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I’m a recent English and Linguistics graduate who now has the time to dedicate to a blog. I live in the UK, I like ALL the tea (no British stereotype jokes here, honest) and my PC, AKA the Normandy SR-2, is my baby. The name, Tomorrow Knight, was inspired by the Batman Beyond TV series/comics; it’s nerdy and a pun, need I say more!

I have written quite a bit on video games, particularly SWTOR, mostly notes and things for myself but also for University work. I decided that, now I have the time, it was time to start putting all of these things onto a blog.

Warning! This blog will contain…

First and foremost, my scribbles regarding SWTOR, my SWTOR characters and my thoughts on various aspects of the game. I’m hoping to elaborate on some of my toons’ backstories and adventures outside of the game’s story. Will probably be relatively screenshot heavy.

Posts will, for the time being, NOT be spoiler free – so just a heads up for those who may have not completed all of the class stories, or any game that I may talk about. When I’ve figured out the best way to hide them etc, I’ll readdress this.

Secondly, as a Bioware fanatic, I will post about the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series’ and my characters within these universes.

Thirdly and finally, I may occasionally post about other things that interest me, such as PC related stuff, other tech-y things, Dungeons and Dragons, comics et al. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, stick around!

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A Note

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So you know how I’m terrible at posting regularly and when I do it’s ramblo-matic AF and it’s kinda just my stream of consciousness or me babbling about my head canon?


Well I just wanted to thank yous for reading and sticking with my rambles.

It means a lot to see you guys’ views and reading your comments makes me smile.

So yeah…I guess what I’m saying is THANK YOU and I’M SORRY I’M NOT BETTER AT THIS! 

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Roll Call: Jocasta Laeda, “Swan Queen”

Name: Jyo’castor’laeda (“Jocasta Laeda”)

Species: Chiss

Alias/Titles: Major, Dr

Class: Trooper-Commando

Home Planet: Csilla

Alignment: Neutral/Light

Age: 28

Eyes: Red

Hair: Grey

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Aric Jorgan (Husband) Cad’kreon’iyrah (Twin Brother) Jenaraa (Adopted sister)

Distinctive Features:

Jyo’castor’laeda (Jocasta) grew up on the Chiss homeworld with her family, including her twin brother Cad’kreon’iyrah. Her parents later adopted Jenaraa, a human child left abandoned on the snowy plains of Csilla. Her parents both had strong medical backgrounds, and were being approached by both the Empire and Republic for assistance with projects that would be crucial in their upcoming campaigns. Under threats from the Empire if they did not collaborate, the family made arrangements to get away into Republic space safely. Jocasta’s mother was captured by the Empire during their escape, and Jocasta became determined to find a way to rescue her from their clutches.

Jocasta, Kreon, Jenaraa and her father started their new life in the Republic on Coruscant, and their father always emphasised that they should be grateful for their new life. Jocasta enlisted in the Republic army as soon as she was old enough, though her background made her somewhat an outsider, and she was often underestimated due to her petite frame. Nonetheless, she trained twice as hard as anyone else in her class, and graduated along with the rest of them. Years of suspicious behaviour made Jocasta somewhat sarcastic and snarky, a trait shared with her adoptive sister Jenaraa. Jocasta aimed to follow in her parents’ footsteps and specialise in medicine out in the field, and made her father very proud.

Jocasta quickly rose through the ranks of the Republic military, where she met her partner Aric Jorgan, whom she later married (despite her constant flirtation with Jonas Balkar) She took Aric to meet her father, who greatly approved. She and Aric are planning a rescue mission for Jocasta’s mother, who she is convinced is still alive.

When doing everything by the books didn’t get people to take her seriously, Jocasta look a more glib approach to life and became the first to retort with something witty and sometimes cutting. She grew sick of the suspicion people treated her with, which allowed her to empathise strongly with her squadmate Elara Dorne. Jocasta is sarcastic and it’s hard to tell whether she’s taking you seriously, but if there’s a cause she agrees with, or you’re someone she cares about, she’ll always have your back.

Tomorrow’s notes:

When I made Jocasta, I didn’t think I would enjoy playing her as much as I did. She was different to Aquerple, and quite different to my other toons, too. The Aric romance was really interesting as well, since I’d never done it. I was worried that they wouldn’t ‘click’ but they bounced off eachother quite well. I nicknamed Jocasta the “Swan Queen” (from the mythology of Leda and the swan) and also because of her character development and the way she transformed the more I played her.

