Roll call 4/8: The Jedi Consular

“The Force is my ally,”  Threlll

Name: Threlf’all Borealis (nee Rand), uses Rand

Species: Human

Alias/Titles: Barsen’thor

Class: Jedi Consular-Sage

Home Planet: Dantooine

Alignment: Light

Age: 34

Eyes: Pale blue

Hair: Brown

Marital Status: Married (Secret)

Relatives: Aquerple Borealis (Wife)

Other: Threlf’all is a direct (but very distant) descendant of the Jedi Exile, Mirrah Nova and Atton Rand. Over time, as the result of a family dispute or something similar, the Nova-Rand line decided to drop the “Nova” from their name.

Distinctive Features: Right side of face and parts of body badly scarred due to an accident in childhood. Injury impaired her strength and mobility for most of her life. Is still advised to avoid close-combat or overly strenuous activity. Healing is aided by her force abilities.

Threlf’all Rand spent most of her early life bedridden and housebound after her old childhood friend Azkedellia pushed her off a moving speeder, leaving her permanently scarred. Born force sensitive, Threlf’all was set to become a Jedi and complete her training on Tython, but she needed time to recover from her injuries, not just of her body, but of her mind. Threlf’all spent her time reading, writing poetry and creating art. She became quite well known amongst her friends and neighbours for her creativity and positive outlook, despite her misfortune. A lover of all things natural and spiritual, in part fuelled by her force sensitivity, Threlf’all craved pursuits of the mind and aimed to bring perfect balance to her life. It was through this spirituality that she bonded with Republic Soldier Aquerple Borealis, who was training on Dantooine at the time. Threlf’all was captivated by the Mirialan and was inspired by her strength. Threlf’all was delighted when Aquerple came to visit her one day, and the two of them knew their paths were now intertwined. The two eventually became lovers, despite Threlf’all’s knowledge of the Jedi code, and when Aquerple proposed to her she accepted happily. In a bittersweet twist of fortune, the newlyweds were unable to spend much time together as Threlf’all was declared well enough to start her Jedi training, and Aquerple was assigned to her next post. Parting was difficult, but the couple promised to stay in contact as often as they could.

Due to Threlf’all’s injuries she required permanent care. The Rand family employed Hyzynthlay Vanes, who came highly recommended from noble families on Alderaan. At first, Hyzynthlay was only interested in a professional relationship with Threlf’all, who was always incredibly friendly and kind to her, but over time the two developed a friendship. Threlf’all was briefly placed in an awkward position when Aquerple arrived on the scene, as she felt she would have to choose between her two closest friends, but Hyzynthlay and Aquerple settled their differences. Unaware of Hyzynthlay’s true identity as an Imperial Agent, Threlf’all kept very few secrets from the woman who had cared for her, including her relationship with Aquerple. Threlf’all was distraught when Hyzynthlay left, leaving only a very vague letter explaining why, and she promised herself that she would seek her out once her Jedi training was completed, and she, Aquerple and Hyzynthlay would be reunited once more.

Threlf’all is a very calm, collected individual who is also very optimistic, tending to see the positives in any situation. Suffering misfortune of her own made Threlf’all value helping and caring for others and dedicates herself to ensuring others’ wellbeing. Despite Threlf’all’s calm demeanour, however, she will not hesitate to seriously hurt someone who harms those she cares about. Threlf’all is often perceived as whimsical and perhaps even a bit zany, but her motivations and goals are clearly grounded in reality. Threlf’all hopes that she and Aquerple may get to settle at some point in the future (possibly on Mirial) and be a family, starting with searching for Hyzynthlay.

Tomorrow’s notes: I love the name Threlf’all – it’s taken from a little-known 18th Century poet, Jenette Threlfall (her poems and hymns are beautiful). I studied her work in my final year at University and it was through these poems that Threlf’all the character formed. Threlfall’s poems often have a religious focus, and this is what inspired me to make my Jedi Consular deeply spiritual and a lover of nature. I was very inspired by this woman, and I hope that her works continue to be recovered.

I never tend to go for “squishy” mage-like classes so Threlf’all’s fragility was a new direction for me in terms of character creation.

Threlf’all and Aquerple were created almost simultaneously – the one compliments the other perfectly, the yin and yang. They just seemed a perfect fit, and so it was.

I’ve never made a character with as calm a demeanour as Threlf’all. She’s not laid back as such, but she is the cool head in a heated situation. Difficult and very different to roleplay for me – I’m not exactly that level of Zen.

