Simnanigans 8 – Neighbourhood Watch

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-12-17_8-39-04 PM

The Cadera/Riggs household move in to the ‘hood! Lemon looks determined to cause trouble!

09-13-17_2-19-03 PM

Baby Revel 2.0 is incoming already! Azkedellia looks happy!

09-13-17_2-19-24 PM


09-13-17_10-14-47 PM

Over at the Kimble/Quinn household, Jenaraa had triplets! She and Doc are going to be super busy, and Malavai and Adaraa will be rushed off their feet on Uncle & Aunt duty!

09-13-17_8-59-10 PM - Copy

Khessya and Auryyn decide to welcome Senya and Arcann to the neighbourhood. But before they can make introductions, Khessya has a terrible realisation…

Khessya: Auryyn?

Auryyn: What?

Khessya: We forgot the welcome cake

Auryyn: What?! I thought you made one!

Khessya: I did but it’s at home…

Auryyn: …

Auryyn: I have a plan

09-13-17_8-59-20 PM

Auryyn: I think we should give Senya an official tour of the neighbourhood, don’t you?

Senya: There’s a neighbourhood tour?

Auryyn: There is now!

Khessya: It’s tradition!

Auryyn: I think we’ll stop by our place first…grab a coffee…

Khessya: And maybe even cake!

Senya: Oh! So we can do brunch on the way!

Auryyn: What’s a brunch?

Khessya: It’s like a lunch breakfast

Senya: Or a breakfast lunch. That sounds like a wonderful idea!

Phew, smooth Auryyn…

And that is the story about how Khessya and Auryyn got around the fact they forgot to bring a welcome cake. FAUX PAS DISASTER AVERTED.

09-13-17_9-18-39 PM

Auryyn: See, cake, we didn’t forget or anything

09-13-17_9-18-59 PM

Auryyn sets about getting Senya caught up with the latest neighbourhood gossip, which she seems to love.

Senya: And then he said what to Quinn’s wife?! Oh my! And you say they had triplets?!

09-13-17_9-26-09 PM

Arcann followed Senya round to see what all the fuss was about. Plus, someone mentioned cake.

Auryyn: Sup new friend!

Arcann looks happy he made a new friend, but little did he know who was on their way to the neighbourhood to meet him!

09-13-17_9-31-00 PM

I have no idea who broke this but I’m betting it was Theron, who has been conspicuously absent.

09-13-17_9-21-08 PM

Khessya was also feeling Theron’s absence, it seems…

09-13-17_9-50-26 PM-2

She soon found him, and there was no escape from a tickle onslaught!

09-13-17_9-50-25 PM

Khessya: Disappear on me, will you?

Theron: *laughing*

Khessya: We’ll see about that!

09-14-17_2-38-44 PM

Later, Auryyn is upset.

09-14-17_2-39-49 PM

Theron to the rescue!

Theron: What’s up? Why are you painting a…whatever this sad abomination is?

Auryyn: It’s pretty terrible, huh?

Theron: I mean…yeah

A few hours later…

09-14-17_2-40-02 PM

Theron: And just carry on like so, and there, you’ve made art

Aurryn: Maybe I missed my calling!

Theron: Ehh…I’d keep your job for now…

Auryyn: You ass!

Auryyn: …But thank you

09-14-17_2-40-37 PM





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