I liked the idea of her being a combat medic, and it was enjoyable to play (if not challenging at times!).

That being said, if it wasn’t for Aric’s return in KOTFE, I probably wouldn’t consider doing more story with her, and lean towards levelling her for use in Ops etc. But we shall see!



Thanks for reading yet another Tomorrow Ramble xoxox

Smugg Life

My name is Cad’Kreon’Iyrah  Kreon, please, and you may not have heard of me yet, but you will soon enough.

I was just a small time smuggler, making my way in the galaxy but my dream was to be part of a boyband.

I know, right? I was a Captain of my own starship, had a pretty sweet smuggling gig until things kicked off with the Imps. But my ol’ lass of a ship didn’t make a great audience. I wanted to be heard.

So I rocked up on Ord Mantell – I know what you’re thinking – the planet was nigh on a warzone, what would a singer want with such a place?? But inspiration and talent occurs in the strangest places, my friends. It started out as a small smuggling run, but turned into the smartest move of my career…



I may or may not continue writing Kreon’s boyband antics, but I thought I would post this!


You Know Not What You Have Done

I’ve had this one scene in my head for a while now it’s been itching to be written out. So…I did. And then I uploaded it cause…why not! (eee!). 

I’ve wanted to upload some writing for a while but I’ve not been able to pluck up the courage until now!

Bit of context: Taken from my longer story (WIP, as in, emphasis on the progress aha) about Auryyn discovering her parents were SIS Agents and everything that unravels as a result.

No spoiler warnings or anything 🙂


“Did you know?”

Theron Shan cautiously observed Auryyn as she approached him slowly, her arms folded. Her brow was furrowed, her deep brown eyes looked more intense than usual and her lips formed a single straight line. She watched the Agent’s face carefully but he gave nothing away, he didn’t even seem to blink or breathe for a few moments. Eventually, he faltered slightly and his face twitched as though about to speak. When he didn’t, Auryyn met his gaze and held it there.

“Did you know?” she pressed again, more slowly and insistent this time.

The emotion in her words was palpable and Theron noted the slight tremors in her voice. Another moment of oppressive silence passed between them before Theron sighed and looked away.

“I…,” he hesitated and then swallowed, “They told me that when they found your parents’ bodies your brother’s wasn’t among them, but I swear to you, I didn’t know anything past that,” he implored, meeting her eyes once again.

“You knew that much, and you didn’t tell me?” Auryyn replied, her voice raised.

Theron winced, not at the anger in her tone but at the disbelief and disappointment behind her words. He could see that she was hurt; he felt guilt bubbling up inside him and he forced himself to quell it.

She shook her head and unfolded her arms.

“Why Theron? I thought we were friends!” she snapped.

“I did it because we’re friends, Auryyn. I was-,”

“Don’t you dare say you were protecting me!” the Jedi screamed, her eyes fierce. The atmosphere in the room seemed to ripple at her outburst and the temperature seemed to plummet.

She turned on her heel and stormed a few paces away before rounding on Theron, who’s hand twitched nervously as a shiver slipped down his spine.

“All this time my brother has been alive and in the hands of the enemy, and the SIS did nothing. My parents gave their life to the SIS,”

“I’m not debating that the SIS handled this badly, but I wanted to wait until I had solid intel on your brother’s whereabouts before telling you anything,” Theron retorted, frowning.

His hazel eyes followed Auryyn as she paced, gazing up at the ceiling as if they would yield some form of comfort or an answer she sought.

“But you lied to me. You told me you didn’t know anything. And the whole time…the whole time,” she groaned, burying her face in her hands.

She took deep breaths to calm her thoughts and repeated the first line of the Jedi code over and over in her mind. There is no emotion, there is peace. After a few moments, she folded her arms again and turned to approach Theron. He didn’t move as she crossed the room to him although he found her sudden calmness unnerving. Seeing her like this reminded Theron just how powerful she was and just for a moment, he got a slight taste of what it would be like to be on the wrong side of her.

“I have never tried to sense whether you were lying to me or not, Theron,” Auryyn stated. Her eyes shone in the light and Theron felt his stomach knot uncomfortably as he realised it was because there were tears there. She inhaled shakily and offered him a weak, sad smile.

