Simnanigans! – Part 0 – Introductions

Hey Youse All!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen an explosion of Sims 4 posts lately from myself!

What started out as a small idea has now become this SWTORxSim mini project thingy and it’s a lot of fun, so I wanted to start gathering the Simnanigans in blog post form.

Custom Content/Mods are NOT mine and I did NOT make the custom hairs/skintones.eyes etc that I use. I thank the respective creators for their amazing work <3.

If you wanna know any of the specifics of the CC I use, let me know and I’ll hunt down links, names etc.

I also wanted to thank the awesome Sheikussims for his assistance with CC and Mods and for letting me borrow his custom Theron Shan & Malavai Quinn Sims! Check out the rest of his Sims goodies here:

The beautiful Khessya Ravensheart belongs to Celyn, who kindly let me borrow her for my original planned household ^_^! You can find her awesomeness & stuff here:

I want to thank youse all who have been following the Simnanigans on Twitter already, and those who have given me kind, funny and interesting comments on it all! ❤


Here I’m just going to list the current households in the neighbourhood :).

The Main Household (These guys will be predominantly my active house)

Auryyn Storm

09-14-17_2-35-16 PM

Cole Cantarus

09-14-17_2-36-47 PM

RE: Cole x Auryyn:
down ship2

Anyway, our other lovebirds:

Khessya Ravensheart

09-14-17_1-59-05 PM

Theron “Troublemaker” Shan (Yeah I went there)

09-14-17_1-59-10 PM

Other households A-Z (I will probably update with pics later!):


Lana Beniko, the one and only.


Aquerple Borealis

Threlf’all Borealis


Ster’re Chandeullier

Vector Hyllus

Aristocra Saganu


Jocasta Laeda

Kreon Laeda


Malavai Quinn

Adaraa Quinn

Doc Kimble

Jenaraa Kimble

Elsa Kimble (Daughter)

Kristoff Kimble (Son)

Archiban Jr Kimble (Son)




Heaven (Daughter)


Senya Tirall




Koth Vortena


Len Parvek


That’s everyone (so far!) but I’m constantly adding + updating the neighbourhood. I’ll probably write the intros for those as they happen but I’ll update this list accordingly!







Simnanigans 22 – Can’t Get No Sleep!

09-24-17_1-27-35 PM

Everyone seems to be getting into the new routine in the household.

Cole: Theron, you should get some practice in before the big day!

Theron: I’m staying a safe distance away. You got puked on this morning. Twice.

Cole: Eh, fair…

09-24-17_2-46-59 PM

Auryyn wasted no time in getting back to her normal workout routine and hits the gym room hard!

09-24-17_2-42-08 PM

It’s Khessya and Theron’s turn to play the waiting game as they await their new arrival. At least Lana is happy to offer some company while they wait!

Lana: Have you decided on a name yet?

Khessya: We’ve managed to shortlist about three or four…

Theron: Last time I checked we had about twenty

Khessya: …not counting any suggestions from you or Auryyn

09-27-17_6-40-33 PM

Given the recent additions, Auryyn and Cole are now mostly nocturnal…

Cole: Nothing says “you have kids” like eggs and bacon at 2am…

09-27-17_6-42-01 PM

But they’re not the only ones up and about!

Khessya: I smelled your scrambled eggs so I had to make some too

Auryyn: Ahh, the cravings. Don’t miss them!

09-27-17_6-42-04 PM

09-27-17_6-42-19 PM

Khessya: So…do you have any advice for me?

Cole: If it feels like you’re going into labour, just take a nap…

Auryyn: COLE!

Khessya: *snickering*

09-27-17_6-43-16 PM

One of the boys starts crying, and so Cole goes to investigate.

Khessya: How do you tell them apart?!

Cole: Eren is the moody one.

Auryyn: Can’t think who he might take after

09-27-17_7-03-45 PM

Khessya still can’t sleep and does a little bit of gardening with a weird looking seed someone brought back from space…


09-27-17_7-09-18 PM

Nothing like some video games to take your mind of waiting!

09-27-17_7-10-23 PM

Khessya: Okay, maybe swinging a VR sword around wasn’t my best idea…

09-27-17_7-21-23 PM

Meanwhile, Theron gets over his fear of being puked on and gets some Uncle Duty / practice time in!

09-27-17_7-21-53 PM

And while Theron is keeping an eye on the twins, Auryyn and Cole jet off to space for some alone time…

09-27-17_7-23-48 PM-2

Tiredness finally caught up with Khessya, and Theron keeps an eye on her…

09-27-17_7-29-32 PM

But of course the moment he leaves for a second, she goes into labour!

09-27-17_7-30-19 PM

Rushing upstairs, Theron starts to panic…

Khessya: Not…helping…Theron!

09-27-17_7-50-12 PM

09-27-17_7-50-54 PM

But soon enough, they welcome little Lanyssa into the household, and Theron is quick to get stuck in to “Dad” mode!

