Chapter XIV Thoughts

Chapter XIV thoughts

Spoilers for the following:

Jedi Knight Class Story

KOTFE chapters 1-14

Outlander: Auryyn, Jedi Guardian


Fairly standard chapter opening – the Outlander meets with the advisors, the advisors have been busy doing things (while the Outlander has been doing important…stuff) and have got a new lead.  We get some insight (finally!) into SCORPIO’s motivations and it (unsurprisingly) largely revolves around her wanting to remain unique and superior. At least, that’s what she’s telling us. After a bit of background info from Senya, it’s off to Darvannis to meet up with Theron’s mysterious contacts (who we know the identity of already, so this subterfuge was a bit silly, Theron).

Mandos! Mandos everywhere! Always happy to see them – Auryyn may not always agree with them but she respects them. It was a great re-introduction for Shae Vizla who is awesome – I get the feeling that if you weren’t romancing Torian, she felt more like the big reunion! I guess I’ll find that out when I play through with my Bounty Hunter but until then, thoughts/speculations are most welcome! As for Shae becoming Mandalore, I am all for that. I feel like it was the natural progression – if the role wasn’t going to your own Mandalorian character, she was the obvious choice.


I personally felt like the middle part with the guns dragged. A lot. I’ve seen this criticism levied at other chapters before, but this time I really noticed the run-from-A-to-B-kill-Sky-Troopers-in-between rigmarole. Not thrilling stuff – and they respawn stupidly fast. There was about four of us doing the same run and we kept getting locked up with Skytroopers and helping each other out – but it wasn’t fun. That being said, Darvannis was SO gorgeous, with the trees blowing in the dusty wind and the arches buried in the sand. Taking the scenic route isn’t all bad, it can just be a little dull and repetitive.

I felt like the party scene could have been a tad longer – I feel that bits like that allow for fantastic scene setting and character building – it didn’t need to be huge, but something a bit more would have been appreciated for sure.


Running through the factory and fighting off waves and waves of Skytroopers, I actually really felt the impact of the enemy’s ability to spawn unlimited numbers of them at will. It really put things into perspective and made the mission feel much more urgent. That being said, I am SO DONE with fights with giant skytroopers who shield themselves for a while and summon in waves. Despite that rather anti-climactic fight, I felt the chapter ending was good – as always I had plenty of questions and it was a nice point for leading into the next chapter. I really feel like the Alliance is coming together now.


I love Torian as a companion and I was glad to see him back – he gets on surprisingly well with my Jedi. The soundtrack for this chapter was amazing and stood out.

My major concern now is where do we go from here? With two chapters to go until the end of this “season” (something that I feel could do with a little more clarification) my main worry is that it’ll be a rushed finale with tonnes of stuff left unresolved and/or really anti-climactic. We’ve come so far and been through so much, it’d be a shame to throw it all away.

Tomorrow’s Notes

Hello there! Thank you for making it this far. If you like what you see, let me know! If you don’t like what you see, or disagree/have strong opinions on the things I’ve talked about, let me know! Opinions/criticism/discussions are most welcome!


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