“Because I trusted you not to,” she said with a small shrug.


She held up her hand and he stopped.

“You’re an Agent. Keeping secrets and lying is what you do. I should understand that. But I am a Jedi, and Jedi don’t have friends,” she continued.

Theron’s eyes widened and he threw his hands up.

“That’s ridiculous, Auryyn. Even you don’t believe that!” he said, shaking his head at her.

She did not falter.

“I know. But you chose to be an Agent over being a friend when you chose to lie to me,” she said, her voice strained. She swallowed and looked away. Theron felt physically sick – deep down, he knew she was right. He had lied, and convinced himself he had been doing the right thing at the time. He couldn’t even find the words to express how sorry he felt, or to offer any semblance of comfort to his friend.

“I think I understand why the code forbids attachment even to friends now. Now please…just go,” Auryyn said, pointing to the door without even looking at it.

Theron moved as if he were about to speak, thought better of it, and then turned on his heel and stormed out. Once Auryyn heard the door close behind him, she wandered over to the large window and looked out at the star filled sky. She reached into a pocket on her belt and pulled out a battered Corellian speeder model which she examined and then closed her hand around tightly.

“I’m coming, August,” she whispered.



Roll Call: Ster’re Chandeullier, Agent Extraordinaire

“I’m always up for celebrating,”

sterre57 Name: Ster’re Chandeullier

Species: Human

Alias/Titles: Cipher 9

Class: Imperial Agent-Sniper

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Alignment: Neutral

Age: 20

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Marital Status: Married/Single/It’s Complicated?/Wine please


Distinctive features: Is usually inebriated

Ster’re joined Imperial Intelligence for the simple reason that being an Agent sounded like an incredibly fun and exciting lifestyle.

Ster’re grew up on Dromund Kaas as the only child of incredibly wealthy parents. Her mother left home when she was 7 years old and she was raised by her father who spoiled her and gave her everything she wanted – and let her get away with anything. As a teenager, Ster’re found everything a bore and sought new ways to have fun. She and Auryyn, her best friend since childhood, got into all sorts of trouble together and the nightlife of Dromund Kaas was everything. Eventually, Auryyn had to trade her life on Dromund Kaas for the Academy on Korriban and Ster’re compensated for her absence by partying more. Despite her party girl life style, Ster’re excelled at her Agent training and somehow came top of the class despite rarely being in attendance.

Ster’re enjoys her work and takes every opportunity to spent time in Cantinas and bars – generally anywhere where there is alcohol to be found. She claims to only be able to shoot well when she has consumed copious amounts of alcohol, but this is yet to be verified (and no one really wants to verify it either way). Ster’re is happy to get the job done and then go and celebrate. Hard.

Ster’re is, despite her lifestyle, very good at what she does and there’s some degree of method to her unique madness. Her decisions often make no sense, but somehow always seem to work out in the end. She is not only extremely good at seduction but she enjoys it – or rather, she used to. Ster’re developed strong feelings for Vector during their time together but has kept them suppressed as she knows she would only end up hurting him. She attempts to distract herself with other flirtations but with little success. When inebriated, she is unable to hide her true feelings. Her marriage on Voss only complicated matters further.

Despite her outlandish behaviour, Ster’re means no real harm and is really all about having a good time; and she’ll always have your back in a fight.

Tomorrow’s Notes: Ster’re was created when I was drunk/hungover and I decided to play her and make decisions as though permanently in that state. I honestly didn’t expect to play her much, but I ended up falling in love with her character. This was my second playthrough of the Agent storyline and it was much better this time, I think because I connected with her more than I ever connected with Hyzynthlay. She’s such a party girl and yet she’s so much more than that, and she’s so much fun to play. Her backstory came later and it’s not overly complex, but I think she’s a character who doesn’t require a lot of back story to be understood. Whilst she may not fit the more epic tones of KOTFE and Eternal Throne, I think when I finally get round to taking her through the expansions, it’ll be something special for sure. 


Thoughts “Betrayed” – My thoughts on the KOTET Trailer!

“Betrayed” – KOTET Trailer Thoughts!

