Roll Call 7/8: Fear leads to Anger:A Sith Warrior’s Journey

“There won’t be a heart left beating,”


Name: August Storm                                                                                              AugFF

Species: Human

Alias/Titles: The Wrath

Class: Sith Warrior-Juggernaut

Home Planet: Eufornis Major

Alignment: Dark

Age: 26

Eyes: Amber (Originally brown)

Hair: Black

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Jaesa Willsaam (Wife), Auryn Storm (Sister), Auurora Storm (Mother, deceased), Ehrenn Storm (Father, deceased)

Distinctive Features: Skin/eye discolouration due to Dark Side Corruption. As the Wrath, August wears signs of his corruption with pride.



The firstborn son of wealthy parents, August’s destiny appeared to be clearly paved before him. A child prodigy and genius, he grew bored and restless quickly when he ran out of things to stimulate him, leading his parents to constantly find new pursuits for their son. Aware of his superior intelligence, August frequently manipulated others and appeared to take pleasure in doing so. As he grew older, his charm and good looks only augmented his manipulative nature.


Things changed, however, when his younger sister Auryyn was born. He became incredibly protective of her, although August’s protectiveness did sometimes go too far – he disliked Auryyn playing with those he felt “unworthy” such as the servants and he frequently threatened those close to her, warning them that if they ever (in his eyes) hurt her, he would come for them. Despite his immense fondness for Auryyn, he was also jealous of her due to her force sensitivity and the fact that there were some things she seemed to be effortlessly better at than he was. He envied her relationship with their father perhaps most of all and he began trying to be more like her.


August and his sister were completely unaware of their parents’ past as SIS Agents – a past that came back to haunt them. During a charity ball that Ehrenn and Auurora hosted at the Storm family estate, two Sith crashed the party, giving the names Darth Xayide and Darth Nihil – though August’s parents recognised them to be their former SIS teammates the Nix twins. Chaos ensued, and August, reeling from the shock, tried to find Auryyn, searching frantically for his sister whilst his parents battled their former friends. August returned to witness his father’s death and the two Sith quickly turned on Auurora, who in her emotional state became unstable. August ran down to her but he was too late, and she died in his arms, telling him to look after his sister and to be strong. It was then that August discovered his own force sensitivity – he managed to send the Sith flying, much to his and their surprise. Darth Xayide then approached him and asked if he was going to kill them. August hesitated, and Xayide seized the opportunity to manipulate him in his vulnerable state. She told August that she had killed his parents to protect herself and her brother Darth Nihil, and criticised his parents for lying to him. Confused and traumatised, August was tempted by the offer of becoming powerful…and finding Auryyn. He agreed to go with them to Dromund Kaas, where he was raised by Darth Xayide and her lover who later enrolled him in the Sith Academy.


August is full of rage and ruthless, but can be disarmingly charming when he wants to be and he even found a humorous side to himself through his closeness with his companion Vette. His love/hate feelings towards his sister have resulted in an obsession with tracking her down – it is unknown how a meeting between the Storm siblings would end. When August met Jaesa Willsaam he found a kindred spirit and the two quickly formed a passionate relationship, although August has since had a relationship with Lana Beniko. August is loyal to his Emperor to the end – as far as he is concerned, he serves him, not the Empire.


Tomorrow’s notes:


August was a really interesting character for me to play for two main reasons; firstly, he’s my first male SWTOR character and secondly, he’s my first truly evil one. August has been a character as long as Auryyn has – he was her brother in Dungeons & Dragons and in that universe, he reunites with her only to betray her and she ends up killing him. He was a brilliant fit for the Sith Warrior as the Warrior and Knight are perfectly opposed. I was worried that August was becoming way too two dimensional, but I didn’t want to add layers of complexity for the sake of it either – he needed to become his own character independently of his sister, (who, let’s face it, I’m biased towards as she’s my favourite) and the Warrior storyline did that nicely. I like that he shows animosity toward Darth Marr and anyone who tries to tell him what to do that isn’t the Emperor. August isn’t like Azkedellia – he’s ambitious, but within a set framework – he doesn’t want that freedom that she wants. August will hopefully develop even more when I go through KOTFE with him. He might have some good left in him…


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