Chapter XI Initial Thoughts

Chapter XI thoughts
Here I shall attempt to sum up my initial reaction to Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter XI: Disavowed, as played with my Jedi Knight. It’ll be fairly short and sweet. I will try and minimise spoilers, but just in case there may be spoilers for the following:
Jedi Knight Class Story
KOTFE Chapters 1- 11
Trooper Story
I will add screenshots following the main release of the Chapter on March 10, along with more a more detailed review all round šŸ™‚
So, first off, the inevitable comparison to Chapter X. I think XI was stronger and far more enjoyable, which was interesting considering that I regard Kaliyo and Aric very similarly; i.e, I care about them enough, but have no real investment in either of them as a result of a romance arc or as characters that I absolutely couldn’t live without.
I’m not sure how I feel about the Chapters feeling like a stand alone vignette rather than them directly following on from each other. As a way to indicate time passing, it’s effective, but after Chapters 1-9 blended very seamlessly into eachother, it’s a little bit jarring to say the least.

Several players were reporting some bugs and glitches (ahem, naked Aric, ahem!) but slamming the mission with the almighty reset button appeared to fix most of the issues. Thanks to the great SWTOR folk of Twitter, I was forewarned, and reset my mission straight after the intro cutscene. I experienced no issues throughout.

Chapter XI is dramatic, exciting, with higher stakes, and a brilliant clash of colourful personalities and egos underpinned by a solid sense of narrative and direction. I was actually holding my breath through some parts of it. This is much more the tone that I was expecting from KOTFE; that being said, I feel that this Chapter had more emphasis because of the contrast with Chapter X, which was fairly low-key in comparison. I’m all for a change of pace.

It seems like this is the point where things are going to get very interesting for The Outlander and co (as if they weren’t before!), and where all your influence, and base-building and upgrading (Oh Bioware we love you) will start to make a difference. I could be entirely wrong, but it’s a good thing that I’m thinking along these lines.


One thought on “Chapter XI Initial Thoughts

  1. I agree I enjoyed the overall tone of the chapter and looking forward to getting some pay back on Arcann in the next chapter I just hope we get more Valkorion/Vaylin interaction.

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