Simnanigans 5 – Talk of The Town

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

All characters I have on loan belong to their respective owners & I thank them for the awesomeness <3.

09-11-17_10-10-30 PM - Copy

After Theron’s BBQ fail, no-one really got any sleep that night. Khessya opted for the safe breakfast option of a bowl of yoghurt. She was so tired, she ended up sleeping on the sofa – no wonder she’s grumpy!

09-11-17_10-05-38 PM

Theron: I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m sorry for setting everything on fire.

Auryyn: And?

Theron: And…burning the hot dogs?
Theron: OH. Yeah, and for waking you guys up. Sorry about that.

Auryyn: It’s cool

Cole: It is now

Theron: COME ON!

They seemed to take it well, though I don’t think anyone will be letting him cook unsupervised from now on!

09-11-17_10-15-30 PM

Still feeling a bit burned out, Theron hit the town with Lana. He told her the story of last night’s fire in dramatic detail.

09-11-17_10-15-54 PM

Lana: But that’s impossible. How could you not have noticed it was on fire?

Theron: …I was hungry

Lana: Unbelievable

09-11-17_10-15-31 PM

REVEALED: Breaking the meta of the game, Theron tells Lana about his plans for Umbara

I knew she was in on it…

09-11-17_10-18-44 PM

Theron & Lana decided to visit Azkedellia & Andronikos & they found out there’s going to be an addition to the Revel Clan! Azkedellia looks happy.

Lana and Theron offered their congratulations and decided to let her get back to raiding the kitchen for pickles.

09-11-17_10-22-00 PM

At the Borealis house, Theron & Lana are just in time for dinner, so Aquerple invites them in.

Aquerple: Don’t worry, my wife can cook


Aquerple: Word travels fast

Lana: Certainly does

Theron: LANA

Lana: What? It wasn’t me, if that’s what you’re implying…

Lana: It was totally me

09-11-17_10-24-02 PM

Theron enjoys a non-charcoal meal with the Borealis’

It is then he realises that he skived work today





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