Chapter XIII Initial Thoughts

Chapter XIII thoughts

Possible spoilers for the following:

Jedi Knight Class Story

KOTFE chapters 1-13

Bounty Hunter story (Mainly companion conversations)

First Impressions

When they announced this chapter and the returning companions, my immediate thought was “Well, here’s another chapter where Auryyn looks like a massive killjoy”. And I really need to stop thinking that way because not every chapter is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, whether in or out of character.

I really like Gault as a character and I love Vette. I initially found her annoying on my first Warrior’s play through, but she grew on me like a damn bright blue fungus, so I was happy to see her.

Chapter 13

So, Chapter 12 was a tough act to follow as my personal favourite instalment so far but Profit and Plunder did what it said on the tin. And it did profit. It’s the first chapter wherein my 100% lightside-for-everything Jedi Knight had to do something that previously she was fundamentally opposed to – a destructive heist.

It felt like a micro-heist movie. An objective, a plan, gathering together the team, enacting said plan, getting the goods, running into a hiccup, dealing with said hiccup in a dramatic climax but with everyone still winning at the end. It wasn’t dragged out with loads of sections of killing waves and waves of enemies, which I thought was good.

The story was fairly self contained. I feel like if Profit and Plunder was a mission in a non-MMO game, it would have been a side mission – but one that had consequences later on, and thus still important. I think my opinion is influenced by the fact that chapter 12 was so incredibly main-plot-with-epicness and that’s what I enjoy most.

A dramatic conclusion (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!)

So. THAT ending. So the Outlander goes to meet with Kaliyo and Aric after their dangerous mission on Zakuul. In my case, she was greeted by coffins containing the members of Havoc Squad and I just stared at the screen for a solid few minutes. My Outlander took the blame on herself and she took it hard. The massive tonal shift was incredible and a great ending – more of that please!

I’ve seen whispers of more dramatic endings than mine but I’ll get to those in time I’m sure.


An enjoyable chapter with the return of some great characters and an ending that shows Bioware aren’t pulling their punches.

Tomorrow’s notes

Hi! If you’ve got this far, thank you so much for reading! My current review format is a work-in-progress and I am working to refine it and make it consistent. Any opinions/criticisms will be appreciated! I’m still getting the hang of this blog business. I can handle 140 characters on Twitter but longer than that and I start rambling ;).


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