Potential Spoiler Warning for the following:
Betrayed trailer (obvs)
KOTFE all chapters


All SWTOR class stories

So yesterday the first trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne dropped and it was really something. Like really something. So here are my thoughts/opinions on it. It’s visually stunning and offers insight into Senya and Vaylin, two major characters that I personally really like. However, that’s not to say I don’t have questions and/or concerns about the upcoming expansion…

Similarly to when the first full trailer for KOTFE dropped, I was immediately pulled in; the dark, dramatic opening of Senya, a character we know as being fierce and fearless, running and looking actually terrified, gave me chills from the get-go. The tonal shift to a sunny, happier time spent with a blonde child (quickly established to be a young Vaylin) was so jarring and it was at this point I realised we were going to discover that elusive puzzle piece that is the backstory for Senya and Vaylin’s now incredibly complex, antagonistic relationship. The use of pathetic fallacy in this trailer was very effective in illustrating the divisions between past and present, light and dark, loyalty and betrayal. The intertwining of themes helps underpin the relationship between the characters as we’ve witnessed them in-game thus far and certainly answers some questions whilst opening up several more.

We witness Vaylin’s interest in her brother’s training and her force powers unleashing themselves fully for the first time – and the terrible consequences of her lack of control over them. I’ve seen conflicting opinions on this and I think it’s deliberately ambiguous. On the one hand, Vaylin could have an innate, inner darkness but on the other, it could be purely because no one taught her to control her amazing abilities. Either way, her dangerous potential is realised, prompting Valkorion and Senya to act drastically – the ritual shown in the trailer is likely to be the one that Senya mentions to the Outlander wherein Vaylin’s powers (and part of herself) are locked away. And it’s horrifying to watch. From what I can intuit, it seems as though Senya was under the impression that the ritual would simply help Vaylin control her abilities but Valkorion had other plans, perhaps wanting to turn his daughter into a weapon he could control, turning her against her mother in the process. Vaylin has mentioned that both her mother and father have wanted to cage her throughout her life. Of course, there’s something even more horrifying about Senya knowing exactly what the ritual could do to her daughter, but her being in the dark about it fits Valkorion’s MO much better. Despite him not having anything to say in the trailer, we learn something about Valkorion here through his reaction to Vaylin’s power – he seems to be every bit the villain we’ve seen destroy Ziost and more.

Senya’s attempt to rescue Vaylin is all but too late, although highly action packed – the fight scene with her and the elite guard is brilliantly executed. Then, when Senya is forcibly removed, it dawned on me that this was a very different story to the one she’s told my Outlander. Both Senya and Valkorion have some ‘splaining to do for sure. The interesting thing here is that we as players know this story now, but our characters have only the knowledge Valkorion and Senya selectively share – at least for now. It’ll be interesting to see if this affects decision making in-game, if at all. What was fantastic about this trailer is that I came away wanting to hug Vaylin and Senya both. If I were to choose one word to describe it, I think I’d go with powerful; the power of the characters, the bonds between them, the emotions evoked by it all really came through.

Watching this, it makes me feel as though my Outlander may be forced to strip Vaylin of her force powers or something along those lines to neutralise her, which is a horrible fate for a force user. Being bereft of the force was explored in KOTOR II and in some ways it’s worse than death. I’ll be interested to see how the Outlander and co approach “the Vaylin problem”. Several times now we’ve been told to steer clear of her, being told that we are nowhere near her match and that doesn’t appear to have changed, even with Valkorion, Satele and Marr’s help. Either way, I feel there’s not going to be an easy option for resolving this.

So the trailer was awesome and sets the stage for KOTET nicely – Vaylin in her new role as primary antagonist and Empress alongside the unfolding family drama. From this angle, however, it’s a little difficult to picture how the Outlander fits into all this as it does appear to very much be a family affair. I’ve said in previous chapter reviews that I feel more and more like it’s less about the Outlander. Call me self-centred or egotistical but I love my toons! I’m confident that everything will come together and the multiple stories will interweave to create a thoroughly enjoyable, immersive story experience, but right now I’m not entirely sure how it’ll all pan out.