I thought it made sense for the Consular to be related to the Exile in some way, as both are/were unsually strong in the force. 


Roll call 3/8: Introducing my Trooper

“Havoc is the best squad in the Republic because it has the best soldiers in the Republic. That is why we’ll succeed,” 

Name: Aquerple (Acker-pell or Ack-wur-pull) Borealis                            AqFF

Species: Mirialan

Alias/Titles: Major

Class: Trooper-Vanguard

Home Planet: Mirial

Alignment: Neutral/Light

Age: 36

Eyes: Lilac

Hair: Brown

Marital Status: Married (Secret)

Relatives: Threlf’all Borealis (nee Rand, Wife)

Distinctive Features: In line with Mirialan culture, Aquerple has tattoos upon her face to mark important moments/accomplishments. Aquerple got her first tattoo when she enlisted with the Republic – she also got one when she married Threlf’all, and adds to them whenever she gains a new title.

After enjoying a relatively comfortable upbringing on Mirial, Aquerple Borealis signed up to join the Republic Military as soon as she was old enough. She has spent most of her life either training or on the battlefield. Her training on Dantooine afforded her a small interlude, as it was here that she met Threlf’all Rand. Immediately sensing that she was different, Aquerple was determined to pursue a better relationship with the mysterious, beautiful and delicate woman. Threlf’all’s force sensitivity and penchant for all things natural and spiritual and Aquerple’s deep spirituality led to a bond quickly being forged between the two women. They became extremely close friends and eventually lovers; Aquerple knew that she could be called away at any time, so she endeavoured to make the most of her time with Threlf’all. When Threlf’all was well enough to go to Tython and undertake her Jedi training, Aquerple proposed, and the two married in secret. Being apart from each other has been difficult, but they maintain contact whenever they can and make the most of any time they have together. They plan to reunite on a more permanent basis as soon as they are able. Due to Threlf’all being a Jedi and Aquerple being a Mirialan, the two share a bond through the force and can therefore be aware of the other’s pain and other strong feelings.

Aquerple is the ideal soldier – she follows her orders and gets the job done, sometimes at high costs. On occasion, she has been known to not follow through with an order out of compassion, largely because she tries to internalise what Threlf’all would do if in her position. However, Aquerple still follows the majority of her orders through and to the letter. She is incredibly patriotic and respectful to her superiors, never overstepping the lines. She demonstrates fantastic leadership as well as tactical prowess and combat proficiency. Whilst not a “textbook” officer in the way that Elara Dorne may be, Aquerple serves the Republic by being the best that she can be. Aquerple can become fiercely protective of vulnerable individuals and those she cares about, to the point where it can be overbearing, but she intends well. Despite being good at following her orders and holding her tongue for the greater good, Aquerple has quite a fiery temper, which contrasts greatly with Threlf’all’s calmness. Since parting with her wife, Aquerple has endeavoured to cool her temper.

Tomorrow’s notes: Aquerple’s name is actually from a set of dice that I bought and they’re sort of purple-ish and inspired her makeup/eye colour. I also thought “Aquerple” sounded like a fairly good Mirialan name. I tend to play it safe and play humans in RPGs, being often the most “neutral” of the races. For Aquerple, I spent a lot of time researching Mirialan culture and beliefs etc to ensure that I got her character as accurate as possible. Pairing her with a very spiritual Jedi aided this process greatly. As for her sexuality, I didn’t set out determined to “tick boxes” with her or any of my toons – I never do – in my head, when I thought of her character and imagined her, she was always into women.

Aquerple is overall quite a straightforward character concept – she has caveats and dimensions, sure, but she doesn’t have layers of mystery or complexity. She doesn’t have a vague or tragic back story – it’s bittersweet at best – and it’s refreshing. I often find with characters that there is a precedent toward tragedy (don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of the stuff) but then it becomes a backstory-off – who can have the most dead bodies or skeletons in the closet contest. To me, trying to make your character as tragic as possible can actually be a detriment to their character development – it’s more tragic if they experience tragedy as part of the course, which is enhanced by their previous tragedies, rather than just being told by the creator that they’re tragic as hell and cry black tears of misery and woe. That’s just my opinion. But Aquerple is by no means tragic. Yes, she’s had betrayal, yes, she’s been separated from her wife but she sees the upside in it all. She sees the bigger picture.

Roll Call 2/8: Introducing Lemon Blossom

“What a perfect excuse to blow things up!”