Looks like no-one in this house will be getting sleep anytime soon…

NEXT TIME: A new chapter begins as Theron and co. move to a new house! && fun and games with the Get to Work expansion!

Simnanigans 21 – Waiting Game

NB: Waiting around for Sims to go into labour can sometimes take FOREVER haha. Sorry these last two updates have been on the short side, I’m trying to organise it so I can catch up to the new stuff a bit better. The screenies get a bit messy sometimes!

And thank you for bearing with me! ❤

09-24-17_11-49-25 AM

Some time later, after many shopping trips for toys and brightly coloured things, and time spent child-proofing the house…

Theron is determined to make sure everything is perfect and checks everything over several times.

09-24-17_12-59-28 PM

Under strict instruction by Khessya, Theron refrained from throwing a huge party to celebrate, but he was determined to tell the whole neighbourhood the good news one way or another!

Senya: I thought I’d stop by on my way to see Arcann and Ixa’s little ones to say congratulations!

Theron: Thanks! I don’t suppose you’d consider extending your babysitting services, Grandma?

Senya: Now that was just cheeky, Theron!

NB: Senya still owes Arcann and Ixa a night off, jus’ sayin’ 😛

09-24-17_12-49-24 PM

Khessya: We should discuss names when you get home

Theron: I-

Khessya: *Frowning* Serious suggestions only

Auryyn: (From other room) I already suggested Firestarter Jr


09-24-17_12-55-08 PM

Waiting around for the little one to arrive has left Auryyn feeling bored and in a bit of a silly mood…

Auryyn: I just like to remind him


Auryyn: Yeah, yeah, now get out of here, you’re late and we have girl stuff to do

Khessya: We…do?

09-24-17_12-55-24 PM

Khessya: The feeling sick…does it stop?

Auryyn: Eventually!

09-24-17_12-55-58 PM

Auryyn: We should take a morning sickness selfie! Plus, you know, celebrate the whole double pregnancy thing!

09-24-17_12-56-07 PM

09-24-17_12-56-15 PM

Auryyn: I look so tired! Check out my panda eyes!

Khessya: At least you don’t look ghostly pale…

09-24-17_1-00-06 PM

Later that evening, Auryyn is in a lot of pain…

Auryyn: It’ll pass…it’ll pass

09-24-17_1-00-23 PM-2

Auryyn: Oww…okay, this is happening…!

09-24-17_1-00-32 PM

…And then, despite going into labour and all the pain that comes with it, Auryyn decides now is the ideal time to take a nap!

09-24-17_1-01-12 PM

But it’s okay, because Cole seems to be all over that panicking thing, and is stressing out enough for the both of them whilst Theron just seems amused by the entire situation…

He won’t be laughing when it’s his turn for a pre-parental panic!

09-24-17_1-26-20 PM

Finally, they welcome twin boys Orgus and Eren to the household & the neighbourhood!

NB: Of course Auryyn had twins because SHE ALWAYS DOES.

09-24-17_2-34-38 PM

09-24-17_1-29-39 PM

After making sure the boys are settled in, Auryyn resumes her much-needed sleep from earlier.

Besides, there are many sleepless nights ahead for this household!



Simnanigans 20 – Surprise Pt3: This Time, It’s Suprising-er!


The next morning, Khessya has some very important news for Theron that just can’t wait until after breakfast!

Khessya: Theron, don’t freak out…

Theron: I love statements that start with “don’t freak out”

Khessya: *She uses THE FROWN*

Theron: (It was super effective!) Okay, okay, this is me, officially not freaking out

Khessya: Here goes…

09-24-17_11-22-08 AM-2

Khessya: So…we’re…having a a baby

Theron: Wha…what? I…we…wow!

09-24-17_11-22-11 AM

Theron was so shocked, he dropped his cereal…

Cole: *Hasn’t had coffee yet, doesn’t want to know*

Khessya: Oh! And Theron, NO surprise parties, okay?

09-24-17_11-22-24 AM

Khessya: Ugh…I feel awful

Theron: Get some rest

Khessya: I will, but first, I need to find Auryyn…

09-24-17_11-23-51 AM

Khessya: Auryyn, guess what!

Auryyn: You know I’ll never guess…

09-24-17_11-23-52 AM

Khessya: Okay, I’ll just tell you…I’m pregnant! Phew, it’s a lot easier saying it a second time around!

09-24-17_11-24-33 AM

Auryyn: I’m so happy for you!!! This house is going to be busy!

09-24-17_11-24-35 AM

Auryyn: Now where’s Theron, I need to go and be a good best friend and offer congratulations and…support…

09-24-17_11-26-25 AM

09-24-17_11-26-50 AM

While Khessya goes to get some much-needed rest, the other three catch up with the house news!

Cole: *Now sufficiently caffeinated* I’m pretty sure if I had been holding cereal when Auryyn had told me, I would have dropped it, too

Theron: I can’t believe it! I mean, I can, because it’s happening but…

Auryyn: Hey Theron, now we can enjoy the sleepless nights and the stepping on toys all the time together! It’s going to be so much fun!