On the other hand, the descriptions of the expansion focus heavily on the idea of galactic command and control and even ruling the galaxy. Several characters, including Valkorion, have stated that the Outlander’s destiny is to sit on the Eternal Throne and rule, for better or for worse. From the start of KOTFE I felt as though the story might go in that direction (and for certain character reasons, almost hoped!) but now that it looks that way, the idea of being in command becomes a lot more real and raises a lot more questions. Obviously, responses to such a thing happening will vary between characters and the differences will be interesting to see.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition more than SWTOR lately, but after watching the new trailer I was itching to dive back into the action and start getting everything in place ready for the upcoming expansion (even though I’ve got until December 2nd!). It really feels like they’ve upped the ante with this one, and I personally can’t wait to get started on my Knights of the Eternal Throne journey.

Hey you! You’re an awesome person who stuck with my ramblings until the end – thank you!!!:) 


Chapter XVI Thoughts

Chapter XVI thoughts

Spoilers for the following

KOTFE chapters 1-16

JK Class Story

Mass Effect 2

Outlander: Auryyn, Jedi Guardian

Before I get into this, I want to talk a little about the build up to this chapter. It’s been a long time coming, and whereas we knew it wouldn’t be the ending, we knew it was going to be intense. I could not wait to get stuck into this chapter, to the point where I was putting it off because I didn’t want it to end (for this part, at least) and the suspense was overwhelming. Unfortunately, I did see a spoiler before going in but thankfully without much in the way of context.


When the chapter starts with all of the main characters in the war room huddled around the ‘war table’ you know things are going to go from zero to serious fast. Before Auryyn and co could really get started, SCORPIO informs them of Arcann’s approach but also that it was she that informed Arcann of the Odessen base. My Outlander was not best pleased, but I was pleased with the options that she was given to respond to SCORPIO with. She’s a 100% lightside Jedi Knight, and yet none of the responses could be considered the “good” option. I thought this was fantastic, and really brought to life the idea that without the Republic/Empire as pillars of light/dark, everything becomes a little more grey. Bioware teased that in KOTFE you would feel “tempted” by the dark side, and whereas “tempted” wouldn’t be the word I’d use to describe this situation, it made the point of having to compromise on your ideals very nicely I felt. My Jedi has never lied, but this time, she did – it might have only been a tiny white lie but it’s a slippery slope.

Assigning a babysitter for Aric and Kaliyo was fun and offered a tiny bit of humour – but instead of alleviating the tension it just made me feel uneasy. I get suspicious of humour in games when it’s the final act and there’s a lot at stake…

Before boarding the Gravestone and moving out, Lana and the Outlander have a private chat, which I felt was one of those conversations that is perhaps more poignant if you’re in a romance, but it was still a great moment. I felt as though I’d get to have one on one chats with each of the inner circle (which you do) and I was looking forward to it. I feel like companion conversations are a little lacking this side of the game – I miss that happy feeling when the mission icon pops up over a companions’ head, but that could just be me. I like the way that interactions are woven into the story and cut scenes rather than being isolated (sometimes immersion breaking) vignettes but I would welcome more of them.


Auryyn3Auryyn and co arrive 

Armed with a plan of taking down Arcann’s ship, the Outlander and company board not so sneakily. You get to choose who gets to disable shields or weapons out of Vette and Gault. I sent Vette weapons and Gault shields, and they seemed happy with that, but I thought about it for a while first – I wasn’t taking any chances with any of my decisions. It was incredibly cinematic, so that even when everyone inevitably ended up splitting up, there were constant updates from everyone, whether via cut scene or commlink. It was at this point, with everyone working together that I felt that I’d done a good job with my Alliance and more importantly, that my Outlander had. Everything seemed to be coming together, despite challenges being thrown at the team almost every step of the way. I enjoyed fighting together with multiple companions after boarding Arcann’s ship, which reminded me of Mass Effect and Dragon Age – I really hope this is something that SWTOR considers doing more often as it’s a great way of getting the companions that we love involved and giving us that sense of battles on a more epic scale. As much as I love Auryyn to have her solo heroic moments, there’s a lot to be said for the power of a party. Jus’ sayin’.

Due to the spoiler I saw, I wasn’t particularly surprised when Senya separated off to find Vaylin but still found myself not wanting her to go. I really like Senya as a character and she and Auryyn get on very well; even though I knew the answer, I still found myself asking if I would see her again, because all the signs were pointing to “no”. Senya’s exit left Lana and the Outlander alone – fitting, I felt, and a callback to how it all started when Lana rescued you from carbonite – it was a nice touch. Lana had a fantastic moment where she stands her ground before the Zakuul Knights, and I got the strong sense that she did this not only because it’s the pragmatic option, but because she understands that the Outlander needs to face Arcann alone. She would never express something as sentimental sounding, but I felt her actions spoke louder here. There’s a fantastic cinematic moment where the two of you walk your separate ways – it was a solid set up for the face off with Arcann.