Name: Laemona (Lay-monah) “Lemon” VistarrLeFF

Species: Miraluka

Alias/Titles: Lemon Blossom

Class: Smuggler-Gunslinger

Home Planet: Coruscant

Alignment: Neutral

Age: 25

Eyes: N/A

Hair: Blonde

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Corso Riggs (Husband), Cherry Cadera (nee Vistarr, sister)

Cherry and Lemon were troublemakers in their younger years, and arguably nothing has changed.

Laemona “Lemon” Vistarr is the older twin (by five hours) of her and her sister, Cherry. Their mother died during childbirth, leaving their father to raise them on the lower levels of Coruscant. Far beneath the towering, glittering buildings, the twins had a difficult childhood, with their father working almost constantly and coming home exhausted and strained. Their father resorted to gambling and shady deals to help support his family, and he spiralled into debt and drinking. Once old enough to venture out for themselves, the twins quickly began making friends with the other children who called the underworld of Coruscant and the streets their home. The two became part of the Jinx gang, where chaos reigned and rules didn’t matter. Lemon relished the chance to cause mayhem and she dragged Cherry along for the ride. To signify their acceptance into the gang’s inner circle, Lemon and Cherry became known as “The Blossom Twins”. Lemon got in deeper and deeper with the people of Coruscant’s underworld, and she turned her attention from creating petty chaos to real crime. She was gaining a reputation and her grip on reality appeared to be slipping. When a job went bad, Lemon went to her sister for help, and Cherry agreed, wanting to set her on a better path. However, the whole thing was a set-up, and ended in Cherry being framed and wanted by the authorities for a crime she hadn’t committed. Lemon was devastated but she couldn’t face her sister after what she had done – she left home and sought refuge with her fellow gang members. Lemon rose through the ranks of the gang until she decided to leave and pursue smuggling.

Lemon is extremely unpredictable and often motivated by credits and personal gain. However, since meeting Corso Riggs (her now husband), she has attempted to be more of a “people person” and to recognise that she has a “good” side – much like her sister. Lemon’s path to “self-improvement” has not been without problems. She is still a galactic pirate crime lord and would rather settle things with blasters and explosives than conversation. Lemon is more than a little crazy and she seems to like it that way.

Tomorrow’s notes: The thing about Lemon is she never really came out the way I imagined her. I imagined her Harley Quinn-esque – completely unpredictable and with a penchant for chaos. Unfortunately, SWTOR had other plans for the Smuggler character. One of the main reasons I disliked the Smuggler story was because it was evident, more than for the others, there was a definite archetypal Smuggler and all dialogue options etc regardless of DS/LS choice very much fit in with this framework…i.e, Han Solo. Don’t get me wrong, love the guy, don’t want my characters to be carbon copies (snicker snicker) of him just because they happen to be a Smuggler. But I digress. I worked with what I had, and I actually quite liked how she came out. Lemon is all trash-talk, blaster whipping and dirty kicking, unlike her more honourable twin. But slowly, over time, Lemon came to discover there was more than just credits and she had her own character development arc which was totally unplanned. Lemon is the character who moved furthest away from her concept once I’d actually got her in-game, for the aforementioned reasons.  At least I got to make her look the part, with her tie-top and yellow-pink dyes. She looks like a fruit salad sweet.        

Characters motivated by monetary gain are, generally speaking, a real turn-off for me – I find them little fun, but Lemon was pretty awesome. I don’t get to shoot things in the face much, and profit afterwards. 

Roll call 1/8: Introducing Cherry Blossom

“My trigger finger needs some exercise,”

Name: Chaerry’yannea (Cherry-an-aya) “Cherry” Cadera (nee Vistarr)


Species: Miraluka

Alias/Titles: Cherry Blossom

Class: Bounty Hunter-Mercenary

Home Planet: Coruscant

Alignment: Light

Age: 25

Eyes: N/A

Hair: Red

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Torian Cadera (Husband), Laemona Vistarr (Sister)

Other: Mandalorian

In her younger years, Cherry’yannea “Cherry” Vistarr ran with her sister Lemon in the Jinx gang on Coruscant. Cherry was less involved in the gang’s antics than her sister, but she still partook in their activities. The Blossom Twins considered the gang their family, given their troubled upbringing and their strained relationship with their father. Nevertheless, as soon as she was old enough, Cherry began looking for any work she could get. She finally got some bar work in a Cantina and she began to outgrow the gang as she started to make her way in the world. Cherry aspired to going to Tython, to serve at the Jedi temple. Meanwhile, Lemon got in deeper and deeper with the wrong people. Eventually, Lemon came to her sister for help, and Cherry agreed, only to end up framed and wanted. Cherry was forced to hide on Coruscant until she could escape to Nar Shaddaa, all her plans for the future ruined, and her family relationships in tatters.

