Simnanigans 2 – Or, how not to flirt, by Theron Shan…

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

09-10-17_6-43-24 PM

Theron & Khessya started the day with a lovely chat. This is also the beginning of the Khessya Pyjamapocalypse it seems, as that’s apparently all she wants to wear. 90% of the time, she will be in her pyjamas.

The two of them just seemed happy to finally get some time alone…

…until this started to happen

09-10-17_6-43-33 PM

This is fine…thought Khessya, smiling and going along with it. After all, Theron seemed to be having fun.

(I have no idea what he was up to. I think he was attempting seduction. IDK)

It was not fine.

09-10-17_6-43-39 PM


*Khessya disapproves*

Well, this just got awkward…

09-10-17_6-43-42 PM

Theron gets super embarrassed, Khessya’s just like “really?” and despairs. This is a wishing the Earth would open up and swallow you moment, for sure!

Their first attempt at flirting with eachother and it’s ad-awkable, though.

09-10-17_6-43-56 PM

They’re so embarrassed they won’t even make eye contact!

09-10-17_6-44-15 PM

Khessya hides from the world (she nailed it, except for the part where Theron was still in the room!) and Theron sulks by the window. Think about what you did, Shan.

09-10-17_7-00-48 PM

Theron took himself out into the neighbourhood to explore as a distraction, and he met Lana! He decided to overdress for the occasion, as you can see.

09-10-17_7-12-59 PM

Meanwhile, Khessya, Auryyn and Cole had their first day at work. Khessya came home wearing The Frown™ so it looks as though her day didn’t improve much!

The three of them are currently in the Astronaut career ;). Theron is, a Secret Agent because WHAT ELSE.

Also those yellow helmets are sexy AF.

(Sidenote: I really want more careers for TS4. I only have the base game RN so the options are limited T_T)

09-10-17_7-13-39 PM

Cole also had a bad day, and Auryyn tried to calm him down but he wasn’t having any of it. Corellians are hot headed, who knew!

09-11-17_11-31-19 AM

Theron made a new friend in Mrs Azkedellia Revel!

09-10-17_7-36-25 PM

Theron ended the day by hitting the gym and he somehow managed to punch himself in the face.


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