Auryyn4Auryyn blocks Arcann’s blow – to her surprise

I debated whether to put the Arcann fight in the Middle or End section of my review, but it’s the climactic battle, it’s the definition of an end point. I love battles on the bridge of ships, they always feel epic and it gives a great space for the protagonist and antagonist to have a stare down in which there may or may not be monologuing.  Arcann didn’t waste much time talking. Despite Valkorion not having any words of wisdom, he appears to intervene to prevent Arcann from striking the Outlander. I like the ambiguity here – it’s most likely Valkorion taking control, but Arcann does comment on the fact that the Outlander is “different” and Auryyn responded with a reference to the teachings that Satele and Marr have shared with her. Maybe it’s a little of both Valkorion’s powers and their teachings. Arcann is still under the impression that everything the Outlander has is something gifted by his father, and that’s enough to send him into a jealous rage – and the fight begins in earnest.

The fight with Arcann was interesting from a mechanics point of view. I liked the use of the Knight’s shield to deflect attacks (although it took me ages to figure out what to do with the thing!). It was very different to the last encounter with him, and his range of attacks made him a formidable opponent. I would describe the fight as protracted but not as a grind – it has phases where you have to do certain things but he isn’t just a giant health bar. I look forward to other fights in a similar format in future. I’ve not really commented on the combat in this chapter, but aside from this fight, it’s not really a combat heavy chapter.

With Arcann no longer a threat, it’s time for a game of escape the exploding ship which is always tense. Every corner I turned I expected a cut scene of a companion’s brush with death. The main cut scene during this section, however, was a family affair – Senya finds Arcann and they are joined by Vaylin. She attempts to attack Senya who gets protected by a still alive Arcann. This development is something that’s been coming for a long while – Vaylin’s growing disappointment and distrust in her brother’s actions were always going to result in something. Senya escapes with an injured Arcann and the Outlander is given the choice to let them go or shoot them down. Auryyn let them go – a Koth tantrum ensued, but that would have to wait until later. The Gravestone took out the remainder of Arcann’s ships with the Outlander and the Alliance having a close call with the blast radius but everyone makes it back to Odessen. I loved the scene with all of the ships making pilgrimage to the base – hopefully this opens up the way for more familiar faces to come back into the story. Valkorion tells the Outlander that they’re ready. So is the Alliance, and so am I.

Valkorion1“You are ready”

The final scene is SCORPIO inviting Vaylin to take the throne once they’ve discovered that their goals align. I actually suggested that this might happen back in my review of Chapter 15, although I admit that I hadn’t really put much thought behind the reasons why. But it does make sense – being free and self-serving is something that they both share. I look forward to seeing where this newly forged partnership goes…and how much trouble they’re going to cause my Alliance.


A dramatic climax that closes one door but opens many others. There are many directions that Knights of the Eternal Throne could take moving forward from here. And I’m looking forward to it, I really am. Bring on the tough decisions and companion reunions. I’ve heard/seen/read about variants on the events in this chapter and I’ll probably explore those with some other toons at some point, which will be interesting to compare.

And another thing…

With the battle coming to us this time, I thought there was a chance that Alliance influence might matter. Bioware have previously had mechanics where if you ignore the upgrades system etc for your base of operations it can mean bad things for your base or companions (cough, Mass Effect 2, cough) and so I began crate farming like crazy. I’m still not sure if I’m relieved or annoyed that they didn’t matter – probably a little of both.

Tomorrow’s Notes

Thank you for making it through roughly 1,598 words of my opinion on Chapter 16! Please share your thoughts in the comments or you can reach me on Twitter – just be sure to spoilertag for those who may not have played it yet :)!