Using the skills she had learnt from her time with Jinx, Cherry learned to survive the streets of Nar Shaddaa and honed her blaster skills by becoming a vigilante of sorts. She used her talents and experience from her nightly activities to successfully collect her first bounty. Cherry knew that the bounty hunting life was for her, and she pursued every opportunity that came her way. Finally, Braden took note of her talent and she set her sights on Hutta, and the Great Hunt. Throughout her career, Cherry has received help, including equipment and credits from a mysterious benefactor, who eventually revealed herself to be none other than Jedi Master Auryn Storm, who was impressed by Cherry’s honourable conduct.

Cherry is sarcastic, playful and has a dark sense of humour but she is as honourable as they come. Where Lemon seeks easy credits and personal gain, Cherry attempts to further herself with minimal bloodshed and without compromising her sense of honour. The Mandalorian code is very in-line with Cherry’s own, and she was honoured to become one of them. Becoming a Mandalorian also allowed her to meet her husband, Torian, who she adores and is looking forward to starting a family with.

Tomorrow’s notes: I’m your…ch-ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB! There is no song more perfect to describe Cherry. If playing Hyzynthlay surprised me, Cherry super surprised me. She’s a tough talking, tough walking badass who wields two blasters and whose trigger finger needs constant exercise, and yet she’s honourable and a damn decent person. She just kind of came together as I played through her story, after her initial appearance. I had nothing much planned for her in terms of a specific personality or anything – all I knew is that she would be honourable in her conduct, and always see a job through. Imagine how pleased I was when she then became a Mandalorian! It was perfect for her. Cherry was designed for a bit of fun (hence the name) and I definitely had fun blaster toting with her. Again, I have a tendency toward melee weapons, so playing ranged (and healer to boot) was pretty sweet.

I enjoy parallels – I have two sets of siblings in my SWTOR line-up and they’re both opposed to one another. This made playing each individual of the pairings more entertaining, as I knew that somewhere, across the other side of the galaxy, the other sibling was up to mischief. This was definitely the case for the Blossom twins.

The Tomorrow Knight Legacy

The Tomorrow Knight Legacy

“Tomorrow Knight” is not any of my characters’ surname. Since I didn’t want all my characters to share a surname, it seemed best to give my Legacy a name that sounded like an organisation or something rather than a family name. It means it looks a bit silly in-game and doesn’t make much sense to read, but such are the trappings of naming things in games I suppose.

Some of my characters have names that are blended together with their surnames or other words – this is as a result of the No.1 problem with MMOs – EVERYTHING is already taken, so it becomes a game of add a hyphen there, add an apostrophe here etc. It’s far from ideal, but as long as I know what they’re supposed to say, right?

These are my main “canon” SWTOR toons, one from each class.

Roll Call!

Clicking the images will take you to that character’s profile – I’ll be adding them gradually, so please bear with me.

Also, I will be tidying the picture sizes – I want them to match!





Family Tree/ Legacy Story

There isn’t a single cohesive story that binds my Legacy characters together – rather there’s several smaller connections between 1 or 2 of the characters that forms the larger “web”. The idea behind it is that they have all indirectly interacted at some point and their paths could potentially cross.

The family tree is a fantastic little feature in SWTOR – I love it, even if it isn’t perfect; I couldn’t get my tree to fit on the screen all at once, so here’s a breakdown of the relationships between my toons:

CHERRY LEMON TREEThe twins, Cherry and Lemon…
AURYN AUGUST TREECherry is an ally of Auryn, who is August’s sister…

AUGUST AZKE TREEAugust is allies with Azkedellia
AZKE THREL TREEAzkedellia and Threlf’all are rivals (NB: Love that they allowed Rival to be an option!)
AQUER THREL HYZYNThFinally, Threlf’all and Aquerple are married, and are both friends with Hyzynthlay.

Phew. Thanks for making it this far!
I’ve elaborated more on these relationships in the individual character profiles, so check those out for more!

– Tomorrow Knight


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Posts will, for the time being, NOT be spoiler free – so just a heads up for those who may have not completed all of the class stories, or any game that I may talk about. When I’ve figured out the best way to hide them etc, I’ll readdress this.

Secondly, as a Bioware fanatic, I will post about the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series’ and my characters within these universes.

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