anyway.

Auryyn: Hey…do I know you?

Pink: I think you’d remember my awesome hair!

Auryyn: I don’t know where you came from but…welcome to the party, man

Sidenote: I have literally no idea why this Sim turned up or where he came from LOL

09-15-17_6-04-19 PM

Meanwhile, not feeling the party mood, Cole gets some time alone, and Malavai comes upstairs to clear the air with him…

09-15-17_6-04-19 PM-2

Malavai: I didn’t like how we left things last time I was here…

Cole: I think Auryyn made everything very clear. She can more than take care of herself.

Malavai: Oh…I see. Well, I wanted you to know I will not attempt to pursue her and I am truly sorry for my actions

Cole: Fine

Uh-oh…is there unfinished business?!?!

09-15-17_6-04-43 PM

Back downstairs, Arcann has arrived and he’s having a great time whilst his mother has a chat with the other guests

09-15-17_6-04-48 PM

09-15-17_6-04-44 PM

Senya: And what happened next?!

Lana: Well, apparently he realised and went back to put the flames out.

Senya: He didn’t!

Lana: He was quite the hero actually. Saved Khessya in doing so.

Senya: Remind me to never let Theron cook anything for me!

Lana was filling Senya in on all the important neighbourhood stories. Theron is never going to live that down. Ever.

09-15-17_6-05-05 PM


09-15-17_6-06-28 PM

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?! The guests tuck in, and Cole joins in with the fun!

Steady on Arcann, take it easy with those drinks…

09-15-17_6-07-23 PM

Doc seems to be enjoying the grilled cheese and Malavai joins the festivities and has a chat with his sister-in-law.

Jenaraa: My favourite brother in law!

Malavai: Technically, I am your only brother in law…

Jenaraa: Same thing!

Malavai: I’ll file that under compliments. Thank you…

09-15-17_6-09-28 PM

Malavai manages to catch Auryyn for a quiet word, and is relieved she isn’t angy any longer. Maybe the start of a great friendship?

09-15-17_6-10-10 PM

Selfie time!

Auryyn: You closed your eyes, look!

Lana: I assure you I did no such thing!

Auryyn: Look closer!

Lana: All right, you win…

09-15-17_6-15-09 PM



09-15-17_6-11-58 PM

Meanwhile, someone is feeling passionate!

Auryyn: Cole! Everyone is staring!

Cole seems completely undetterred…

09-15-17_6-17-19 PM


Theron accompanies some of the guests in having an outdoors sweet-treat!

09-15-17_6-19-39 PM


The caterers really smashed it!

As everyone gathers for cake, Theron sneaks into the room unnoticed to enact a plan he’s been working on for a while…

09-15-17_6-19-49 PM


Using his amazing Agent skills, Theron puts his plan into action, infiltrating the party guests while they are distracted by cake. He pulls Khessya to one side and gets down on one knee to propose.

It’s classic misdirection, with cake!

09-15-17_6-20-03 PM


09-15-17_6-22-22 PM

With the party over, the guests start to disperse…

09-15-17_6-24-09 PM

It’s been a long day!

09-15-17_6-21-15 PM

They can look forward to cleaning up all this mess tomorrow, though!
NEXT TIME ON SIMNANIGANS: A hangover day for those partying the day before & some new faces in the ‘hood spells interesting times ahead!





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