Roll Call 8/8: Justice, Duty, Peace – The Journey of a Jedi Hero

“I only fail when fear controls me,”                                              

Name: Auryyn Storm

Species: Human

Alias/Titles: Hero of Tython, Jedi Battlemaster

The Outlander

Class: Jedi Knight-Guardian

Home Planet: Eufornis Major

Alignment: Light

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Marital Status: Single*

Relatives: August Storm (Brother), Auurora Storm (Mother, deceased), Ehrenn (Father, deceased)

Distinctive features: Has a scar through her right eye – gained as she escaped her home

Auryyn’s force sensitivity became apparent at a very early age; something that did not come as a surprise to her force-sensitive parents, who, as a result of their own experiences with the SIS, elected to keep her at home until she was old enough to decide for herself whether she wanted to seek training with the Jedi or other organisations. The young heiress had a happy childhood surrounded by those she loved, including her older brother August who she was inseparable from. Her father Ehrenn doted on her more than anyone, to which her mother Auurora would often turn a blind eye, aware that she was similar with regards to August.

Auryyn would play amongst the servants of the house and considered them her closest friends, ignoring objections from August who disapproved of her keeping such company. Despite her kind-heartedness and good nature, Auryyn could be stubborn and prone to fits of rage, with her rebellious streak often getting her and others around her into trouble – but she would always be the first to own up to her actions. Even at a young age, Auryyn was bold and brave, unafraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she felt was right and she encouraged her parents’ philanthropic ventures.

It was at one of these events that Auryyn’s life was changed forever. Her mother’s sister Aureylya had come to visit, with the intention to take Auryyn back to Naboo with her to stay for a while – but Auryyn never got the chance when her parents’ former SIS squad mates arrived uninvited and attacked her parents. Auryyn initially refused to leave, but Aureylya, with the help of the servants, managed to smuggle the two of them out undetected via the use of their quarters. Distraught, Auryyn tried desperately to get back inside the building to be with her parents and to find her brother but in doing so got separated from her Aunt. In all of the confusion and the crowds of people trying to get away, Auryyn ended up lost and alone on the streets. She tried telling people who she was, attempting to obtain a way of safe passage to Naboo so she could find her Aunt, but as a young girl she found it difficult to get people to believe her. Despite her privileged upbringing, she was able to take care of herself well enough to survive until she was taken in by a local orphanage. She didn’t remain there long, however, as a few months after her arrival two Jedi Masters came to visit her to discuss her potential future with the Jedi order – and she accepted.

Auryyn’s strong belief in justice, good and helping others made her a great student – she excelled in her physical training, and despite struggling with more academic pursuits, she persevered. Despite missing her family terribly, Auryyn refused to let their loss consume her- she is unaware that he brother still lives and, in keeping with the Jedi code, has not sought to make contact with him regardless.

Tomorrow’s Notes:

Auryyn is based on my Dungeons and Dragons Paladin character and is my main. She’s was my very first character (back when I played on my little overheating-prone laptop!) and is always the first character that I do things with – she was my first Outlander for KOTFE and she was followed by Azkedellia *months* later. She’s definitely my favourite, and that goes without saying (though I just did) and I found her the most difficult to write. She appears as though she’s a typical hero, but she’s far from perfect, which is what makes her a joy to play. She’s flawed – I’ve noticed more and more that she has quite the ego, once remarking to an NPC that they didn’t “need an army, you just need me” and I think it’s brilliant, not to mention hilarious. She also has little to no sense of humour, yet sometimes I’ll pick the humorous conversation option. Why? Because sometimes it reflects just how she thinks. When reuniting with Lana in KOTFE, she asked if she and Koth were a thing – not to be funny, but because she GENUINELY wanted to know, and because that question popped into her head, she said it. She’s a character that doesn’t necessarily think before speaking or acting most of the time, meaning she can come across simultaneously as brash and naïve.

*For a very long time she was the only one of my toons without a love interest (in game or not, i.e, Threlf’all and Aquerple). I didn’t feel like any of the companions were a good fit for her – but when she re-united with Captain Cantarus during the Ilum story arc, something clicked, and I’ve kind of been rolling with that – there’s chemistry there.

