Roll call 1/8: Introducing Cherry Blossom

“My trigger finger needs some exercise,”

Name: Chaerry’yannea (Cherry-an-aya) “Cherry” Cadera (nee Vistarr)


Species: Miraluka

Alias/Titles: Cherry Blossom

Class: Bounty Hunter-Mercenary

Home Planet: Coruscant

Alignment: Light

Age: 25

Eyes: N/A

Hair: Red

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Torian Cadera (Husband), Laemona Vistarr (Sister)

Other: Mandalorian

In her younger years, Cherry’yannea “Cherry” Vistarr ran with her sister Lemon in the Jinx gang on Coruscant. Cherry was less involved in the gang’s antics than her sister, but she still partook in their activities. The Blossom Twins considered the gang their family, given their troubled upbringing and their strained relationship with their father. Nevertheless, as soon as she was old enough, Cherry began looking for any work she could get. She finally got some bar work in a Cantina and she began to outgrow the gang as she started to make her way in the world. Cherry aspired to going to Tython, to serve at the Jedi temple. Meanwhile, Lemon got in deeper and deeper with the wrong people. Eventually, Lemon came to her sister for help, and Cherry agreed, only to end up framed and wanted. Cherry was forced to hide on Coruscant until she could escape to Nar Shaddaa, all her plans for the future ruined, and her family relationships in tatters.

Using the skills she had learnt from her time with Jinx, Cherry learned to survive the streets of Nar Shaddaa and honed her blaster skills by becoming a vigilante of sorts. She used her talents and experience from her nightly activities to successfully collect her first bounty. Cherry knew that the bounty hunting life was for her, and she pursued every opportunity that came her way. Finally, Braden took note of her talent and she set her sights on Hutta, and the Great Hunt. Throughout her career, Cherry has received help, including equipment and credits from a mysterious benefactor, who eventually revealed herself to be none other than Jedi Master Auryn Storm, who was impressed by Cherry’s honourable conduct.

Cherry is sarcastic, playful and has a dark sense of humour but she is as honourable as they come. Where Lemon seeks easy credits and personal gain, Cherry attempts to further herself with minimal bloodshed and without compromising her sense of honour. The Mandalorian code is very in-line with Cherry’s own, and she was honoured to become one of them. Becoming a Mandalorian also allowed her to meet her husband, Torian, who she adores and is looking forward to starting a family with.

Tomorrow’s notes: I’m your…ch-ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB! There is no song more perfect to describe Cherry. If playing Hyzynthlay surprised me, Cherry super surprised me. She’s a tough talking, tough walking badass who wields two blasters and whose trigger finger needs constant exercise, and yet she’s honourable and a damn decent person. She just kind of came together as I played through her story, after her initial appearance. I had nothing much planned for her in terms of a specific personality or anything – all I knew is that she would be honourable in her conduct, and always see a job through. Imagine how pleased I was when she then became a Mandalorian! It was perfect for her. Cherry was designed for a bit of fun (hence the name) and I definitely had fun blaster toting with her. Again, I have a tendency toward melee weapons, so playing ranged (and healer to boot) was pretty sweet.

I enjoy parallels – I have two sets of siblings in my SWTOR line-up and they’re both opposed to one another. This made playing each individual of the pairings more entertaining, as I knew that somewhere, across the other side of the galaxy, the other sibling was up to mischief. This was definitely the case for the Blossom twins.


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