Theron: You’re such a good friend sometimes…

Auryn: The very best!

09-24-17_11-52-23 AM-2

Feeling energized and happy, Theron heads out to tell Lana the good news!

Lana: Oh my goodness! That’s wonderful news!

09-24-17_11-52-51 AM

As if summoned by the juicy neighbourhood news, Blizz appears! Her ears must have been burning…

09-24-17_11-54-45 AM

Blizz: Did I hear that right? There’s going to be an addition to the Shan family?!

Theron: That’s right! Though…how you heard that from…er, wherever you came from, I have no idea…

Lana: You get used to it. She’s like a grapevine in human form. Impressive, actually…

Theron: I will…take your word for it

NB: I’m starting to think Blizz has portals set up all around town thatr allow her to materialise wherever she wants.

09-24-17_12-05-08 PM

09-24-17_12-03-22 PM

Back home, there’s excitement and happiness all around as everyone prepares for the new arrivals!






Simnanigans 19 – Business, Not Quite As Usual

09-24-17_9-43-24 AM

It’s the night after the party, and Auryyn is feeling peckish in the early hours of the morning.

Auryyn: Stars, the state of this kitchen…

09-24-17_9-46-21 AM

Looks like a stiff breakfast drink is needed, both for helping with the hangover and to face the clean up operation ahead!

Though I’m not sure it’s the best idea, Cole…

09-24-17_9-48-01 AM-2

The boys get stuck-in with cleaning, and Theron looks very chipper about pitching in…but then again, the party WAS his idea.

09-24-17_12-01-56 PM

Although he did then make this…that painting is a bit dark, Theron! Something you want to share with us??!!

09-24-17_9-48-06 AM

That’s a lot of dirty dishes…


The clothes are on, the coffee is brewing…let’s do this cleaning thing properly!

09-24-17_10-03-19 AM

Over in the Tirall house it’s also a busy morning; the little ones are growing up fast! Little Xephyra seems to be getting the hang of walking just fine!

09-24-17_10-12-55 AM

She toddles off to find her Dad, who spent the entire morning clearing up all the toys!

Arcann: Remember to put Mr Fish back in his home when you’re done, Xephy!

Xephyra: Mr Fishy adventure first!!

Arcann: Of course, AFTER the big adventure!

Arcann then hears Ixa yelling him from then other room and goes running…

09-24-17_10-07-08 AM

Ixa: It’s…time! And damn it hurts!

Arcann: It’s going to be fine, love! You can do this! And I can’t wait to meet them!

09-24-17_10-07-10 AM

A few, less calm minutes later…

Arcann: *Panicking in his panic corner*

Ixa: Is this going to happen…ouch…every…time we have…a baby?!

Oh dear, Arcann…you’d have thought he would have known what to do after last time!

09-24-17_10-11-24 AM

But soon enough, Ixa and Arcann welcome not one…

09-24-17_10-12-33 AM

Not two….

…but FIVE bouncing new additions to the household!!!

Meet Xanthe, Roxanne, Xander, Ryxa and Xena!

09-24-17_1-37-45 PM

The proud parents bring Alexis, Thexan and Xephyra to come and meet their new siblings so they can celebrate as one big happy family!

Speaking of another big, happy family…

09-24-17_9-58-50 AM

On the other side of the neighbourhood, Jenaraa gave birth to quadruplets!

09-24-17_9-59-30 AM

….And Doc goes into a belated panic about the whole thing!

Jenaraa: The babies are fine, I’m fine…we’re all fine, dearest…

09-24-17_9-59-26 AM-2

So…that Kimble family tree is looking interesting…

bandicam 2017-12-06 14-30-26-219

09-24-17_11-05-17 AM

With the house now tidy and cleaned up, Theron decides to invite Lana and Raela over for dinner for a casual hang out

09-24-17_11-06-06 AM

Theron: We have chairs, you know…


Lana: What’s the fun in that? Let’s live dangerously!

09-24-17_11-06-23 AM

Raela: Thanks for inviting us! You know my Mother, always wants to know the who, what when, where and why of my life every five minutes…it’s well meaning but…

Lana: It can be a bit…intense

Theron: I think I understand. Since finding out about the baby, Auryyn is in full mother-hen mode all the time.

Lana: Ha! I can imagine it!

Theron: I’m going to make up some drinks, in case none of us had enough last night at the party

09-24-17_11-07-48 AM


09-24-17_11-07-40 AM

09-24-17_11-07-38 AM

Lana: …What? You’re giving me *that* look

Raela: Hmm…Lana in “Mother-Hen” mode…now that’d be adorable to see

Lana: What? I…I’m not so sure but…if you say so…

09-24-17_12-36-45 PM

09-24-17_12-45-04 PM

Meanwhile, poor Khessya has been having a quiet day to herself because of not feeling well all day, but she didn’t want to worry anyone…

Khessya: It’s probably nothing…I mean…probably…

09-24-17_2-26-00 PM

Cole: Hey! Not seen you all day! Everything okay?