I’m interested to see where the KOTFE story line takes her as a character. So far, she’s been able to stick to being good, but it’s getting more difficult…

Chapter XV Thoughts

Chapter XV thoughts

Spoilers for the following:

KOTFE chapters 1-15

Jedi Knight Class Story

Imperial Agent Class Story

Outlander: Auryyn, Jedi Guardian


The big betrayal chapter is here! We all knew it was coming, it was inevitable, and now it’s arrived, and Bioware be damned if they’ll let you forget about it. So, diving straight into the action, the chapter opened with us en route to capture an Eternal Empire vessel with GEMINI Prime on-board and the tension was palpable. Even the usual Senya and Koth we-despise-eachother-intently-but-one-of-these-chapters-we’ll-end-up-saving-one-another-or-something-and-make-up banter was at a minimum. Meanwhile, Lana Beniko made a nervous attempt at humour and Theron was super serious about everything. Yikes. Bottom line, SWTOR wanted you to know they were serious this chapter, and damn did they achieve it.

Keeping the looming betrayal firmly in the forefront of our minds, Outlander and co arrive – and immediately something isn’t right. Lightsabers and blasters out, the team presses on. At this point, I really had no idea what to expect – which was great, as the betrayal was so heavily publicised.

After GEMINI Prime insults SCORPIO and the Outlander and the splits the gang up, the middle section of this chapter consisted of running around a maze of a ship whilst being commented on constantly by GEMINI Prime (who may as well have been referred to as SCORPIO 2.0). The entire section was reminiscent of the Belsavis section of the Imperial Agent story, and I’m sure my Agent will find that bit hits a bit too close to home. Having pathways constantly blocked off was frustrating, but very effective in making you feel trapped and like you’re going further down the rabbit hole. But it wasn’t all great – in a lot of ways, it feels more and more like your Outlander isn’t the main character. I understand that everything isn’t always about them (and the companions and other characters are often awesome), but it was back in Chapter XII the last time I felt that it was my protagonist that was the real deciding factor in any of this. I’m feeling as though this Alliance of clearly capable individuals are merely babysitting my Outlander – but everyone insists on acting like she’s the almighty saviour, but I’m feeling less and less like she is. I’ll be interesting to see if this continues as the Outlander story progresses.

SCORPIO being taken out by GEMINI Prime was a surprise and showed that SWTOR still has tricks up their sleeve.


After re-grouping, Auryyn and company discover Arcann’s prisoners – a group from each faction seeking to join the Alliance. It was great to see Tai Corden again – I hope to see more characters coming into KOTFE from the class and planetary stories (one CorSec Captain in particular), so it was a really pleasant encounter. Auryyn and Senya ran off to kick some GEMINI Prime ass, sending the prisoners with Lana and Theron to get them to safety. The fight with GEMINI Prime wasn’t overly grindy which I loved, and it felt like a fitting encounter – but it was lacklustre compared to what followed.

After the fight, Bioware offered hands down the most difficult decision so far in KOTFE. With the three groups of prisoners now in escape pods, Theron explains that there might not be enough time to send all three to safety, and asks the Outlander to give their preferred order. It was so tense, I hovered my mouse for AGES, staring blankly and re-reading everything. Who was I kidding – this was SWTOR, with a track record thus far of decisions not amounting to anything. I was proved wrong on this occasion when one pod was destroyed, and all those within it killed. I genuinely couldn’t believe it and it was devastating for the Outlander and co. I fully expect that decision to create ripples going forward.

AuryynChXVDecisionAuryyn takes her failure to heart

The reveal that SCORPIO was the big bad all along was predictable, with almost everyone calling it from the beginning. But, to their credit, Bioware did a great job of littering the red herrings everywhere and seeding doubt; Koth on the Gravestone unattended, Lana being ridiculously callous about SCORPIO’s “death” and Senya finding the Outlander first and stating that “no-one should be alone in this place” rather suspiciously; and Theron’s a frankly ridiculously good spy. For a moment or two, it felt like it could be anyone in your inner circle.

AuryynTheronSenyaLana1The Troublesome Trio

We also got to see Arcann and Vaylin briefly, with Vaylin questioning her brother, which was interesting to see and develops the idea that she is perhaps the one to be concerned with – maybe she’ll team up with SCORPIO now and Arcann will run to his mortal enemy for help? Who knows, but the speculation has increased tenfold.


Solid chapter with a maintained, strong sense of tension throughout. It alleviated my concerns over the direction that KOTFE was heading, and I feel there’s a solid platform to go forward from. Bring on Chapter XVI!

Tomorrow’s Notes
You. Yes, YOU! You’re awesome. Thank you for reading this far! If you loathed it, loved it or liked it, let me know!
Again, thanks for reading and bearing with my very slow and erratic updates. I’m trying to get better.