The Tomorrow Knight Legacy

The Tomorrow Knight Legacy

“Tomorrow Knight” is not any of my characters’ surname. Since I didn’t want all my characters to share a surname, it seemed best to give my Legacy a name that sounded like an organisation or something rather than a family name. It means it looks a bit silly in-game and doesn’t make much sense to read, but such are the trappings of naming things in games I suppose.

Some of my characters have names that are blended together with their surnames or other words – this is as a result of the No.1 problem with MMOs – EVERYTHING is already taken, so it becomes a game of add a hyphen there, add an apostrophe here etc. It’s far from ideal, but as long as I know what they’re supposed to say, right?

These are my main “canon” SWTOR toons, one from each class.

Roll Call!

Clicking the images will take you to that character’s profile – I’ll be adding them gradually, so please bear with me.

Also, I will be tidying the picture sizes – I want them to match!





Family Tree/ Legacy Story

There isn’t a single cohesive story that binds my Legacy characters together – rather there’s several smaller connections between 1 or 2 of the characters that forms the larger “web”. The idea behind it is that they have all indirectly interacted at some point and their paths could potentially cross.

The family tree is a fantastic little feature in SWTOR – I love it, even if it isn’t perfect; I couldn’t get my tree to fit on the screen all at once, so here’s a breakdown of the relationships between my toons:

CHERRY LEMON TREEThe twins, Cherry and Lemon…
AURYN AUGUST TREECherry is an ally of Auryn, who is August’s sister…

AUGUST AZKE TREEAugust is allies with Azkedellia
AZKE THREL TREEAzkedellia and Threlf’all are rivals (NB: Love that they allowed Rival to be an option!)
AQUER THREL HYZYNThFinally, Threlf’all and Aquerple are married, and are both friends with Hyzynthlay.

Phew. Thanks for making it this far!
I’ve elaborated more on these relationships in the individual character profiles, so check those out for more!

– Tomorrow Knight


2 thoughts on “The Tomorrow Knight Legacy

    1. Thanks! Tinman is under-appreciated in my opinion – it’s got some really good ideas in there. I’m posting Azkedellia’s biography today, and I think the Tinman appreciation will come across! Aha.


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