Khessya: Err…yeah!

Cole: While my better half and your worse half are busy, wanna hang out?

Khessya: I…think I could do that

09-24-17_12-47-57 PM

Grateful to have a distraction, the silly dancing took Khessya’s mind off how terrible she had felt earlier…maybe it really was nothing to worry about afterall…





Simnanigans 18 – Surprise! Pt II

09-22-17_10-47-46 PM

It’s been some time since Auryyn found out there was going to be a new addition to the household…

09-22-17_10-47-56 PM

Khessya: Auryyn that’s your fourth breakfast burger

Auryyn: So…hungry…

09-22-17_10-47-54 PM

Khessya: Meh, I’m not judghing, I’m eating spaghetti for breakfast

Auryyn: Is there uh…more of that in the fridge? Cause… it looks really good right now…

Khessya: …

09-22-17_11-08-37 PM-2

After breakfast, Khessya finds Theron in the middle of a phone call…

Theron: Yeah, nothing fancy, just a get together

Khessya: *Mouthing* THERON!

Theron: I mean, most of the neighbourhood…okay, cool. See you soon! Hey Khes!

Khessya: Theron that had better not be what I think it was…

09-22-17_11-07-49 PM-2

Theron: A surprise party for Auryyn? Cause you’d be right!

Khessya: Theron! You can’t just spring these things on her. Us. Or…anyone!

Theron: Relax, she’ll love it! Besides, I feel like we’ve been cooped up in here a lot lately…

09-22-17_11-07-50 PM

Khessya: ….Everyone’s on their way already, aren’t they?

Theron: Yup

Khessya: Then…fine, let’s do this!

09-22-17_11-12-10 PM

So, with Theron wanting to get the party started, he and Khessya get changed and guests start arriving!

09-22-17_11-11-51 PM

Cole: If you start feeling bad, just go and lie down, people will understand…

Auryyn: You’re so adorable. I’ll be fine, it’s just a party!

09-22-17_11-13-06 PM

The early birds gather in the living room…

Ala’naa: So do you guys do this kind of thing a lot?

Senya: Oh, there’s always something going on here

Khessya: And it’s mostly always Theron’s fault

Theron: Hey! ….but she’s not, not right…

09-22-17_11-15-00 PM

09-22-17_11-14-10 PM

Ster’re, Adaraa and Raela seem to be getting up to mischief upstairs!

Ster’re: Re-organise the desktop icons, Theron HATES that!

Raela: Haha, I love it! On it!

Adaraa: We so need a ladies night!

09-22-17_11-14-27 PM

Doc has arrived on the scene, and it looks like he still very much has eyes for Adaraa…

09-22-17_11-16-41 PM

Ixa has arrived, and she and Arcann are expecting again!!!

Ixa: Congratulations!

Cole: Right back at you! When’s the little one due?

Ixa: Any day now! Let’s just hope not in the middle of the party, hm?

09-22-17_11-16-59 PM

Theron takes to the bar to show off his beverage making skills!

09-22-17_11-18-05 PM

Theron’s drinks bring all the guests to the bar. & Raela and Lana share a cute moment on the dancefloor!

09-22-17_11-21-33 PM-2

Looks like it’s baby season in the ‘hood as Jenaraa is also expecting! The Kimble household is sure getting busy…

09-22-17_11-21-51 PM

09-22-17_11-22-29 PM-2


09-22-17_11-20-26 PM

Looks like Ixa had a few sugary drinks too-many and has the giggles! Ala’naa looks unimpressed with the state of the bar…best get cleaning up, Theron!

09-22-17_11-23-55 PM

Nothing to see here, just Ster’re casually raiding the fridge and Khessya wondering what the heck is going on.

09-22-17_11-24-43 PM

Poor Auryyn crashed out on the sofa in the middle of her own party!

09-22-17_11-25-12 PM

Well, the pizza is proving popular, whoever ordered it, and it looks like the pizza guy wants to stay and join in the fun!

09-22-17_11-25-55 PM

09-22-17_11-27-31 PM

09-22-17_11-28-34 PM

Everyone drops everything for a slice of pizza!

Wait…was there pineapple on that pizza?!

09-22-17_11-30-02 PM

And as ever, Arcann can be found on the dancefloor!

09-22-17_11-32-35 PM

But he’s not the only one with moves to show off!

09-22-17_11-33-06 PM

Uh-oh, looks like an argument has kicked off between Threl’fall and her sis Azkedellia. Judging by the look on Aquerple’s face, it might be time to call it a night…

09-22-17_11-34-13 PM

All in all, a successful surprise party!

09-22-17_11-34-23 PM

Malavai and Doc are the last stragglers, and it looks as though Malavai may have been having some stern words!





Simnanigans 17 – Surprise! Pt I

09-22-17_9-19-03 AM

The next morning, Auryyn still isn’t feeling great and decides to take another day off work.

