Roll Call 6/8: Secrets, Knowledge, Power: A Sith Sorcerer’s Rise to Power

“You have my complete, undivided attention…”

Name: Azkedellia (Az-keh-dee-lee-a) Gale-Revel (nee Gale, Kallig)
Species: Human
Alias/Titles: Darth Nox
Class: Sith Inquisitor-Sorcerer
Alignment: Dark
Home Planet: UNKNOWN
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Marital Status: Married
Relatives: Andronikos Revel (Husband)
Azkedellia Gale is an enigma – little is known about her before she surfaced on Korriban as a slave. It is speculated that she was a servant to the Rand family on Dantooine when she was young, and was a personal servant to the Rand’s youngest daughter, Threlf’all. It is also rumoured that she was in fact Threlf’all’s half-sister, the result of an affair, though this has never been proved either way. Despite their different statuses, the two became inseparable, particularly because they were both force sensitive. One afternoon, the two were playing a long way from the Rand family farm, and Threlf’all fell down a hole, which led to some old temple ruins. Without hesitation, Azkedellia followed her. It is unknown what the two discovered in the ruins, but Threlf’all emerged without Azkedellia at her side, and Azkedellia was never the same, sweet girl again. Azkedellia became spiteful, selfish and avoided spending more time with Threlf’all than she needed to. Threlf’all was heartbroken at the loss of her friend, but she never told anyone what had happened that day. The pair were out in the gardens one day when pirate slavers arrived on Dantooine, and attempted to take the two girls. Seemingly without hesitation, Azkedellia pushed Threlf’all from the speeder, leaving her once-friend severely injured and bedridden, despite saving Threlf’all from a life of slavery. The next anyone saw or heard of Azkedellia was when she arrived on Korriban. It is unknown whether she remembers much of her past, but it has clearly left its mark in Madness.
On Korriban, Azkedellia met a young August Storm when he intervened to save her from some acolytes who were harassing her. He mistook her for a noble, and was surprised to learn she was a slave. Nevertheless, the two became close. Azkedellia began to develop feelings for August and they appeared to be reciprocated, although August never revealed his feelings. Azkedellia harboured dreams of marrying August and ruling the Empire with him, and was distraught when they were separated for their respective Sith training. However, as she progressed through her training and harnessed her own great power and potential, Azkedellia realised she needed no one but herself. Whilst she still appears fond (enough) of August and considers him a valuable ally, she found love with her companion Andronikos Revel, whom she later married.
Azkedellia craves power, and for her, knowledge is power, and she will do anything to obtain it. She is powerful, ambitious, and can be ruthless and cruel but this demeanour may hide a trace of the kind and selfless child she once was. Whilst she is more than happy for people to serve and worship her, she despises slavery – she appears to take pleasure in the subservience of the elite, perhaps owing to her slave background. Azkedellia found a good friend in Lana Beniko, and she is one of the few people she trusts completely. On occasion, Azkedellia lets he guard down around Lana, and the “good” side of her becomes more noticeable.
Tomorrow’s notes: Azkedellia is an entirely different kind of insane to Lemon. Azkedellia’s name is taken from a character in a fairly obscure TV show, Tinman, based on the Wizard of Oz (I suggest watching it if you like that sort of thing), hence her emerald eyes and general green obsession. It’s such a great name and it sounds very sith-y. She’s the quiet one, the one who no-one suspects until it’s too late. Azkedellia is an evil mastermind, and I love her for it. She schemes, schemes some more and schemes again. Her mind is labrynthian and nothing gets past her. She is by far my most intelligent toon, and it made playing her a real treat. She’s not naïve, though she’s great at feigning it and she’s an enigma (but not for enigma’s sake) making her ideal for her role as a Sith Sorcerer, a guardian of powerful secrets. She plays the ultimate primadonna, but she’s actually very grounded. Her alignment is Dark, but she’s got a fair few light side points thrown in there too, and she was Neutral for quite a while.
She’s a tragic character, when you dig deeper, but she doesn’t wallow in her personal tragedy – it motivates her, makes her want to be more. I was extremely pleased with how perfect Azkedellia was as my Sith Sorcerer. She has layers, and a lot of these I didn’t uncover until I played more of her class story. One of my favourite things about the Sith Sorcerer story was that it allowed her to catch up to and overtake August in almost every way. Yes, he’s my Sith Warrior. But he is bound to the Emperor in a way Azkedellia is not – she has the freedom and the mind to push for more power, to go higher. August has reached his peak. Azekedllia’s reliance on August has all but vanished, but she still uses it as a tool to ensure August’s cooperation. He thinks he pulls the strings, but it’s all her. It’s always been her. And that’s why Azkedellia is amazing.
Azkedellia also gave me my favourite romance in SWTOR, which was super surprising. I hadn’t planned on her romancing anybody (mainly because August) but Andronikos showed up and they just clicked. Originally, she was going to use and abuse him (as he intended to do with her) and it was nothing serious, just fun, but in a very organic way they started to care about one another. For me, it also helped finalise Azkedellia’s breakaway from being in awe of August.
The more I play of Azkedellia, the more I grow to love her as a character. I originally intended August to be my main Imp toon, but Azkedellia stole the show.
If I do ever play through Knights of The Fallen Empire with any other characters, she’s first in line, for sure.


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