Roll call 3/8: Introducing my Trooper

“Havoc is the best squad in the Republic because it has the best soldiers in the Republic. That is why we’ll succeed,” 

Name: Aquerple (Acker-pell or Ack-wur-pull) Borealis                            AqFF

Species: Mirialan

Alias/Titles: Major

Class: Trooper-Vanguard

Home Planet: Mirial

Alignment: Neutral/Light

Age: 36

Eyes: Lilac

Hair: Brown

Marital Status: Married (Secret)

Relatives: Threlf’all Borealis (nee Rand, Wife)

Distinctive Features: In line with Mirialan culture, Aquerple has tattoos upon her face to mark important moments/accomplishments. Aquerple got her first tattoo when she enlisted with the Republic – she also got one when she married Threlf’all, and adds to them whenever she gains a new title.

After enjoying a relatively comfortable upbringing on Mirial, Aquerple Borealis signed up to join the Republic Military as soon as she was old enough. She has spent most of her life either training or on the battlefield. Her training on Dantooine afforded her a small interlude, as it was here that she met Threlf’all Rand. Immediately sensing that she was different, Aquerple was determined to pursue a better relationship with the mysterious, beautiful and delicate woman. Threlf’all’s force sensitivity and penchant for all things natural and spiritual and Aquerple’s deep spirituality led to a bond quickly being forged between the two women. They became extremely close friends and eventually lovers; Aquerple knew that she could be called away at any time, so she endeavoured to make the most of her time with Threlf’all. When Threlf’all was well enough to go to Tython and undertake her Jedi training, Aquerple proposed, and the two married in secret. Being apart from each other has been difficult, but they maintain contact whenever they can and make the most of any time they have together. They plan to reunite on a more permanent basis as soon as they are able. Due to Threlf’all being a Jedi and Aquerple being a Mirialan, the two share a bond through the force and can therefore be aware of the other’s pain and other strong feelings.

Aquerple is the ideal soldier – she follows her orders and gets the job done, sometimes at high costs. On occasion, she has been known to not follow through with an order out of compassion, largely because she tries to internalise what Threlf’all would do if in her position. However, Aquerple still follows the majority of her orders through and to the letter. She is incredibly patriotic and respectful to her superiors, never overstepping the lines. She demonstrates fantastic leadership as well as tactical prowess and combat proficiency. Whilst not a “textbook” officer in the way that Elara Dorne may be, Aquerple serves the Republic by being the best that she can be. Aquerple can become fiercely protective of vulnerable individuals and those she cares about, to the point where it can be overbearing, but she intends well. Despite being good at following her orders and holding her tongue for the greater good, Aquerple has quite a fiery temper, which contrasts greatly with Threlf’all’s calmness. Since parting with her wife, Aquerple has endeavoured to cool her temper.

Tomorrow’s notes: Aquerple’s name is actually from a set of dice that I bought and they’re sort of purple-ish and inspired her makeup/eye colour. I also thought “Aquerple” sounded like a fairly good Mirialan name. I tend to play it safe and play humans in RPGs, being often the most “neutral” of the races. For Aquerple, I spent a lot of time researching Mirialan culture and beliefs etc to ensure that I got her character as accurate as possible. Pairing her with a very spiritual Jedi aided this process greatly. As for her sexuality, I didn’t set out determined to “tick boxes” with her or any of my toons – I never do – in my head, when I thought of her character and imagined her, she was always into women.

Aquerple is overall quite a straightforward character concept – she has caveats and dimensions, sure, but she doesn’t have layers of mystery or complexity. She doesn’t have a vague or tragic back story – it’s bittersweet at best – and it’s refreshing. I often find with characters that there is a precedent toward tragedy (don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of the stuff) but then it becomes a backstory-off – who can have the most dead bodies or skeletons in the closet contest. To me, trying to make your character as tragic as possible can actually be a detriment to their character development – it’s more tragic if they experience tragedy as part of the course, which is enhanced by their previous tragedies, rather than just being told by the creator that they’re tragic as hell and cry black tears of misery and woe. That’s just my opinion. But Aquerple is by no means tragic. Yes, she’s had betrayal, yes, she’s been separated from her wife but she sees the upside in it all. She sees the bigger picture.


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