09-21-17_10-54-21 AM

And it looks like Cole woke up in a bad mood and is taking it out on the trash (literally) before he heads out to work.

09-22-17_10-45-42 PM

Meanwhile, Theron and Khessya seem to have spent the night in the observatory…

Khessya: We’re never going to find it, are we? I’m starting to wonder if I was that drunk, I imagined it…

Theron: Well, we could just try and get you another…

Khessya: Nope, I am not setting foot in a rocketship ever again

Theron: …I thought you worked as an…astronaut…?

09-22-17_10-45-45 PM

09-22-17_10-45-50 PM

Khessya: …Let’s go, I need some breakfast…

Looks like everyone is feeling a bit under-the-weather.

09-21-17_10-03-01 AM

Khessya: Feeling better?

Auryyn: No, this is my third attempt at breakfast

Khessya: Yikes and ew.

09-21-17_8-27-33 PM

Maybe some distracting chess will help?

09-21-17_8-27-39 PM

Khessya: Did it occur to you that you might be pregnant?

09-21-17_8-27-39 PM-2

Auryyn: What? Don’t be ridiculous I’m not…I mean…oh.

Khessya: ???

Auryyn: …I have to go.

09-21-17_8-41-32 PM

Later that day…

Auryyn: So um, Cole. Here’s the thing…

09-21-17_8-41-36 PM

Auryyn: You’re going to be a Dad…

Cole: WHAT?! Auryyn that’s amazing!!!

09-21-17_8-41-38 PM

Auryyn: Phew. Now if my heart could stop trying to explode that’d be…great

Cole: Parents. Us. I can’t believe it! I think I might need to lie down

Auryyn: I’ll be right up, I just gotta do something first…

09-21-17_8-45-38 PM

Auryyn: Well, go on, say it!

Khessya: Say what?

Auryyn: “I told you so…”

09-21-17_8-45-41 PM

Khessya: Oh my God! Does this mean…..?

Auryyn: I’m so excited and I also have a really, really bad craving for cereal but I don’t care!

09-21-17_8-46-14 PM

Khessya: I’m so happy for you two!

09-21-17_8-46-32 PM

Khessya: This calls for celebration hot chocolate! And oh, you might want to tell Theron, I don’t think he can hear anything in that VR thing…

09-21-17_8-47-04 PM

Theron: I miss something?

Auryyn: How does being “Uncle Theron” sound to you?

09-21-17_8-47-08 PM

Theron: You’re serious?!

Auryyn: For realsies!

Theron: I’m going to be the most kickass Uncle ever!

09-21-17_8-47-20 PM

Auryyn: So er…I guess we better start making some changes around here…



Simnanigans 16 – Just Hang(over)ing Out

09-21-17_8-14-52 PM

09-21-17_8-14-54 PM

Auryyn woke up in the early hours of the morning not feeling so great, and she wasn’t even out partying last night!

Is the fight with Nega-Auryyn taking it’s toll??

09-21-17_8-16-05 PM

Luckily for her, a very hungover Khessya also was having trouble sleeping because she got peckish…

Auryyn: Did you and Theron have fun last night?

Khessya: Ughhh…of what I can remember, yes…but my head hurts and I’m starving

Auryyn: *Snickers* I’m not surprised.

Khessya: ….OH NO

Auryyn: What?!


Auryyn: Space…hat?

09-21-17_5-30-10 PM

After being woken up for a very important space hat discussion, Theron decides the search can wait and checks out the new gadget in the living room…

09-21-17_5-08-12 PM

09-21-17_4-26-04 PM

And soon enough EVERYONE is obsessed with it! Even Khessya seems to forget about the Space Hat for the time being…


09-21-17_4-56-10 PM

Meanwhile, Cole is feeling mischievous and decides to spy on the neighbours…wonder if he’ll uncover any new neighbourhood gossip or secrets…

09-21-17_10-37-13 AM


09-21-17_10-37-49 AM


09-21-17_5-04-09 PM

Khessya: Ow my head…I’m NEVER drinking, or going into space again! And I STILL can’t find that stupid hat!!!

09-21-17_8-38-12 PM

09-21-17_8-37-39 PM

Lana and Senya decide to pop round for a visit, though apparently Senya is more interested in taking the trash out than socialising…

Lana: How are you feeling after last night,  Theron?

Theron: The coffee helps…wait, you weren’t even there, how do you know about last night?!

Lana: Small neighbourhood, Theron. Plus, people are waiting for you to top the hotdog fire incident…


09-21-17_8-38-16 PM

09-21-17_8-38-18 PM

Khessya: Theron, any luck finding the hat?

Theron: Uhhh…no, not yet…but, er, Lana here was going to help me look! Right, Lana?

Lana: Hat? What are you getting me into now, Theron?

Theron: Lanaaaa…

Lana: I don’t suppose I have much of a choice, do I? Raela got called into work so I guess I could help until she gets home…


09-22-17_9-29-37 AM

09-21-17_5-16-26 PM

Poor Auryyn still isn’t feeling any better.

