Roll Call 2/8: Introducing Lemon Blossom

“What a perfect excuse to blow things up!”

Name: Laemona (Lay-monah) “Lemon” VistarrLeFF

Species: Miraluka

Alias/Titles: Lemon Blossom

Class: Smuggler-Gunslinger

Home Planet: Coruscant

Alignment: Neutral

Age: 25

Eyes: N/A

Hair: Blonde

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Corso Riggs (Husband), Cherry Cadera (nee Vistarr, sister)

Cherry and Lemon were troublemakers in their younger years, and arguably nothing has changed.

Laemona “Lemon” Vistarr is the older twin (by five hours) of her and her sister, Cherry. Their mother died during childbirth, leaving their father to raise them on the lower levels of Coruscant. Far beneath the towering, glittering buildings, the twins had a difficult childhood, with their father working almost constantly and coming home exhausted and strained. Their father resorted to gambling and shady deals to help support his family, and he spiralled into debt and drinking. Once old enough to venture out for themselves, the twins quickly began making friends with the other children who called the underworld of Coruscant and the streets their home. The two became part of the Jinx gang, where chaos reigned and rules didn’t matter. Lemon relished the chance to cause mayhem and she dragged Cherry along for the ride. To signify their acceptance into the gang’s inner circle, Lemon and Cherry became known as “The Blossom Twins”. Lemon got in deeper and deeper with the people of Coruscant’s underworld, and she turned her attention from creating petty chaos to real crime. She was gaining a reputation and her grip on reality appeared to be slipping. When a job went bad, Lemon went to her sister for help, and Cherry agreed, wanting to set her on a better path. However, the whole thing was a set-up, and ended in Cherry being framed and wanted by the authorities for a crime she hadn’t committed. Lemon was devastated but she couldn’t face her sister after what she had done – she left home and sought refuge with her fellow gang members. Lemon rose through the ranks of the gang until she decided to leave and pursue smuggling.

Lemon is extremely unpredictable and often motivated by credits and personal gain. However, since meeting Corso Riggs (her now husband), she has attempted to be more of a “people person” and to recognise that she has a “good” side – much like her sister. Lemon’s path to “self-improvement” has not been without problems. She is still a galactic pirate crime lord and would rather settle things with blasters and explosives than conversation. Lemon is more than a little crazy and she seems to like it that way.

Tomorrow’s notes: The thing about Lemon is she never really came out the way I imagined her. I imagined her Harley Quinn-esque – completely unpredictable and with a penchant for chaos. Unfortunately, SWTOR had other plans for the Smuggler character. One of the main reasons I disliked the Smuggler story was because it was evident, more than for the others, there was a definite archetypal Smuggler and all dialogue options etc regardless of DS/LS choice very much fit in with this framework…i.e, Han Solo. Don’t get me wrong, love the guy, don’t want my characters to be carbon copies (snicker snicker) of him just because they happen to be a Smuggler. But I digress. I worked with what I had, and I actually quite liked how she came out. Lemon is all trash-talk, blaster whipping and dirty kicking, unlike her more honourable twin. But slowly, over time, Lemon came to discover there was more than just credits and she had her own character development arc which was totally unplanned. Lemon is the character who moved furthest away from her concept once I’d actually got her in-game, for the aforementioned reasons.  At least I got to make her look the part, with her tie-top and yellow-pink dyes. She looks like a fruit salad sweet.        

Characters motivated by monetary gain are, generally speaking, a real turn-off for me – I find them little fun, but Lemon was pretty awesome. I don’t get to shoot things in the face much, and profit afterwards. 


3 thoughts on “Roll Call 2/8: Introducing Lemon Blossom

  1. Much like you, many of my character concepts ended up shredded by the story BioWare had in mind. The most “traumatic” was my Imperial Agent, which was the first and only Story I completed on my first go ’round with SWTOR. (My wife, Scooter, had to be a Bounty Hunter.) Since then, I’ve been more zen about it; having a vague concept for my characters, but allowing the story to develop them as much as I do.

    BTW, I love the tie-top and jacket, where did you get it?

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    1. I think this can be an issue with RPGs in general, but SWTOR seems to have a particular knack for it. I think it’s a tough deal when character and story just don’t gel and it comes down to changing the character or abandoning them. I got very close to changing my Smuggler, but I’d already committed, especially with her twin sister being my Bounty Hunter. I agree that creating a vague concept that unfolds in line with the story and then incorporating what you wanted for them is the way to go to prevent being too traumatised! I think in Lemon’s case, it didn’t help that I didn’t find the Smuggler storyline particularly engaging as a whole.

      And thanks! It’s the Mantellian Privateer Jacket, AKA Mira’s Jacket, and I just got really, really lucky in some cartel packs. I picked up the rest of the set on the GTN once I’d saved up the credits :).


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