Auryyn: Ugh…okay, I really don’t feel good…

Cole: Go to bed. And stay there this time.

Auryyn: I’ll be fine I just-

Cole: Auryyn. Rest.

Auryyn: You’re probably right…

09-21-17_5-44-00 PM

With a stubborn Auryyn finally getting some much-needed rest, Cole catches up with Theron.

Cole: Aren’t you supposed to be hat hunting?

Theron: SHHH Khes doesn’t know I’m up here! I’m sneaking in some actual work…

Cole: How is that more fun?!

09-21-17_10-43-38 AM

09-21-17_10-43-40 AM

Theron’s “break” is short-lived when he gets an urgent text from Ster’re…


Ster’re: Theron, I need to get out of that house – can I crash here if I have to?

Theron: Ster’re what is this about??

Ster’re: It’s a long story – and I don’t take up much space! I’ll sleep in the observatory or something!

Theron: Yeah…I wouldn’t recommend it but er, sure, there’s a couch if you need it

Ster’re: YOU’RE THE BEST. I don’t think I’ll need it but…yeah we’ll see!

Oh dear. Sounds like there might be some trouble…

09-21-17_10-43-59 AM



09-21-17_10-43-57 AM

Ster’re: OMG I thought you were…nevermind, I gotta skedaddle…

Theron: Where did you come from?!

Blizz: I just thought I’d drop by!

Theron: Lana & Raela kick you out for the evening?

Blizz: …maybe…

Theron: Well, if you’re not busy…

09-21-17_5-38-52 PM

Theron manages to rope Blizz into helping search for the hat, at least for a while…

09-21-17_9-19-56 AM

Will Theron ever find the elusive Space Hat?! Or will he have to venture out into space once again for a replacement?







Simnanigans 15 – Of Sodas and Space

09-18-17_10-30-04 PM09-18-17_10-30-00 PM

It’s another morning in the Shan household and the ladies are feeling particularly energised this morning after a workout

Khessya & Auryyn: I need coffee…


Auryyn: Oh come on! You do this every time!

Khessya: I know, and you owe me soda. Every. Time.

Auryyn: …you’re never going to drop the jinx thing, are you?

Khessya: Nope!

09-19-17_10-45-36 PM-2

And Khessya proceeds to make The Coffee of Champions! It was a good start to the day.

09-19-17_9-59-42 PM

Meanwhile over at the Tirall household, Ixa and Arcann are spending time bonding with the little ones.

09-19-17_9-58-49 PM

…and it looks as though Ixa has taken up romantic poetry?! Arcann seems to like it, in any case!

09-18-17_10-37-57 PM

09-18-17_10-37-46 PM

Being the social butterfly that he is, Theron heads over to hang out with Ala’naa,Vitanni & Hyzynthlay & give them the proper neighbourhood welcome!

Seems like Ala’naa is feeling a little under the weather but not to fear, the Shan is here!

09-18-17_10-39-39 PM

Theron: I think I know just the solution – there’s a bar not too far from here, we should check it out, invite some people, make it a night to remember!

Vitanni: Come on Ala’naa, you know you want to!

Theron: It’ll be fun! And it’s…um…tradition*

Ala’naa: Well when you put it that way…

*They’ve made up so many traditions now I’ve lost count 😛

09-18-17_10-38-09 PM

Ala’naa: Count me in!

Vitanni: Hope you know what you’re in for, Theron. I’ve seen this girl party

Theron: Remind me to introduce her to Ster’re sometime…

09-19-17_10-07-31 PM

Theron gets Khessya to meet them at the club. Still buzzing from her soda victory that morning, she’s keen to hit the dancefloor!

09-19-17_10-07-44 PM

09-19-17_10-07-45 PM

Khessya: Don’t mind me, I’m just happy because I won a soda this morning

Ala’naa: A…soda?

Khessya: Yep!


Ala’naa: Well now I really want to know!

09-19-17_10-07-49 PM

*One jinxing-someone-equals-them-owing-you-a-soda explanation & several alcoholic soda drinks later*


Khessya: Right?! I always do it to Auryyn, it’s hilarious.

Ala’naa: Haha, nice!


09-19-17_10-08-53 PM09-19-17_10-08-52 PM

Some time later, the alcohol brings out all the sass and sillyness in Vitanni and Khessya as they start teasing one another! But it’s all in good fun, and Theron watches on, amused.

Taking a night off baby duty, Arcann arrives and hits the dancefloor – he just can’t resist the beat!

09-19-17_10-10-50 PM

When the rooms starts spinning, it’s time for a sit down and Ala’naa has the right idea with the snacks!

Vitanni: Well, I’m definitely sticking around!

Ala’naa: Amen to that!

09-19-17_10-19-20 PM

Back at home, Auryyn is heading out to space for the first time, taking advantage of Theron being out…



Whilst exploring space, Auryyn gets her ship stuck in a swamp on a planet, and meets a little green guy who talks kinda funny. He offers to teach her the ways so she can get her ship free and go home!

Auryyn braves a cave with an evil version of herself and she can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu, like this is what she was always destined to do…

bandicam 2017-09-19 22-24-17-636

But she shrugs the feeling off and heads home!

09-19-17_10-25-09 PM-2

There may not have been any space hats or hotdogs this time, but what an adventure!

09-19-17_10-28-20 PM

Cole: Auryyn! Where were you?! I was worried!

Auryyn: I’m fine! Cole it was incredible! There was a swamp and a green guy and I got the ship stuck and then I fought an evil version of myself and OH-

09-19-17_10-31-38 PM

09-19-17_10-29-16 PM

Cole: Promise you’ll tell me before you take off into space next time

Auryyn: You’re such a worrier. Promise.

09-19-17_10-32-45 PM

4am, when Khessya and Theron finally stumble home from the bar, they decide to take the ship for a different kind of um, adventure…

Khessya: Come on Theron let’s do the space thing!

Theron: I thought-


Theron: Okay, let’s do this!*

* I do NOT recommend trying to fly a spaceship while drunk 😛

09-19-17_10-37-43 PM

Theron: Whew that was…out of this world!

Khessya: Did you just…I need to go to bed…


COMING UP ON SIMNANIGANS: I dunno about out of this world, but certainly some things that are sure to turn some worlds upside down!


Simnanigans 14 – Back on Solid Ground?!

09-17-17_7-08-12 PM

It’s the morning after Theron’s first successful adventure into space and he’s eager to get back out there…

Theron: I came back unharmed, it’s perfectly safe!

Khessya: Uh-huh. What about the space hats and…weird puzzle things?

Theron: You KNOW you want a space hat really

Khessya: Nope, not really…


Theron: We could go and have “breakfast” in the spaceship, find out

Khessya: …THERON!!!

09-17-17_7-08-13 PM

Theron: Fine, fine…just thought it’d be nice to see space together…

Khessya can’t hide a  sneaky smile once Theron’s back is turned, though!

09-17-17_6-47-58 PM

Adaraa and Malavai recently moved in next door to escape the chaos of their old home, and pop round for a visit. They seem much happier!

09-17-17_7-03-22 PM

Theron: It sounds like you got out of there at a good time…

Malavai: Adaraa was the one holding everything together. Without her…well…

09-18-17_10-11-55 PM

…Oh dear

09-18-17_10-12-44 PM

09-18-17_10-14-07 PM

Sophia doesn’t seem to be a fan of Jenaraa, and it looks as though there are going to be some more additions to the Kimble family tree! And for Jenaraa, ignorance seems to be bliss…uh oh.

09-18-17_9-58-06 PM

Since Saganu married Senya and Vector’s new wife moved in with her two children, the house has been somehwat  crowded for Ster’re and co, and it all got a bit too much…

09-18-17_9-59-20 PM

Ster’re heads outside to get some peace and quiet, taking her grilled cheese with her, of course. Is it time for this party girl to find a new home??

09-16-17_8-41-43 PM

And afterall, she still has feelings for a certain Saganu. Oh Ster’re. This will not end well now that Senya is on the scene!

09-18-17_10-02-41 PM

Meanwhile, over at the Theirin household, Raela and Lana are sharing some alone time, having managed to elude Blizz for some time…

09-18-17_10-03-58 PM

Raela: Move in with me

Lana: …What?!

09-18-17_10-03-30 PM

Lana: I would hate to impose…

Raela: I asked, silly

Lana: What about your mother?

Raela: She loves you! We’ll just need to set down some ground rules. Privacy ground rules…

09-18-17_10-03-31 PM

Lana: Okay, you’ve convinced me. Let’s do this!

09-18-17_10-05-22 PM-2

Upstairs, Blizz is having a deep conversation with the giant bear in the spare room. Is this the secret to keeping her distracted?!

09-17-17_8-05-01 PM

Over at the Tirall time, it’s go time! Ixa looks very uncomfortable!

09-17-17_8-05-07 PM


Arcann: *Panicking in the corner*

Ixa: …

09-17-17_8-07-45 PM


Finally, Ixa & Arcann welcome TRIPLETS! Looks like they will have their hands full! Introducing Thexan, Alexis and Xephyra Tirall!

09-18-17_9-52-53 PM

And they both get stuck in to parenting duty with the little ones!

09-17-17_8-22-53 PM

Looks like Doc has sought refuge at the Shan etc. residence

Doc: So I thought I would come here and…*notices Khessya* I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced…


09-17-17_8-22-52 PM

Khessya: Ugh can you just…not?

Cole: Theron is standing right here…you’re unbelievable!

09-17-17_8-23-10 PM

Theron: I think you should leave now…

Will Doc EVER stop causing trouble for the neighbourhood?!

09-18-17_9-14-20 PM

Later that day, Theron catches up with his bestie to discuss a very important issue.

Theron: Look. I know you “borrowed” the rocket ship

Auryyn: Ah…it was Cole’s idea!

Theron: It takes two to….ugh…you know what, nevermind!

Auryyn: *snickers*

Theron: You are straight up the worst

09-18-17_8-39-02 PM

Poor Theron, it’s been a long day! Will he ever catch a break?

Simnanigans 13 – Spacing Out

09-17-17_1-57-21 PM-2

Theron drags Lana to the library for some important spaceship related research

Lana: You have a computer at home, why are we here?

Theron: Because here it’s quiet and easier to study. Supposedly.

Lana: Then why did you ask me to come?!

09-17-17_1-59-13 PM

Lana manages to tear Theron away so that they can visit the Theirins

Theron: And then it goes into space!

Blizz: Um, yes that’s what rocket ships do, yes…

Lana: I’m…going to find Raela

09-17-17_1-59-34 PM

Blizz: Please let me borrow the spaceship when you finish it!

Theron: If I ever finish it!

09-17-17_11-49-45 AM

09-17-17_11-49-47 AM

Raela: Hey. I saw this and thought you might like it

Lana: I…don’t know what to say!

09-17-17_11-52-13 AM

Lana can’t find the words to say what she’s thinking and feeling…

09-17-17_11-52-16 AM

So she decides to go for a surprise thankyou-kiss instead!

09-17-17_11-52-21 AM

Raela: Took you long enough

Lana: I was…waiting for the opportune moment!

09-17-17_11-51-30 AM

…And of course, that means Blizz isn’t far away and is keeping a watchful eye on her daughter as ever – but she’s glad that Raela is happy and has found someone who makes her even more so!

09-17-17_3-28-35 PM

Over at the Kimble/Quinn residence, Doc is spending some time with the triplets

09-17-17_3-29-50 PM

Auntie Adaraa comes out to check on the kids, and she can’t help but notice her brother in law has a visitor she doesn’t recognise…

09-17-17_3-30-11 PM-2

09-17-17_3-30-13 PM

Doc: Adaraa uh…hey…this is…my friend Sofia

Adaraa: Your “friend”?

Adaraa has certainly not forgotten when he tried flirting with her, and she has her suspicions…

09-17-17_3-32-09 PM

When Jenaraa gets home from work, Adaraa is about to bring Doc’s “friend” up when they hear a commotion from the house

09-17-17_3-32-30 PM

Malavai has managed to cause a blaze in the back garden and Adaraa hurridley tries to explain what happened earlier to Jenaraa

Jenaraa: What? He’s seeing someone else?!

09-17-17_3-32-38 PM

Thankfully Adaraa isn’t afraid of fire and saves the day. Malavai admires her bravery from a safe distance, and Adaraa has had enough…

Adaraa: I’ve had it! That’s it! Malavai, pack your things. It’s time we got our own place!

09-17-17_3-33-33 PM-2

Malavai and Adaraa say their goodbyes to their niece and nephews

09-17-17_3-40-02 PM

And they set their sights on their new life together!

Will it be the happily ever after they’ve always wanted?!

09-17-17_3-23-15 PM

Over at the Tirall household, Ixa and Arcann are also preparing for some changes in their life! Not long to go now!

09-17-17_3-23-38 PM

Senya reassures Ixa that she’ll be fine, and that Grandma Senya will always be on hand help out if needed, and if she and Arcann ever need some alone time!

09-17-17_3-48-03 PM-2

Meanwhile, Theron & co. welcome a new addition to the household…

Theron: IT’S ALIVE!!!!

09-16-17_10-11-02 PM

With the first launch imminent, Khessya prepares some post-launch food for everyone, but she has concerns…

Khessya: He could be walking…or…flying…into anything out there!

Auryyn: If he gets lost, we just go after him and drag his sorry ass back

Khessya: Is anyone taking this seriously?

Cole: Mmm, hotdogs…

09-17-17_2-42-19 PM

Auryyn: Seriously, he’s going to be fine. Theron is the smartest idiot I know

09-17-17_2-56-25 PM

The household gathers outside…

Khessya: I don’t need to say it

Theron: I know, I’ll be fine

09-17-17_3-48-37 PM


09-17-17_3-48-41 PM

And he’s off!


09-17-17_3-51-27 PM-2

09-17-17_3-51-34 PM

A few hours later, Theron makes his trumphant return, unscathed & utterly wowed by the cosmos!

09-17-17_3-56-29 PM

Khessya asked him all about it.

Theron: There were these…puzzles! I had to put a sphere in it’s matching shape, and then there was a hat…but I didn’t put it on and then I was on my way back!

Khessya: …don’t you understand how hats work?

Theron: It was a SPACE HAT. It could have put me under mind control or anything!

09-17-17_3-55-07 PM

Cole and Auryyn decide to take the spaceship for a spin of their own…

09-17-17_3-57-27 PM

But they get back with the rocket all in one piece! So maybe Theron won’t be *as* angry?